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Author Topic: All-new 2014 TRITON / STRADA / L200  (Read 11697 times)


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All-new 2014 TRITON / STRADA / L200
« on: November 02, 2012, 08:21:18 AM »
it's up to Mitsu-haters if you read the article below

Mitsubishi goes solo on next-gen Triton
Sole effort: Mitsubishi’s plans to co-develop the next-generation Triton ute with Nissan appear to have fallen through.Next Mitsubishi Triton confirmed for 2014 launch followed by Challenger and Pajero

22 October 2012

MITSUBISHI Motors will launch the next-generation Triton one-tonne ute in 2014, and appears to have abandoned plans to co-develop the vehicle with Nissan.

The company’s global president, Osamu Masuko, revealed the plans for the popular Triton pick-up on his first visit to an Australian International Motor Show last week.

He said an all-new Pajero off-roader would follow about six months later and confirmed the next Challenger SUV will continue to share its separate chassis with the Triton – unlike the new Nissan Pathfinder that has moved to a car-like monocoque construction.

“When the new Triton model comes I think the Challenger should become new, too, but I don’t think the launch will be at the same time,” he said.

Nissan and Mitsubishi said in late 2010 they were discussing the joint development of their Thai-built Navara and Triton one-tonners, indicating the two workhorses were set to come off a shared platform.

However, Mr Masuko said in Sydney that Mitsubishi “does not have any plan to work with Nissan for the next (Triton) model – we will do that by ourselves”, then announced the ute’s launch timing “because so many people are here”.


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