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Author Topic: Hiace Commuter vs. Urvan 15-str vs. Foton View vs. Urvan Estate vs. GL Grandia  (Read 5218 times)


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My Cousin are choosing between these vans to use as a Public Transport/ Filcab. Pls. Help me to choose and tell me your comments and suggestions. My picks were Toyota Hiace Commuter, Nissan Urvan Shuttle 15-Seater, Foton View, Nissan Urvan Estate, and Toyota Hiace GL Grandia.

-Manual Transmission
-11-15 Seater
-Easy to Maintain
-Not so Expensive
-Fuel Economical
-Spacious LegRoom and
-Spacious Cargo Area.

Thank You.


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15-seater Nissan Urvan
Drive them away with boredom.


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among your choices the gl grandia is the most spacious and oddly the commuter is the most cramped... if only the seats of the view were longer and wider then it would get my vote since it's cheap to maintain and spacious inside. I don't like the nissan urvan because it's too unrefined but gets the job done and also cheap to maintain(no crdi)
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hoping for more expert opinion will be posted planning to buy also but got confused which is which :-[


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