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For sale!! Brand New Original BF-Goodrich Tires

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--- Quote from: chubby on September 12, 2007, 04:06:25 PM ---Hi, I am interested in the following sizes :-

BF Goodrich Radial T/A



Prices please. I need up to 16pcs.

--- End quote ---

For Bf Goodrich All Terrain T/A these are the available sizes:


I have no Rim 14 size for the Bf Goodrich All terrain.

May I ask sir if what is your car/vehicle model? so I could suggest what other BF Goodrich model tires we could use.


Jay Castillo
09177448113 :)

I don't want all Terrain. I asked for a quote for RADIAL T/A tires tires. They are infact for American Muscle Cars.

Sir Chubby,

I talked to the Sales Manager of Bf Goodrich Tires Philippines this afternoon and he told me that Radial T/A tires Bf Goodrich is no longer available here in the Philippines.  I also asked him if there's a possibility to order the tires directly from Bf Goodrich USA or Thailand,  but he told me that he will ask first the country manager.

I'll let you know tomorrow afternoon.  I'll send you an email.


Jay Castillo

Tire Sizes and Prices of BF Goodrich Tires:

Sport T/A Model:
155/80R13 - P2085 each
165/80R13 - P2150 each
165/70R13 – P2075 each
175/70R13 – P2270 each
185/70R13 – P2510 each
Rim 14:
185/70R14 - P2560 each
195/70R14 – P2810 each
205/70R14 – P3040 each
175/65R14 – P2455 each
185/65/R14 – P2514 each
215/65R14 – P3055 each
Rim 15:
195/65/R15 – P3340 each
205/65/R15 – P3555 each
215/65/R15 – P4090 each
Rim 16:
215/60/R16 – P4775 each
235/60R16 – P5290 each

G-Force Sport Model:
Rim 14:
185/60R14 – P2615 each
195/60/R14 – P2830 each
Rim 15:
205/65/R15 – P3480 each
195/60R15 – P3185 each
205/60R15 – P3420 each
215/60R15 – P3650 each
225/60R15 – P4015 each
195/55/R15 – P3050 each
195/50/R15 – P3005 each
Rim 16:
205/55R16 – P3730 each
225/55R16 – P4940 each
205/50R16 – P3525 each
225/50R16 – P4730 each
205/45R16 – P3450 each
Rim 17:
215/45ZR17 – P4546 each
225/45ZR17 – P4670 each
205/40ZR17 – P4340 each
215/40ZR17 – P4450 each

Profiler G Model:
Rim 15:
195/55R15 – P3560 each
205/55R15 – P4140 each
195/50R15 – P3505 each
205/50R15 – P4035 each
Rim 16:
205/55R16 – P4850 each
205/50R16 – P4725 each
225/50R16 – P4920 each
195/45R16 – P4010 each
205/45R16 – P3990 each
225/45/ZR16 – P5750 each
Rim 17:
205/50ZR17 – P5400 each
215/45ZR17 – P5325 each
225/45ZR17 – P6065 each
235/45ZR17 – P6960 each
205/40ZR17 – P5020 each
215/40ZR17 – P5520 each
Rim 18:
235/40ZR18 – P7240 each
225/35ZR18 – P7105 each
255/35ZR18 – P7210 each

G-Force Profiler Model:
225/40ZR18 – P7600 each
235/40ZR18 – P8900 each

Euro T/A Model:
215/40R17 – P5235 each

Commercial Radial:
Rim 14:
185R14 C – P3425 each
195R14C – P3645 each

Touring T/A:
Rim 15:
205/70R15 – P3481 each

Traction T/A:
Rim 16:
215/65R16 – P5042 each

Long Trail T/A:
Rim 15:
195/80R15 – P4280 each
225/70R15 – P4452 each
255/60R15 – P6210 each
Rim 16:
205/80R16 – P5208 each
235/70R16 – P5547 each

All Terrain T/A:
Rim 14:
27x8.50R14 – P 5130 each
Rim 15:
215/75R15 – P5590 each
235/75R15 – P6075 each
30x9.50R15 – P6195 each
31x10.50R15 – P7280 each
32x11.50R15 – P7510 each
33x12.50R15 – P8520 each
35x12.50R15 – P8875 each
Rim 16:
215/70R16 – P6050 each
225/70R16 – P5390 each
235/70R16 – P6710 each
245/70R16 – P7025 each
255/70R16 – P7600 each
265/70R16 – P7870 each
275/70R16 – P8310 each
225/75R16 – P6445 each
245/75R16 – P7425 each
265/75R16 – P8225 each
285/75R16 – P9090 each
235/85R16 – P7420 each
Rim 17:
265/70R17 – P7410 each

Mud Terrain:
Rim 15:
30x9.50R15 – P8870 each
31x10.50R15 – P9870 each

Baja T/A:
Rim 15:
33x12.50R15 – P13850 each

Macadam T/A:
Rim 15:
205/70R15 – P4725 each
255/70R15 – P6095 each
265/70R15 – P6315 each
235/75R15 –P5740 each
Rim 16:
235/60R16 – P5540 each
215/65R16 – P5440 each
235/70R16 – P5830 each
245/70R16 – P6025 each
265/70R16 - P6710 each
275/70R16 – P7152 each
Rim 18:
265/60R18 – P7950 each
255/55R18 – P7175 each

Drag Radial:
Rim 14:
215/60R14 - P9645 each
205/40R14 - P9230 each

All tires are Original BF Goodrich, brand new and with warranty.  To order the tires, just text or call me at 09177448113 :).

Thank you. :)

Jay Castillo :)

Just want to say thank you to all my customers from for buying BF Goodrich tires. :)

Just text or call 09177448113 and 09235384038 for tire quotation.  All tires are brand new and with standard warranty. :)


Jay Castillo
JFC Auto Parts and Tires


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