A Top Gear Philippines reader asks: Everest or Montero Sport?

By Botchi Santos

Hi, Botchi!

I would like ask for your advice on which one is a much better pick: Ford Everest or Mitsubishi Montero Sport? I'm planning to buy a brand-new SUV as a family vehicle used for driving through rough mountainous areas in Quezon province and Cavite.Thanks for your advice and God bless!

Best regards,
Jay Arc

Hi, Jay.There are rumors of an all-new Ford Everest coming out soon, following the release of Ford's new Ranger pickup. While Ford insists that the new Everest might not be related to the Ranger platform-wise, it's quite safe to assume that a replacement is due soon anyway as the Everest is getting pretty long in the tooth indeed and is in need of--at the very least--a really major makeover.

The Mitsubishi Montero Sport? What have I not said about it? Great value for money, great engine and transmission, daring looks. Sure, the roof can be taller like a Fortuner's, and the ride can be made better for on-road use, but aside from these, there's not much else not to like--and plenty to be excited about despite its also being quite old, approaching the middle of its service life.

The answer to your query depends on how much off-roading you plan to do. The Montero Sport isn't the best off-road-capable SUV out of the box, especially when you take it to very slow, very rough off-road trails. The Everest is better at that, right out of the box.

The Montero Sport excels, however, on smooth surfaces, or on fast and flowing dirt roads, like rally stages rather than slow and torturous trails that require a lot of winching. The Montero Sport is also faster and more powerful, and hence more fun on the paved road. The top-spec variant GTV also gets paddle shifters so navigating twisty roads quickly is more fun.

In short, unless you really do need a serious mud-plugger, the Montero Sport can hack it just fine in about 90 percent of most conditions the average Filipino motorist will ever face in his/her life. The Mitsubishi is faster, more refined, newer, roomier and more comfortable than the aging Everest. It also has satnav/GPS/MP3 connectivity and DVD player with a display monitor available from the factory.

Hope this helps! Good luck and God bless!

Botchi Santos
Consumer Editor

Which midsize SUV should Jay get?


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  • bvnzn Jun 06 2012 @ 04:40am
    Yeah, I totally agree. The Monterosport is the better buy compared with the Ford Everest. But for me though, it feels better to drive the Everest because the steering wheel is much more lighter and I feel that it is faster in accelerating than the Monterosport. My family has both cars and though the Montero is newer, I still like driving the Everest because it is much comfortable to drive. But since the reader will be going offroading, the Montero is the better pick.

    Oh by the way, did you know that driving in the streets of manila is almost like driving off road? Why? because there are a lot of uneven pavements, potholes, and nearly everywhere you go is a bumpy ride no matter what car you drive.hehe just a side joke.
    • Kyoichi Sudo Jun 06 2012 @ 08:23pm
      I'm with you man! Oh yea, I almost forgot. Those 2 dislikes, don't mind them. They just don't get your point...
      • manongtaxi Jun 07 2012 @ 01:03am
        Having more likes or dislikes in your comment doesn't automatically mean that you're opinion is better than others here, after all we're all here just to share our own perspective in different cars, so I think it would be better if you wouldn't try to make an issue if you have likes or dislikes in your comment. And please do remember that the best opinion and comment from a car enthusiast is that he/she appreciates all of the attributes of different cars regardless of which is better.
    • Edgarallan Poe Aug 13 2012 @ 10:18pm
      May i know the average fuel fuel consumption of both cars? Our 178 ps montero displays 8.5 km/l on a level road at appx. 80kph.
  • markdejesus76 Jun 06 2012 @ 09:21am
    Family vehicle? Ford Everest na yan! When I tried it, it's soooooo luwag grabe. tsaka 'di ka kakabahan na idaan kahit saan.Speed? 100kph lang naman speed limit tska saglit lang yun sa dalawang 'to. Acceleration wise, parehas lang halos. Off-road? Both of them are capable naman. Halos walang difference kasi di ka din naman makikipag-karerahan sa bundok kasama pamilya mo. Kahit Innova lang kaya na yung gusto ng reader eh. Montero = Cheaper than Everest except if the sender wants the GTV. Everest = Tough and really a family SUV.
    • Troy Jun 06 2012 @ 01:03pm
      Halos walang difference kasi di ka din naman makikipag-karerahan sa bundok kasama pamilya mo.
      I totally agree.
    • manongtaxi Jun 07 2012 @ 12:27am
      "tough and really a family SUV" ang title na binigay mo sa everest pre di nagstay sa isang kotse sa matagal na panahon sooner or later magbabago din yan the same goes for the montero, alam mo naman siguro na may cycle din ang market natin first it was the fortuner dominating the market then montero came, it just keeps on going the cycle never stops
      • willcess Jun 07 2012 @ 09:24am
        Your point is? The Everest is built for that purpose and that purpose won't go away unless they change it. Same goes for Fortuner and Montero. SUV. Family Vehicle. But for me, the Everest really made me comfortable inside. I feel our family better inside. That's just what it is.
        • manongtaxi Jun 07 2012 @ 08:53pm
          What I'm trying to say here is that all mid-size SUV currently in the market is also a "tough and really a family suv"
  • Fernando Amorsolo Jun 06 2012 @ 09:59am
    I HAVE DRIVEN, RODE, AND TESTED both of this Engine.

    FORD EVEREST On this one.

    1. INTERIORS. Basically, both of them are just at par at INTERIOR volume, with EVEREST, still having a lead. Ang haba kaya ng Everest. The Third row is very spacious. Every Sunday, I always bring my music stuff, and I can't imagine having other Midsize SUV than the Everest (I own an Eve) to hold my keyaboard, amplifiers, stands and other stuff. And the Eve Hold them just right.

    2nd Row, BOTH OF THEM at PAR. Overhead Aircon vents. Aircon controllers. Very ample legrooms.

    Driver's seat and the one beside it. Interior wise and dalawa. Everest though is more SPARTAN and UTILITARIAN. MS kasi has metal touches. But if you look at the both of them, they are just basically the same at each other. BUT, the Legroom? Everest still has the ace. Montero Sport has more features. specially if you buy the GTV variant. You'll love the both of them.

    2. AESTHETICS. EVEREST = Mas Pogi. The exterior of the everest is mean and really robust. MS kasi, nakatingkayad and muscular ang dating. Which is a sell for other buyers. But the Everest is really just Good looking. Add the 18 in. OUT OF THE BOX Wheelies Titanium alloy of the Everest. The best in its class.

    Everest's looks kasi is parang Mini Patrol eh or parang pang masang Expedition. I AM NOT Lying pero, I ask A LOT OF kids and I ask them which car looks better (I stayed beside a MOntero Sport). They choose EVerest.

    3. ENGINE. MONTERO sport, is better. 178 HP ang MS. 156 HP ang Everest. Pero, YOU WON'T RACE with An SUV naman diba. So, basically they have enough power to propel the cars. Both of them have enough torque. MS kasi is like a strong freight train. Malaks ang hatak sa biglaang acceleration.

    ang EVEREST po AY MAY VARIABLE GEOMETRY TURBO. In case, if that is the selling point.

    4. HANDLING. Everest is better. Ewan ko, pero yung mga kaibigan ko ay nasisiyahan sa smooth and soft steeering ng Eve. It is soft for such a Size of an SUV. Malaki din kasi ang manibela. I tried to do slaloms on the eve and it feels planted and body roll is, IDK how to place it. hehe

    -- I admit that i am more biased sa Everest because I own one(2010 Everest). Pero, really, you won't regret owning one. Legroom is the best sa Eve. Maluwag talaga kung sa Maluwag. Everest just had a MINOR FACE Lift. Check one.

    IF you're really in to OFF ROADING (which is your requirement above) EVEREST is the best in its class.
    • manongtaxi Jun 07 2012 @ 12:53am
      1. Interiors = I do give this area to the Everest it is indeed longer based on its spec sheet, though the Montero is wider and taller than the Everest.

      2. Aesthetics = I think you couldn't really say that the Everest is really "mas pogi" ikaw na rin mismo nagsabi na mabenta din ang looks ng Montero which other people could also claim na "mas pogi" ang Montero. If you'll look at it like a beauty contest, and if the Fortuner was included in the options or recommended by sir botchi as a wildcard entry I think Everest and Montero is hands down to the looks of the Fortuner, though you wouldn't want the interior of the Fortuner. Saka pala di porke't sinagot nung mga bata na mas maganda Everest automatically they represent the opinion of the majority kahit madami pa tinanong, parang research yan you couldn't claim something instantly when the participants doesn't even come to the 50% of the total sample/population.

      3. Engine = Yeah the Montero has the VGT, which in turn helps the engine produce 178 hp, which like you said "is the selling point" but if the Everest do also have a VGT why does it produce only 156 hp ( i don't mean this as a sarcastic question but rather as an honest and simple question, just want to know). And yes you wouldn't race with an SUV but wouldn't you want the EXTRA POWER when you're traveling in the highway with your family? Just as an assurance that you'll have it when you need it.

      4. Handling= The reason for the Everest's feeling planted when doing a slalom is that it have an anti-roll bar installed, while the Montero doesn't have one. If a Montero owner buys a surplus anti roll bar and a couple of new bushings for it, it will also have the same feeling with the Everest, planted when you're hitting the curves.

      And for the OFF-ROADING part yeah the Everest is better in the slow and torturous trails than the Montero, mahirap warakin ang molye compared to the coil spring of the Montero, saka mas mura at mas madali palitan ang molye kaysa sa coil spring.

      • Fernando Amorsolo Jun 07 2012 @ 09:00am
        Hello Manong taxi. I do not know your stance, but definitely I must answer some of your unwise critiques.

        a. I DID NOT SAY THAT the Decision of the Kids that I queried regarding the Aesthetics of the EVEREST represents THE MAJORITY. NOT A SINGLE WORD. I am just happy to share that Some Kids, which doesn't really know alot about cars, APPRECIATE the EVEREST more than than the MS. Then what is the bickering about??

        b. Interiors. please check the Spec sheet Regarding the Height of the cars. I have my own specs and It is my proof that the Everest is LONGER and AT PAR with HEIGHT with MS. No problem with that.

        c. Extra POWER. Yes I appreciate that you need "EXTRA POWER" in cruising the highways because you might need one. Buyers had definitely noted that. But, there are still people who buy the Eve.? So EXTRA power is not a need to A LOT of people. It includes me.

        Just stating facts :)
        • Jun 07 2012 @ 08:19pm
          I don't side with any car companies, like they always say "change is the only permanent thing in this world" because you just couldn't ignore the fact that there is a better car than what you admire. Because for me, I want to appreciate what other cars offer. That's why I do appreciate the Everest having an anti-roll bar, and it's leaf suspension when going into slow and torturous trails.
    • manongtaxi Jun 07 2012 @ 01:08am
      And please ang layo ng EXPEDITION sa EVEREST :) Expedition is at the top of the hierarchy compared to the Everest kahit sabihin na pang masa i mean come on you know this being a ford fan you just can't simply compare the luxury offered by the Expedition to the Everest. Even I couldn't ignore the luxury offered by the Expedition :) just simply one of the BEST.
      • Fernando Amorsolo Jun 07 2012 @ 08:52am
        Hello Manongtaxi. In due response to your critique to what I respectfully said, I am very well aware of what I am saying. PANG MASANG Expedition is what I said. Now, I have my own reasons why I said that:

        1. Size per se, in the MIDSIZE SUV, the Everest is the largest (to compare to the three). So, IN MY THINKING, IN MY OPINION, which I am entitled to, it plays in to the logic na SINCE they are BOTH in the SAME Ford Stable, THE EVEREST is the PANG MASA SUV, counterpart for the EXPENSIVE Large SUV. I wish you get my point on that one.

        2. As for Use, The Expedition is well known SUV for the politicians and among others. The EVEREST, is the CHEAPER counterpart for the lower officials like Councilors and Mayors. I saw a lot of these officials owning one. Noynoy Aquino is also a PROUD OWNER. With this Logic, I can say that IT SHARES THE ROAD PRESENCE of the Expedition. But you can avail it in a much cheaper price. With The EVErst.

        NOW, I am not entitled to your lecturing or to your discussions and rebuttals. I am ENTITLED to my opinion and please bear with that. Please mind your own business. Share your ideas. Use your words and efforts for mind consumption.
    • Fernando Amorsolo Jun 07 2012 @ 08:52am
      Hello Manongtaxi. In due response to your critique to what I respectfully said, I am very well aware of what I am saying. PANG MASANG Expedition is what I said. Now, I have my own reasons why I said that:

      1. Size per se, in the MIDSIZE SUV, the Everest is the largest (to compare to the three). So, IN MY THINKING, IN MY OPINION, which I am entitled to, it plays in to the logic na SINCE they are BOTH in the SAME Ford Stable, THE EVEREST is the PANG MASA SUV, counterpart for the EXPENSIVE Large SUV. I wish you get my point on that one.

      2. As for Use, The Expedition is well known SUV for the politicians and among others. The EVEREST, is the CHEAPER counterpart for the lower officials like Councilors and Mayors. I saw a lot of these officials owning one. Noynoy Aquino is also a PROUD OWNER. With this Logic, I can say that IT SHARES THE ROAD PRESENCE of the Expedition. But you can avail it in a much cheaper price. With The EVErst.

      NOW, I am not entitled to your lecturing or to your discussions and rebuttals. I am ENTITLED to my opinion and please bear with that. Please mind your own business. Share your ideas. Use your words and efforts for mind consumption.
      • Jun 07 2012 @ 08:27pm
        You do realize that topgear allowed us to post a reply when someone leaves a comment? (no offense meant here) Anyway I'm not into LECTURING or forcing you to ENGAGE IN MY DISCUSSIONS AND REBUTTALS, what I want to happen here is THAT I WANT YOU TO ENLIGHTEN ME. And I think that's the purpose of the "reply" when someone leaves here a comment, so that you could share information and insights with one another. Because I do admit that I don't know all the information regarding certain cars, so if you may please do share what you know being a FORD guy. And regarding my stance, I don't side with any cars, the Montero being the mid-size SUV, Toyota LC200 and a vintage convertible Ford Mustang (i only have a matchbox ford mustang when i was a kid don't have the money to own one). So going back to cars, please do ENLIGHTEN me regarding my question about the VGT of Everest. Why does it only produce 156 hp?
        • neotech93 Jun 14 2012 @ 09:48pm
          simple - the engineers decided that 156hp was enough. See, when designing an engine there is a balancing act between power and reliability. By going with 156hp, Ford added more reliability so to speak. It's the same story with different engine outputs but have the same displacement. Not all 2.0L engines have the same horsepower. Engineers balance this out and usually come up with a good compromise. More power means less reliability on stock internals due to increased stress.

          Side note: Even if the Everest has lower hp figures, it may have less weight, which also plays a big part on how a car accelerates and handles at speed.

          Hope this answers your question.
  • ceejhay Jun 06 2012 @ 10:39am
    monty wins. handsdown.
  • carwiki Jun 06 2012 @ 10:41am
    I will recommend the Montero Sport, it has a flood wading capacity of around 500mm. And has a 176hp and 350Nm of torque.
  • mindkinetic Jun 06 2012 @ 11:05am
    >POWER this i give to the montero sports, all variants can produce a 178hp though you won't be speeding pass the 100km in the metro and the expressway still you can be confident to have that much power available when deemed necessary.
    >HANDLING this one goes to the EVEREST ..moving from one bend to the other is better with the EVE, so precise is its handling that traversing zig zag will not be an issue.
    >INTERIOR this goes for the montero; the aggressive design of of the dashboard, two tone accents of black and titanium makes the interior of the montero a cabin where driver will find pleasure in it's available gadgetry.
    >RIDE COMFORT; the everest will be a tad better, the damping technology of ford is one if not the best
    in the business.
    >EXTERIOR; to me this is relative to any person, if the montero and the everest is to be compare to a hot chick ; montero will be j.lo graceful with a very imposing presence, while the everest is kim kardashian any where it goes it just attract attention
    >CURRENCY; this might be the deal breaker for the everest; unless the everest comes up with its latest iteration the MONTERO will be the better choice as of the moment.
  • cryss Jun 06 2012 @ 11:24am
    If the buyer is not much in a hurry to buy right-away, maybe you could wait for the new everest. That way you could see the specs of the new one. But if you can't wait for the new one, I'll go with the Montero. Its newer and has more added features. Everything is almost at par with each other, everything boils down to your preference. One thing I won't deny about everest, or any ford, is that they have reliable undersides. My fords suspension and bushings are way much stronger than my other cars, hence Ford's tagline "built tough".
    • Kyoichi Sudo Jun 06 2012 @ 08:25pm
      Matagal pa ang bagong Everest dude, expect it.
      • Tandang Sora Jun 06 2012 @ 09:18pm
        Bata, Patience is a virtue. You want the best. Wait for it. :) That's what I learn in this age. And who are you anyway para masabing 'matagal pa, expect it'.
        • Kyoichi Sudo Jun 06 2012 @ 09:39pm
          Ayos maka "BATA" na salita ah, 8 yrs old kausap mo dre?? Cge, Give me a link that willl show me the official looks of the New Everest and when I say "official" it means the real photo of the 2012 Everest and not an edited photo of the 2012 Ranger.
          • manongtaxi Jun 07 2012 @ 12:59am
            Imbes na mag away kayo antayin niyo na lang ang official statement ng Ford? I mean as of this moment pareho na pwedeng i-consider ang sinabi niyo, kasi hindi pwedeng i-rule out na "matagal pa" at di rin naman pwedeng i-rule out na "malapit na i-release"
  • car_mac Jun 06 2012 @ 12:15pm
    It depends on how much off-roading. Parehas na rin kasi silang middle-aged kasi simula nung ma release yan nung 2009 di na nagbago interior at exterior. Monty na ko, can handle off-road, pavement, and refinement which the Everest lacks.
  • neutral Jun 06 2012 @ 02:36pm
    Everest 2nd row seats do not slide laterally for more legroom, 3rd row seats, no head rest which is not safe for rear end collision, height of 3rd row seats from the floor is only about the thickness of the cushion, and lastly, the rear door swings sideways which is not practical in tight parking space. Montero did all these in different manner plus the 3rd row seats can be folded flat on the floor for more cargo space, as if the seats disappeared.
  • lord_cykb24 Jun 06 2012 @ 02:36pm
    For me, no biased at all but I'll go for the Monty.....!!!!! what are my basis...??? I'll enumerate them
    - EXTERIOR monty has the edge in terms of styling from the GLX V to the GTV
    - INTERIOR monty ace this one, it has the black, aluminum and leather trims so it's cool in the eyes and it can adapt modern hip. compare sa EVE, it has a boring ambiance parang pang-TOP 40 target nila sa loob
    - ENGINE yes you're damn right it has the most powerful in its class, it depends on you're usage, if you'll go for slow city driving or burn rubber in the highway, monty is the best (Mitsubishi kasi eh). There's nothing wrong if you have a bigger engine and use it only city.
    - OEM ACCESSORIES and again the MS tops the notch on this, what Botchi Santos said, it has a satnav/gps/MP3 connectivity and a DVD player touchscreen. compare to EVE's again boring amenities they have only 1 thing that they can boast about, the 18 inch wheels, which is not practically very comfort on road conditions.
    - AFTER SERVICE and again the 3 diamonds has the edge, you can put any replacement parts for this vehicles rather than the original parts, then it had the bang for our bucks.
    • Kyoichi Sudo Jun 06 2012 @ 08:31pm
      I Agree. The Montero Sport has more usage and entertainment or fun!

      But dude, my correction:
      "-EXTERIOR monty has the edge in terms of styling from the GLX V to the GTV"
      It should be "GLX to the GTV" because the new GLX is also as handsome as the GTV, w/ minor exterior changes.
      • lord_cykb24 Jun 07 2012 @ 09:05am
        tama pala bro sorry, hehehehehe.... but bottom line is Monty tops of all in every categories aside from being "cheap" daw as what they've said. Pero konti lang naman ang difference ah...!!!!! even though I've only owned an '09 Mitsu Strada GLS but all I can say is Mitsu rocks..!!!
        • Kyoichi Sudo Jun 07 2012 @ 10:36pm
        • Edgarallan Poe Aug 13 2012 @ 10:39pm
          I disagree. Pagdating sa fuel consumption ang monte 4x2 gls-v ay 8.5 km/l ang average consumption at appx. 80kph sa highway. Palagay ko mas matipid ang everest. Kunin mo ang136hp monte para makarami.
  • mts Jun 06 2012 @ 02:46pm
    Sirs, can anyone here indicate the real FC of both SUVs? Thanks. :)
    • bvnzn Jun 07 2012 @ 01:58am
      Fuel Consumption? One review of the Ford Everest says it does 8km/l which is a huge bummer especially being a diesel car. For the Moneterosport, I don't know the accurate but I think it does less than the Everest. Our driver who drives both these cars says the Monterosport does a bit less than the Everest. But Im not so certain for the Monterosport.
    • 17Sphynx17 Jun 07 2012 @ 11:30am
      Monty 7-9km/l for city (varies depending on traffic conditions). Although the lowest I get is 7.5km/l if it is really bumper to bumper.

      For city-highway (mixed) , lowest monty can get is around 9.8-10km/l.

      For highway only, you get the DOE rated 13km/l on a really good day, NLEX-SCTEX routes with a bit of National Roads up north.

      This is based on my actual drving experience over 25000kms.

      For the Ford, I am very sure, so I can't give inputs on it.
    • mts Jun 10 2012 @ 01:06pm
      Thanks sir sa feedback. :)
    • Edgarallan Poe Aug 13 2012 @ 10:54pm
      Sa 178 hp 4x2 gls-v montero ang average ayon sa display ay 6.5- 8.5 km/l sa highway at appx. 80 kph and. appx. 2000 rpm and under. Pero sa city ay aabot sa 8-10 km/l pagdahandahan at tumatakbo ayon sa display. Pagnakatigil ibang istorya na yan.
  • Marionific!5 Jun 06 2012 @ 04:51pm
    Montero, Of Course:)
  • Kyoichi Sudo Jun 06 2012 @ 08:55pm
    The Montero Sport is the right SUV for your family Sir Jay

    Class leading and a very promising SUV. Thats the Montero Sport. You also have two variants to choose from. If your a stick-shift guy like the Chief, the GLS-V 4WD is the right MS for you but if you're a spirited racer, The GT-V is the right Montero Sport for you, w/ its multimedia system w/ navigation system, you'll never get lost and it also comes w/ a multi-info display, w/ tells you the info you need. The two variants also have some hardcore 4WD system, which can take you anywhere. It also comes w/ a goodlooking dashboard, a classy but useful one w/ the tech you need.

    With all of this features, The Montero Sport is one perfect SUV for you and your family. Happy car shopping!
  • 16bab16 Jun 06 2012 @ 10:52pm
    may ask you sir, sanay ka ba sa automatic or manual transmission? if u decided na montero ang kukunin mo just the manual transmission kasi walang bad feedback. Kung automatic naman ang gusto mo just extra ingat dahil may bad feedback na according sa mga victims may sudden acceleration daw. both suv is good just test drive them and choose thru your references. good day
    • gvm0116 Jun 07 2012 @ 05:08pm
      Although there might have been reports about the sudden acceleration of the A/T Montero, these are, according to Mitsubishi, not in any way caused by the design of the vehicle but rather by intalled aftermarket carpets that have caused the gas pedal to get stuck. I would even say that some of these reports are exaggerated. There's one newspaper columnist who wrote that her friend's montero just accelerated at high speed (her line) from a standstill and crashed into a gate because the driver wasn't able to stop the car. If it indeed went berserk, the car, the driver could have shifted the gear lever into neutral and could have stopped the vehicle in no time. It is common, though sad to say, that a lot of drivers do not know how to properly operate a vehicle with automatic transmission. Some would even put the lever into park when approaching a stop light. Worse, a lot of these drivers do not put the shifter in neutral when in full stop for a period of time and just step on the brakes thus shortening the lifespan of the transmission's clutch.
    • junjopz Jun 12 2012 @ 10:36pm
      just drove my 2010 Montero GLS SE from Pampanga to Ilocos Norte, with only two stops going, and one coming back, never encountered this so called sudden acceleration...
  • torque88 Jun 07 2012 @ 06:17am
    Monty Rules! Offroad and city drive its cool!
  • maraf67 Jun 07 2012 @ 03:11pm
    More buyers of the Montero says it all!
  • barry Jun 15 2012 @ 06:13pm
    I've wrote a long comment but it wasn't posted! (sighs)
  • barry Jun 15 2012 @ 06:15pm
    sir jay, just consider these four criterias: space, performance, price and utility in purchasing a new vehicle.
    sir botchi...liar! hahaha
  • kokoykokoy Jun 24 2012 @ 11:29am
    We just got our Montero Sport Gtv last week, and from what I have observed, It feels like a big AUV, Steering is a bit hard compared to our Toyota Revo, SatNav is a great feature as well as its Multi-function display on its center dashboard. Yung hatak nya is felt at around 1900rpm-3800rpm. about the suspension, well its not that soft nor hard, you can still feel the terrain you are going thru. fuel consumption really depends on your driving habits, my dad usually get 8.5-11km/l both highway and city driving. . Being an off-road vehicle? not that much. Sir Botchi is right, its not an off-roader out of a box. The A/C is good because of the Auto Climate control.

    One thing I have notice is that the engine quickly heats up even after cold starting in the morning. I don't know why but every start up and idling for a few minutes, there is a pale white smoke coming out of the exhaust. We are pleased with the interior but the fact that we are a family of seven, it seems a bit masikip, considering that the third row seats have a bit small leg room.
  • d.lake Jun 27 2012 @ 11:26pm
    We have a montero. and we are very satisfied with it. sobrang comfortable, ok na ok sa lubak with your requirement for mountainous area.
  • Edgarallan Poe Aug 13 2012 @ 11:19pm
    Huwag maniwala at bumili ng C!MAGAZINE ang daming mali-mali. Ilagay ba naman na 14km/l ang kain ng fuel sa highway ng 178ps montero. Ang semi-truth ay relative 8.5 km/l lang ang average sa highway at appx. 80 kph ayon sa display. (At huwag masorpreso kung aabot pa sa 6.5 km/l kung iba na ang kondisyon ng traffic).
  • scoobydoo Aug 24 2012 @ 01:19pm
    just wait for the all new everest. especially since most parts of the philippines almost always flood when it rains, the everest is the best candidate for this. check out ford ranger's 800mm flood wading capabilities. it is expected that the all new everest will get ford ranger's feature as well.
  • anissaelijah 9 months ago
    i'll go for ford everest anytime of the day. the reason i have is handling. i have a ford escape before and oh boy the handling is just incomparable at high speed. im probably biased but ford is ford. they have better underchassis.everest is really tough and when you're on the road anything can happen and on those occasions you want to be in a car that is really tough. watch the link its strada fitted with performance chip vs ford everest in naguillan road.

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