Round 2: Mitsubishi Montero Sport vs Toyota Fortuner

By Botchi Santos

Hi, Botchi!

I intend to buy an diesel-powered sport-utility vehicle with automatic transmission this year. My budget is at P1.5 million or lower. I'll be using it mainly for city driving so a 4x2 should be okay.

I'm thinking of getting a Mitsubishi Montero Sport because I don't really like the Toyota Fortuner 's exterior design. Too bad Honda does not have a diesel variant for the CR-V. I'm not yet convinced about Mazdas.

Korean SUVs look better but I'm not sure about their long-term performance and durability, most especially their resale value.

Do you have other suggestions?

I currently have a 2003 Toyota Vios with a mileage of less than 50,000km since I'm based in Europe and my mom is the one driving it.



Hi, Terry!

Thanks for taking the time to send an email. We appreciate hearing from kababayans abroad. We are proud of you guys.

Anyway, the Mitsubishi Montero Sport is okay, but the more I use it (through test drives and the like) the more I feel that the Toyota Fortuner has far better refinements than the Montero Sport.

The Montero Sport have three things going for it though:

1.) Engine - the 4M41 3.2 CRDi engine of the Montero Sport feels more muscular and flexible, and it delivers power over a broader range throughout the RPM band. This is handy when overtaking, hauling or carrying cargo out on the highway and you need the power to overtake fast.

2.) Transmission - Mitsubishi transmissions in general are highly adaptive and responsive, it more than makes up for a poor performing engine. In the Montero Sport's case however, it just makes it all the more enjoyable. Shift on the fly 4WD available as well.

3.) Tight turning radius - the Montero Sport and its pick-up kin, the Strada have the tightest turning radius in their respective classes. It's handy when making a tight u-turn in narrow roads.

The Toyota Fortuner feels classier, more refined and, in my opinion--despite the firm and bouncy suspension--offers far better body control, perfect for the twisties. The interior is better put together and the leather feels higher in quality. The ergonomics and seating position of the Fortuner feel like a classy SUV, whereas the Montero Sport feels, well, far more spartan and sportier.

Looking at typical drivers, the Fortuner seems to appeal more to older people, whereas the Montero Sport has a lot of yuppies and kids driving them.

If you're going Korean, check out the facelifted 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe. That's a damn good SUV as well, and don't worry too much about resale value. It's hard to say how much it goes for because nobody sells theirs. That should give you an indication of how satisfied people are with their Hyundai Santa Fes.

I'd also say look at the Kia Sorento but I don't like its styling. It is a good and highly competent SUV for sure but there's only a handful I see on the road.

Suffice to say, your best bet is to test-drive all of the SUVs mentioned here.

Good luck!

Botchi Santos
Consumer editor

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  • maranello_5775 May 20 2010 @ 03:25am
    since you don't like the exterior design of the fortuner just choose between the 4x2 variants of the hotrod santa fe and macho montero sport
  • feeter May 20 2010 @ 08:37am
    If you choose the Santa Fe, just think of buying Korean version of BMW X1, same performance, shape, and handling but way much cheaper. And the 2nd hand price is just like Fortuner is going.
  • keithdb May 20 2010 @ 12:08pm
    best thing to do is to visit the dealer. feel out the car and have a test drive
  • feeter May 20 2010 @ 10:21pm
    Yung sa skyway issue ng Fortuner, pumutok ang gulong eh, so that's air expansion inside a heated tire. And the Fortuner hit the walls sidewards so no airbag deploys, because according to Toyota, their airbags will only deploy if the impact was frontal.
    Pero yung frontal collision ng Montero Sport ng ex-Mayor namin, totalled yung car pero hindi man lang sila nagalusan ng driver nya dahil sa airbag.
  • ninoy77 May 21 2010 @ 08:51am
    go for montero sport.....its looks bigger compare sa fort.....
  • dtkiko May 28 2010 @ 05:47pm
    Fellow Topgear afficionados, don't get your hopes too high with either the 3.2-liter Monterosport nor the 3.0-liter Fortuner.... and don't always believe what any columnist tells you, much like a make or break deal in your choice of vehicle(s). Certainly, anyone who based his judgement on one man, especially when he's not the type of your average beef-eater size, isn't doing justice for himself. The guy could have been better off eating his daily steak supplies and joining the Japanese sumo-wrestling team than influencing bigtime what people should buy. AND neither should you also take my words on these two vehicles, just see them for yourselves, w/c is FAR BETTER than asking for opinions. If you want to see engine performance, on top of their ergonomics, then ask Mitsubishi and Toyota dealers for power vs rpm curves and torque vs rpm curves. ALWAYS look for the one that gives you the broadest powerband, NOT for the one that is peaky and dies down rapidly along the rpm range.

    A close variants of these SUV's (i don't know how you call them), like the 3-liter Hilux and 3.2-liter Strada Triton, we have them here as our service vehicles for an exploration project here in Malaysia. If you think, the Hilux isn't roomy enough, the Strada Triton is even WORSE!

    See for yourselves these two vehicles and do justice for your own sake before shelving-off any of your hard-earned money to buy any of these.
  • dtkiko May 28 2010 @ 06:49pm
    Well, if the 2.5-litre CRDi's gives 12.8 km per litre on long drives, the current Philippine-issue 3.0-litre DMax DDi-iTEQ provides 17.0 km per litre ---- Drove down south with wife, son, yaya plus our things (good for 4 days) from Quezon City to the famed CWC in Naga City, Camarines Sur over a distance of 425.5 km. Spent only 1/3 of my 75-litre capacity fuel tank. Computing that, 425.5 km divided 25 litres = 17 km per litre. Here's my control panel at the end of that long-trip from 3 a.m. to almost 10 a.m.
  • duddle Jun 08 2011 @ 02:22pm
    As ive said, Fortuner 2.7 vvti is far better than a montero, sorento or sta fe. Thats just my humble opinion lang naman.n
  • dhryfusc Nov 02 2011 @ 10:33pm
    (Your thoughts on the article...)
  • dhryfusc Nov 02 2011 @ 10:40pm
    Guys. Think about it, toyota fortuner is like "horse" because of bouncy ride and very safe or montero soft ride but anytime, anywhere may kill anybody due to sudden accellaration problem, besides mitsubishi was begging to let close the web of Montero is like a wild bull that any time kills anybody due to sudden accellaration, ano gusto mo kabayo or toro. Always put in mind that when u drive montero u have kabado.
  • jaejae Nov 03 2011 @ 10:52am
    don't believe on everything you see in the net... i read through the account of the person concerned with the montero accident... i just don't buy it... yes, he could be right but there's just too much coincidence... the most probable cause was the driver depressed the accelerator pedal rather than the break... 80% of accidents are HUMAN ERROR...
    back to topic...
    with the looks it's subjective, it's up to you kung alin yung type mo...
    sa power, superior ang montero sa Fort
    may elegance ang dating ng fort but sporty naman ang Montero
    bothe are mods friendly, you accessorize it well according to your own liking....
    mas comfprtable ride ng monty...
    in the end of the day it's your pick....for me it's the Montero, but you will never be wrong with the fort it's a great car!
  • dhryfusc Nov 03 2011 @ 05:02pm
    what is the comment sa 2012 2.5 toyota fortuner sa 144 hp with intercooler, ung walang intercoller my 102 hp. Ano na kaya kung ang montero walang intercooler, malamang 80 lng ang hp.
  • dhryfusc Nov 03 2011 @ 09:13pm
    My mom is the one influence me to buy 2010 2.5 toyota fortuner. The reasons are tipid sa diesel, maganda ang tindig wede pang sosyal at pangporma at higit sa lahat gawang toyota. May mom ask me, di ba may van ang mitsubishi with the same engine of montero, bakit na face out ang van ng mitsubishi at pawang toyota na with d4d engine ang van na tumatakbo, therefore ang super gamit na makina sa kalye araw araw ang d4d engine. My mom salute to mitsubishi kung gagawa sila ng van pangontra sa super grandia at d4d van. As of now, yes to 2.5 toyota fortuner. My mom is good observant
    • InternalCombustion 9 months ago
      dont you listen to her, the Fortuner has lousy specs and weak weak engine
    • Semipanotchi 6 months ago
      Trailblazer is better than Fortuner.
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