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Jules Estrada's tweet

So, DJ Mo Twister took another potshot at Jules Estrada today, ridiculing the son of the disgraced senator Jinggoy Estrada about "how to properly be a douchebag" using a Ferrari. Mo shared images of the young Estrada posing with a Ferrari car and a Ferrari key, with the following caption:

How To Properly Be A Douchebag. Exhibit A: @julesestrada Step 1: Get a Ferrari and pretend you paid for it. Step 2: Tweet a pic of the key. Step 3: Over the weekend, go to a 5 star hotel with said Ferrari. And Step 4 (most important): Clip and dangle the key OUTSIDE of your pants so everyone can see that the key has a Ferrari emblem and we can all pretend to drool in envy that you have a Ferrari instead of our country having a new school set up somewhere people may have needed it. Jules, you are a proper douche.

Of course, Jules would want to defend himself. And so he tweeted this message:

for your information guys the sexy ass ferrari i posted wasnt mine & the key i held was just a lighter. no kiddin (: just to let u guys know

In fairness to Mo, he didn't say Jules owned the Ferrari. He said, in essence, that Jules "got" a Ferrari and pretended to have paid for it. "Get" could mean borrow, in our opinion. The whole point of Mo's mockery, we think, is that it's bad taste to be implying you're rolling with a Ferrari when your father is currently in jail on charges of plunder.

Screenshot from Jules Estrada's Twitter

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