'Fast & Furious 6' stars coming to PH in May, says premiere organizer

By Vernon B. Sarne

Fast And Furious stars

Last week, we reported that the Asian gala premiere for Fast And Furious 6 could be held in the Philippines. Well, the event organizer paid our office a visit yesterday and personally confirmed that the gala premiere is a go, and that it's set for May 14. And since this will be the main premiere for the movie in Asia--ahead of even the US premiere--members of the film's cast are expected to lend their presence. Who exactly are coming to Manila to greet Fast And Furious fans?

According to the premiere organizer, three of the film's main stars--Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Michelle Rodriguez--are "75-percent confirmed" to attend the event. If things go according to plan, the actors are scheduled to arrive on May 13.

We know what you're thinking: Where the hell is Gal Gadot?

"She's too expensive," explained the organizer. "If we get her, that could mean giving up Paul Walker."

Er, guys, Gal Gadot or Paul Walker?


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  • mgr366 Jan 23 2013 @ 12:33pm
    sayang naman si Gal Gadot... too hot and too expensive...
  • vgpena Jan 23 2013 @ 01:18pm
    Paul Walker who? :P
  • Evo Lance Jan 23 2013 @ 02:01pm
    Paul walker plus the old school mustang :)
    • JoHunter Jan 24 2013 @ 01:17am
      I was trying to recall where in the series was there a Mustang and remembered it was only in Tokyo Drift that it figured prominently. Hardly had anything to do with Diesel's and Walker's characters.
  • JoHunter Jan 23 2013 @ 02:10pm
    Meh, mas gusto ko si Elsa kesa kay Gal.

    But it has to be Paul Walker. Without him it's like hosting a premiere of Lethal Weapon without Danny Glover.
  • codenamejanrei Jan 23 2013 @ 03:36pm
    What about Jordana Brewster!? I like her better than Gal Gadot :)
  • mon7410 Jan 23 2013 @ 05:16pm
    kahit si Gal Gadot na lang, ok lang kahit wala na sila Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Michelle Rodriguez :)
  • japster_13 Jan 23 2013 @ 05:51pm
    sir VBS any other details? like if there will be a car show or stunts that will be done with the premiere? if there is then it would be worth going to... and also which cinema? thanks :)
  • joab565 Jan 23 2013 @ 08:12pm
    Paul Walker syempre. He has been associated with the movie franchise since The Fast and the Furious 1.
  • one.edchelle Jan 23 2013 @ 08:53pm
    paul walker na lang...
  • Kyoichi Sudo Jan 23 2013 @ 09:47pm
    At last! Makikita ko na rin sina idol Vin Diesel at Paul Walker!
  • aeronTGco Jan 23 2013 @ 10:07pm
    No The Rock???
  • markdejesus76 Jan 23 2013 @ 11:28pm
    Okay lang. Ano bang gagawin ng viewers kay Gal Gadot ee tititigan lang naman. Chiks masyado?
  • keirachan Jan 24 2013 @ 08:08am
    I'd like to see Paul Walker. :)
  • ashek268 Jan 24 2013 @ 09:17am
    So what?
  • Feeter Silverster Jan 24 2013 @ 09:17am
    Wow VIP, sila na nagpo- promote ng kanilang film sila pa binabayaran. Sana makapunta ako.
  • chrimaca Jan 24 2013 @ 11:25am
    Forget Gal Gadot... EVA MENDEZ hands down!!! :)
  • kiamoyman Jan 24 2013 @ 12:28pm
    Bakit kayo ganyan, di niyo manlang minimention si Michelle Rodriguez. :p Increase the budget! Minsang lang sila pumunta dito eh.
  • barry Jan 24 2013 @ 02:41pm
    michelle rodriguez was here 2 weeks ago on a vacation in a beach trip in palawan...
  • jbedpan Jan 31 2013 @ 09:27am
    Gal Gadot who? we are fine without her.
  • Matalinongtanga Apr 15 2013 @ 05:00pm
    Paul Walker. He inspired me in every way so I want to meet Him personally.
  • lavlez May 11 2013 @ 02:06am
    Hi, how to get a complimentary pass on the premier night? I really wanna be part of it I wanna see them! Been a fan since the first movie/part. Thanks.
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