3rd-gen Nissan X-Trail doesn't look like the model it's replacing


Nissan X-Trail

When Nissan released the second-generation X-Trail a few years ago, most observers were underwhelmed, specifically because it looked almost the same as the first-gen model. Unless you were really familiar with the vehicle, you'd be hard-pressed to tell one from the other.

Thankfully, the all-new third-generation X-Trail is a big departure from its two predecessors. Nothing groundbreaking in its styling, but at least it doesn't wear the same appearance as the outgoing model. The latest X-Trail iteration has been presented by Nissan at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It has shades of the Juke, the Murano, even the Patrol--anything but the current X-Trail.

This bodes well for the expected return of Nissan Motor Company (Japan) to the Philippine market. We bet you can't wait for its arrival. So can't we.

Nissan X-Trail

Nissan X-Trail

Nissan X-Trail


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  • boss joey 10 months ago
    With this X-trail, Nissan will be back on the game.
  • eurofreak 10 months ago
    Any indication on when this will arrive in the PHI?
    • foolishofficer 10 months ago
      Hopefully not 2 more years - case of Sentra 200 and Xtrail Gen2. Is the current XTrail locally assembly? If yes, that is likely the waiting time. If no, then earlier is possible.
    • mo_lave 10 months ago

      When Gen 4 releases worldwide
    • Nobushino 10 months ago
      November pa release nito in the US, so probably 2 - 3 years lol
  • jesslink 10 months ago
    its the Nissan Rouge 2014 in the states.
  • codemonkey23 10 months ago
    • ralf21 10 months ago
      please NMPI, bring the x-trail with a diesel variant to challenge the tucson, sportage and captiva in compact suv...
  • rpal 10 months ago
    Lexus Rx rear??
  • foolishofficer 10 months ago
    It depends on how this is priced. Hopefully not as expensive as the Sentra 200 was vs its competitors.
  • neutral 10 months ago
    Crossover SUVs, truck based-SUVs & MPVs will be challenged by this new X-trail if offered in diesel & gas, & more so if with 7 seat configuration. Sta. Fe, Captiva, & Peugeot 5008(all are 7seats) might be the most affected specially if the new X-trail will be priced between 1.3M &1.7M.
  • jmtyper 10 months ago
    Very nice...even more if there's a diesel engine in store for us...
  • maranello_5775 10 months ago
    looks good though there's a tracing of the current rav4,santa fe and rx in the design
  • GTi 10 months ago
    I like it. And it seems that Nissan is taking pages off Toyota's design book. The rear end screams Lexus RX too. If this comes with the right engines and pricing, it'll definitely put Nissan on the right track.
  • barry 10 months ago
    And I hope that Nissan Motor Company will offer a diesel engine in the future. the design is impressive! pardon me for my ignorance but this will be a threat to other CUV in it's segment...
  • elxdv 10 months ago
    it looks similar to the Renault/Dacia Duster, but I think it is a bit larger. Sometime before some people used to hate cars with curves like the hyundai tucson.
    • GotToRead 10 months ago
      It is based on the Duster that's why there are similarities
  • aventador 10 months ago
    Looks like murano
  • bruce 10 months ago
    thought initially was a murano.. nice one Nissan!
  • Josh Miranda 10 months ago
    Nissan is back!!! Looks like Murano though. But this X-Trail will be a big threat in leading CRV, RAV4 and other competitor in this segment. Good job Nissan! :)
  • Kyoichi Sudo 10 months ago
    Still can't believe its a X-trail. That alone is enough to shame the simple CR-V and the stylish-feeling RAV4...

    Job well done Nissan!
  • SkodaRenault 10 months ago
    Been driving the T30 (1st Gen) since 2006, almost got tempted to try the T31 (2nd Gen) but changed my mind due to the CVT tranny which I personally disliked, hope this 3rd Gen will skip the CVT tranny, just a wishful thinking though.
    • romeldinho 11 months ago
      and i thought nissan has the best xtronic cvt implementation...
    • kchan4487 2 months ago
      @Skoda Nope, it doesn't. It's still CVT

      @romeldinho Then you'd be in defiance of most reviewers of CVT lol, and XTronic AFAIK is Nissan's own CVT, so other manufacturers don't have it. AFAIK Subaru had the most well regarded CVTs. Considering their iteration is good enough to use on a rally car, I don't doubt it.
  • ashek268 10 months ago
  • AJ 10 months ago
    Ganda! Finally!
  • murcielago 10 months ago
    Mitsubishi outlander, toyota Rav-4, Subaru Forester, Kia Sportage, hyundai tucson, or THIS? :D
    • ralf21 10 months ago
      for me, sportage (the diesel one) or x-trail if nmpi will offer a diesel variant.
    • Kyoichi Sudo 10 months ago
      Still the rugged Outlander for me, next is this one of a kind beauty and the Utilitarian Sportage ;)
  • Feeter Silverster 10 months ago
    Mukhang Santa Fe ang direct competitor nito, pero asa pa tayo kung dadalhin ng Nissan dito yan.
  • vgpena 10 months ago
    I like the front a lot. The backside is a bit generic but not *gly. Just generic.

    I hope it drives well :)
  • eljo3025 11 months ago
    Saab Grille Lexus RX rear. But I'm a fan of the Lexus RX. Kaya let's see.
  • codenamejanrei 11 months ago
    Finally, it's not *gly anymore! :D
  • Juan Camaro 10 months ago
    The long wait is over.
  • aln123 10 months ago
    Wow, it's the best looking Nissan SUV I've seen. But looks alone doesn't mean best seller. Nissan has got a lot of work to do in the Phil market. From timely and the right engine/ product introduction, better marketing, to most important of all, dealer shop integrity. I'm one of those victimized by Nissan dealer shenanigans. And perhaps we will consider patronizing the Nissan brand again.
  • Road King 10 months ago
    Please Nissan price it smartly.
    Welcome back to the ballgame, go Nissan....
  • Mod777 10 months ago
    It looks like a Murano
  • BMagee 10 months ago
    i wonder which powerplant variants they will bring to PH, i sure hope there's diesel
  • marco.nicandro 10 months ago
    the back kinda reminds me of the RX-350
  • RacerXph 10 months ago
    Very nice! If it comes in diesel variant with a matching price that is within my budget, this could be my first brand new car! I have doubts though ...
  • Radenbach 11 months ago
    am also waiting for the return of the terrano.. nissan seems to be waking up, hope they have their coffee strong! go nissan!
  • stelvio 10 months ago
    This should arrive on the Philippine Market as early as 2017.
  • twenk123 10 months ago
    in DIESEL, please...
  • brennuscarolus 10 months ago
    Woah, I was just browsing the net and found the new Nissan Rouge, I was also just about to ask you guys if the Rogue wil be available in the Philippines. And wow, the new Rogue is the X-Trail as well! :) I hope this will arrive in our shores soon. :) Good job Nissan! :D
  • oh_noh 10 months ago
    impreza face with lexus shape/tail *nice*
  • Haggar 11 months ago
    About time Nissan grew a brain and unified their CUV platforms. I never understood why they refused to bring the Rogue here and kept pushing the old X-Trail. At least now they're globally universal like the Rav and CR-V
  • Nobushino 10 months ago
    Uhhh..Nissan as a test of its marketability, you should try releasing it first in the Philippines ; )
  • GodziRRa! 5 months ago
    Nissan Ph. We are EAGERLY waiting for this car. So pls. bring it this year. Coz if it will be too long, which I hope not, we might settle with our 2nd choice Forester XT. :/
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