Chevrolet PH to introduce Spin subcompact MPV next month

By Tracy Carpena

Chevrolet Spin

Two years after venturing into the MPV market with the Chevrolet Orlando, The Covenant Car Company Inc. (aka Chevrolet Philippines) is at it again. The company is set to launch its latest contender, the Chevrolet Spin, in the MPV market next month. gathered this information during a media ride-and-drive event in Thailand this week.

"Spin," according to Chevrolet, is actually a contraction of "seven people in."

Obviously, the Spin is a seven-seater, all-around utility vehicle that's a little smaller than the Orlando, but with 23 adjustable seating positions. In the Philippines, the Spin will be available in two midtrim variants: the 1.3-liter CRDi turbodiesel MT and the 1.5-liter gasoline AT.

A subcompact MPV, the Spin is Chevrolet's "latest foray into a new road in the Philippines," said TCCCI president Albert Arcilla, adding that it is "an important car" for TCCCI.

Moreover, TCCCI senior vice president and director for marketing and customer services Lyn Buena stressed the significance of the MPV segment in the country. Buena disclosed that the MPV B-segment sells 6,000 to 7,000 units per year in the country. "This vehicle is the choice of the young modern Filipino family because of its practicality, convenience and comfort," she said.

Designed in Brazil, the new subcompact MPV will be manufactured in Indonesia. Given the variants that will be available in the country, one might assume that the Spin will be the future competitor of the Toyota Avanza for fleet accounts.

"That is the hope," Buena told However, the variants that will be available in August are of midtrim level, she pointed out. The executive shared that the company hopes to bring in the entry-level Spin variants, which are more appropriate for fleet accounts. The midtrim levels that will come to our shores next month, on the other hand, are targeted at families.

"[The Spin] fills the gap between sedans and full-size SUVs and trucks, and it is fun to own and drive," said Chevrolet Thailand and General Motors Southeast Asia operations vice president of sales, marketing and aftersales Gustavo Colossi in a statement. "It is an MPV that could become part of the owner's lifestyle. It is a lifestyle enabler."

TCCCI has not divulged its sales target for the Spin or even its pricing. But Arcilla and Buena hinted to that the price range of its new baby MPV will be in the ballpark of the Toyota Avanza G AT's price tag, which is P868,000.

Photos by Mikko David


Chevrolet Spin

Chevrolet Spin


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  • ficc25 10 months ago
    looks like a swollen trailblazer...
    • foolishofficer 10 months ago
      a trailblazer that got stuck in the water. spin is aa welcomed competitor for grand livina, avanza and apv (to some degree) nonetheless.
  • codemonkey23 10 months ago
    1.3 crdi turbodiesel?? am i looking at the new taxi instead of the Avanza?
    • foolishofficer 10 months ago
      Taxis can't have 7 seater capacity. Notice that Avanza taxis have only 5 seats. So unless there's 5 seater Spin variants then we'lll have Spin taxis.
      • codemonkey23 10 months ago
        Avanza supposedly have third row seats which are being removed when it is going to be used as taxi..
        • foolishofficer 10 months ago
          Toyota has taxi options available. Avanza for taxi use has only 5 seats and colored white so nothing to remove or repaint required.
      • codenamejanrei 10 months ago
        I already saw 7-seater Avanza taxis na ginagawang parang FX :)
        • foolishofficer 10 months ago
          I've seen one. It may not be the same Avanza we saw, but it is probably 2 "bangko" chairs since the 4 passengers are facing each other. Unless the Avanza had UV on its door, it is a taxi operating illegally as UV.
          • codenamejanrei 10 months ago
            The 7-seeater Avanza I saw naman, yung seats niya sa likod nakaharap sa driver.
  • maranello_5775 10 months ago
    I hope this rides better than the avanza
  • Mr. McMahon 10 months ago
    4 Variants dapat, Diesel AT & MT and Gasoline AT & MT
  • GotToRead 10 months ago
    Wow! This looks like a stretched chevrolet Spark with a swollen Colorado face
  • BMagee 10 months ago
    the mid variants are a competitor to the avanza while the top end will probably go up against the carens
  • aldy888cbu 10 months ago
    The torquey 1.3 diesel should be a hit if priced right. No competition, unless Avanza will come up with one soon which I doubt cause Toyota is afraid it would cannibalized Innova's market. So while there's still no competition Chevy should be fast on it's feet to bring this in. Jackpot! I could already hear Chevy shouting.
  • jpjpyu 10 months ago
    If priced right, this can be a game changer as it looks more SUV-ish than any MPV available here now.
  • Darkmatter 10 months ago
    Chevrolet trax na lang please!
  • barry 10 months ago
    Ms. Tracy, akin na lang ang koala bear! haha. Well, this will be the dark horse in the MPV segment. CRDi and a turbo charger is a real plus! But there should be an automatic CRDi.
  • triple4 10 months ago
    Mahihirapan pa din i-penetrate ng Chevy ang taxi market.... I think the Avanza will still rule. Mahal ang piyesa ng Chevy unlike Toyota.

    I think Suzuki is targeting the fleet market with the Dzire pero wala pa ako nakikita kahit isang unit sa kalye.
    • Josh Miranda 8 months ago
      toyota is still toyota. chevy? nah.. reliable pa din ang japan :)
  • joab565 10 months ago
    CRDi in a compact mpv :)
  • BMagee 10 months ago
    they should have an AT variant for the diesel mill
  • camebeyond 10 months ago
    innova now is very nervous....
    • codenamejanrei 10 months ago
      Avanza is the direct competitor of Spin.
  • hyundaifan 9 months ago
    I hope it wont follow the Carens' footing wherein it is pricey.
  • rdrogel 9 months ago
    I hope that Spin will be in a future Big Test against the Avanza & APV.
  • Transformers 9 months ago
    When will Top Gear Philippines post the Chevrolet Spin in their buyer's guide?
    • Tracy Carpena
      Hello. The The Covenant Car Company Inc. hasn't revealed the official price yet. We will post it as soon as we get info on the pricing. :)
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