Exclusive: Official specifications and features of Toyota Wigo

By Vernon B. Sarne

Toyota Wigo

During the Vios Cup exhibition race last Saturday at Clark International Speedway, while everyone's attention was fixed upon the racetrack, ours was drawn to the Toyota Wigo unit displayed in the vicinity. The Wigo, of course, is the affordable mini hatchback that Toyota Motor Philippines is launching on the third week of February. As we already reported here, there will be three variants to be introduced, with the following prices:

* Wigo 1.0G AT -P534,000

* Wigo 1.0G MT -P499,000

* Wigo 1.0E MT -P448,000

The variant displayed at the Vios Cup race (the one you see in the photos here) was the top-of-the-line 1.0G AT.

We asked the Toyota staff manning the booth if they already had a comprehensive specs sheet for the new car. Unfortunately, they didn't. Fortunately, we were able to secure the official list of specifications and features through another channel, and we'd like to share it with you.

1.0-liter in-line three-cylinder, 12-valve DOHC 1KR-FE
Horsepower: 64hp @ 6,000rpm
Torque: 85Nm @ 3,600rpm
Transmission: 5-speed manual (1.0G and 1.0E) or 4-speed automatic (1.0G)

Length: 3,600mm
Width: 1,620mm (1.0G) or 1,600mm (1.0E)
Height: 1,520mm
Wheelbase: 2,450mm
Ground clearance: 180mm
Seating capacity: 5 pax

Front suspension: MacPherson strut with coil spring
Rear suspension: Semi-independent torsion axle beam with coil spring
Wheels: 14-inch alloy (1.0G) or 13-inch steel with cap (1.0E)
Tires: 175/65 R14 (1.0G) or 155/80 R13 (1.0E)

Headlamps: Multi-reflector-type halogen
Fog lamps: With (1.0G) or without (1.0E)
Radiator grille: Chrome
Side mirrors: Body color
Outside door handles: Chrome (1.0G) or body color (1.0E)
Side molding: Chrome (1.0G) or without (1.0E)
Rear spoiler: With (1.0G) or without (1.0E)
High-mount stop lamp: Spoiler-integrated LED type (1.0G) or without (1.0E)

Instrument panel: Silver (1.0G) or silver and black (1.0E)
Audio: 2-DIN navi-ready CD/MP3/USB/AUX with iPod and video playback capability (1.0G) or 1-DINMP3/USB/AUX (1.0E)
Speakers: 4 (1.0G) or 2 (1.0E)
Steering wheel: Three-spoke urethane with silver accent (1.0G) or three-spoke urethane (1.0E)
Sun visors: Driver and passenger (with vanity mirror)
Assist grips: One in front and two at the back (1.0G) or without (1.0E)
Inside door handles: Chrome (1.0G) or material (1.0E)
Door trim: Molded full trim with silver ornament (1.0G) or molded full trim (1.0E)

Power steering: With
Power windows: With
Power door locks: With
Power side mirrors: With (1.0G) or without (1.0E)

Airbags: Dual front (driver and passenger)
Antilock brakes: With (1.0G) or without (1.0E)
Child locks: With (rear doors only)

Anti-theft system: Immobilizer (1.0G) or without (1.0E)
Wireless door locks: With (1.0G) or without (1.0E)

Silver metallic: 1.0G AT,1.0G MT and 1.0E MT
Dark blue mica metallic:1.0G AT and1.0G MT
Light blue: 1.0E MT
Gray metallic:1.0G AT and1.0G MT
White:1.0G AT,1.0G MT and 1.0E MT
Black:1.0G AT,1.0G MT and 1.0E MT

Retail sales officially begin on February 20, 2014.

So, what do you think of Toyota's next bestseller?

Photos by Vernon B. Sarne

Toyota Wigo

Toyota Wigo

Toyota Wigo

Toyota Wigo

Toyota Wigo

Toyota Wigo

Toyota Wigo

Toyota Wigo


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  • navigateme 13 months ago
    Any info of approx. FC.
  • foolishofficer 13 months ago
    I know Daihatsu Ayla is also Toyota Agya/Wigo. But why is there still the Daihatsu label? When we open the Lexus ES engine hood we don't expect to see a Toyota (Avalon) label.
    • trail 13 months ago
      Welll, I remember my sister's Ford Lynx had bits and pieces with "Mazda" on it.
    • maranello_5775 13 months ago
      built on the same assembly line as the daihatsu stablemate. Same for the avanza, some panels have daihatsu logo instead of toyota
    • AJ 13 months ago
      Ok lang yan. Daihatsu cars in japan are really cool di mo ikakahiya...another example ng iba iba brands nakalagay sa isang kotse yung subaru boxer engine sa isang toyota 86.
    • foolishofficer 13 months ago
      So I guess other brands do have "cookie crumbs" of their origins. If I'm involved with the product, I would not allow those in easy to find areas. Not unless these are meant as tribute to their heritage.
    • Andrew Guerrero
      @foolishofficer, perhaps because it rolled out of the Daihatsu plant? Unlike Lexus which Toyota created, Daihatsu is its own company, Toyota just has a controlling steak in the company (51%).
  • GTi 13 months ago
    Wow~ This car actually has the full host of A/C features (heater and windshield defogger absent in the Vios) and a touchscreen HU! Engine seems to be puny though. I wonder how weedy the 1.0A/T would be...
  • wertyamatz22 13 months ago
    that daihatsu label may dismay buyers, especially those looking for a REAL TOYOTA
    • Andrew Guerrero
      I'm guessing the general public might not even notice or care as long as they see the Toyota badge up front and the back.
  • watz20 11 months ago
    What is the fuel consumption?
  • tj112 11 months ago
    Mas maganda pa ung HU niyan kesa sa toyota 86 e. tsk tsk. dapat touch screen na rin sa 86.
  • Bruno 11 months ago
    Our ship's Generator engine is Daihatsu working 6 days non stop and 1 day maintenance in a week,. Since 1986 and today is still working very well,..
  • Kyoichi Sudo 11 months ago
    Ok, let me start this. So HU is touchscreen but only navi-ready, interior and dashboard full of hard plastics perhaps nothing special about it, automatic transmission of the TOTL variant is only 4-speed w/c isn't that good especially for fuel economy, base variant only rolls with 13" hoping the hubcaps look good enough, only the front of the car looks aerodynamic. Only the good part of it is that all variants get dual airbags though the TOTL doesn't have ABS, EBD and BA. The rest isn't that good enough unless you're looking for a car that will only bring you from your house to palengke amd vise versa. Though it has this most appealing part to the buyers w/c is none other than the badge it wears. And thats all, cheaply-priced cheap car.
    • Kyoichi Sudo 11 months ago
      My mistake, it has ABS.
  • wew 11 months ago
    i want to have a car =(( kahit eto lang =)
  • jam_vergara 13 months ago
    I saw the gauge , is ay it's a bit challenging to go all the way up there.... hmmm pc
  • tradback 13 months ago
    When comparing with the other 1.0l cars out there, I think people will opt for the Toyota badge.
  • Nobushino 11 months ago
    Huwag lang masagi ng bus sa EDSA at baka WeeeGO To heaven na din!
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