So, the selling price of the Toyota FJ Cruiser is out...and we like it


Toyota FJ Cruiser

Props to our colleagues over at AutoIndustriya.comfor being the first to report the official selling price of the soon-to-be-launched Toyota FJ Cruiser. We asked Toyota Motor Philippines marketing vice president Sherwin Chua-Lim to verify the information, and he confirmed that the figure is indeed correct: The FJ Cruiser will sell for a jaw-dropping price of P1.798 million. The TMP executive also said that the pricing had already been communicated to Toyota dealers.

Just to remind you, that amount is just a few thousand pesos higher than the price of the top-of-the-line Fortuner 3.0 V 4x4 AT diesel, which retails at P1.764 million.

TMP was able to price the FJ Cruiser this low due to theJapan-Philippine Economic Partnership Agreement, which exempts Japan-made vehicles with 3.0-liter engines and above from import duties. For the record, the FJ Cruiser is equipped with a 4.0-liter gasoline V6.

With this pricing--never mind if the FJ Cruiser is essentially a seven-year-old model--we don't see how anyone in his right mind would still prefer the range-topping Fortuner or, for that matter, the RAV4 4x4 (P1.963 million). Would you?

UPDATE: According to TMP, the FJ Cruiser to be sold in our market is four-wheel-drive and is equipped with a five-speed automatic transmission.


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  • Juan Camaro 11 months ago
    This might kill Toyota Rav 4.
    • leodawesome 11 months ago
      Rav 4 was dead a long time ago. People are just buying them because they have the money and they just really want them. :)
  • codenamejanrei 11 months ago
    I think they priced it right. Good job TMP! :)
    • LGO 11 months ago
      Good job indeed though the FJ Cruiser is a niche vehicle.

      Now let's see whether Toyota will do the same with the Toyota Sienna which is now selling from P2.8 to P3.5 Million in the gray market. The Sienna potentially has a bigger market than the FJ Cruiser and can likewise benefit from the JPEPA arrangement due to its big gasoline engine. The one question though is whether Toyota is willing to rock the market for its over priced Alphard and Previa.
      • codenamejanrei 11 months ago
        I don't think Sienna will benefit with the JPEPA because it is built in US, not in Japan.
        • LGO 11 months ago
          I checked the JPEPA and it looks like the Sienna may indeed not qualify but primarily because many of its content are now made in the US rather than because it is built in the US. The Sienna can qualify under JPEPA if most of the parts and components used to built it are sourced from Japan but this does not seem to be the case with the Sienna. Thanks for the heads up.
  • boss joey 11 months ago
    sana mabigyan agad ng review ng TGP ito....
    • boss joey 11 months ago
      comparo ng features between gray market and TMP units...
  • boss joey 11 months ago
    i think madami pa din namang bibili ng fortuner considering magkalayo ang FC ng dalawa...
  • pat 11 months ago
    It's pretty late, grey-market importers have probably made a fortune out of importing these. I've seen a lot where I live, even a few years back they've been here. Oh well, better late than never, I guess. Or maybe not.
  • Hilario 11 months ago
    Price might be a competition with the Fortuner, it's just like adding another variant for the Fortuner line-up, more like a "top-of-the-line" of what is already the "top-of-the-line". But if the displacement will be the basis, I would go for the Fortuner, considering the oil price here in PH. But as they say, there is not replacement for displacement.
  • vgpena 11 months ago
    Whoah! I stand corrected. I though we were going to import this from USA. :O

    Excellent job Toyota. This basically kills the Defender and Wrangler. Very impressive move.
  • neutral 11 months ago
    What if Fortuner & Hilux are fitted with 4.0 V6 petrol & were sourced in Japan(automatically covered by JPEPA), what would be their selling prices?
    • mo_lave 11 months ago
      Fortuner and Hilux V6 are equipped with the same engine as the FJ. However, none are produced in Japan, so if they are sold here, they could end up fetching a higher price than the FJ.
      • vgpena 11 months ago
        You do realize we don't have a V6 Fortuner or Hilux here right?
        • mo_lave 11 months ago
          I don't recall saying that we have those here.
          • vgpena 11 months ago
            "Fortuner and Hilux V6 are equipped with the same engine as the FJ"
            • Fundiver198 11 months ago
              That doesn`t mean, they are sold in the Philippines. There are lots of car models, which are being manufactured somewhere in the world but not sold in the Philippines.
              • vgpena 11 months ago
                If "mo_lave" wanted to imply that they are already available in Thailand, for example, he could have stated instead "Fortuner and Hilux have a V6 that is the same engine as the FJ in Thailand already" but that's not what he stated. To make it doubly worse, it's a response to a post that asks for a hypothetical LOCAL PRICE should the V6 models be made available here and he begins the response by stating "Fortuner and Hilux V6 are equipped with the same engine as the FJ" which implies that they are already available. He completely forgets to mention the fact that they are available in some other parts of the world, just not here. Why would the original poster care about that?

                The response is confusing simply because it's not a proper answer to the hypothetical question. This guy "mo_lave" simply wanted to embarrass the poster by stating (correctly) that the Fortuner and Hilux are made in Thailand instead of Japan so JPEPA does not cover them. I don't even see "mo_lave" posting a hypothetical price for the V6 models should they be sold here do you?
            • noisy_boy 11 months ago
              LOL... and that is how you make a simple question complicated. I think mo_lave gave a direct answer to the question and does not intend to embarass nor confuse anyone. He simply lacks the words "THERE ARE ALREADY" to start his statement which should be a given if you pay attention to the 2nd sentence. You stopped reading after the first sentence, the next statement mentioned "However, none are produced in Japan, SO IF THEY ARE SOLD HERE, they could end up fetching a higher price than the FJ."
              • vgpena 11 months ago
                Correct me if I'm wrong but a direct answer would have been an price estimate wouldn't it?
              • vgpena 11 months ago
                And just to prove my point, here is what a proper and direct answer should be like:

                I believe the Hilux will be priced between 1,300,000 to 1,400,000 and the Fortuner will be priced between 1,600,000 and 1,700,000, cheaper than the the current top-of-the-line diesels.

                I based my answer on the LC Prado which has both the 4.0 V6 Gas and the 3.0 D4D are priced at 2,900,000 and 3,785,000 respectively. They are both 5-speed automatics and both in VX trim so the only difference seems to be their engines and these are local prices set by Toyota Motors Philippines.

                Actual numbers with actual comparison of a local model included
              • wangwangsareforlosers 11 months ago
                the sheer amount of misdirected intellect here is appalling.
              • noisy_boy 11 months ago
                hahahaha... this is really funny so I will respond. The first question was "What if Fortuner & Hilux are fitted with 4.0 V6 petrol" so he answered "Fortuner and Hilux V6 are equipped with the same engine as the FJ". The second question was "what would be their selling prices?" so he answered " none are produced in Japan, so if they are sold here, they could end up fetching a higher price than the FJ." Based from the article above, price of FJ is Php 1.798M so looking at the answer of mo_lave logic will dictate that his estimate is more than Php 1.8M. Asking for an estimates does not necessary mean answering a price range. Your answer is not wrong either, we can say that its more detailed than what mo_lave gave but it doesnt show that his answer is wrong as well.
    • Fundiver198 11 months ago
      As far as I know, Fortuner & Hilux are both produced within the ASEAN area, so these vehicles are already exempt from import duties. Making them in Japan would only increase production costs, as would fitting them with a V6 engine. So the price, the FJ Cruiser is being offered at, is actually a really competitive and attractive one. And presumably Toyota is only able to do this, because its an older model, and the production line has surplus capacity.
  • carlo999 11 months ago
    saklap naman sa mga kakabili lang sa gray market at 2m haha
    • Nobushino 11 months ago
      Eh mayaman sila masyado eh! Haha!
  • maranello_5775 11 months ago
    I hope there will be no waiting list and "recommended" TRD accessories. Looking forward for this SUV :)
    • Fundiver198 11 months ago
      We´ll see. I don`t think so though, because its basically a 7 year old model, so the factory should have no problems to cover demand from a small market like the Philippines. If anything launching this model in the Philippines now and at this price could be seen as a sort of surplus stock sale. But thats brilliant for consumers, so I have absolutly no complaints with that. The retro styling still look fresh enough also, particularly in a market, where people havn`t seen many of these SUV´s before. So I predict it will sell quite well. Although to be honest it is a niche vehicle more suited for real offroad enthusiasts than the average SUV-buyer looking for something practical to haul a big family around.
  • dragun 11 months ago
  • bigboy 11 months ago
    sa gray market pumapalo ng 2.5m yan kawawa yung mga bumili ng rav 4. kung alam lang sana nila na ganto price dame kagad order
    • Nobushino 11 months ago
      Eh ganyan sila kayaman eh! Hehehe!
  • bryanjeffrrey 11 months ago
    maybe we're also getting the surplus units. FJ cruiser due to poor sales will be discontinued after 2014 model year
  • jojo204200 11 months ago
    I don't think people who buy gasoline-fed SUVs 1.5M and above would consider fuel consumption, it doesn't make sense.
    Practicality-wise, I will never mind fuel consumption if I bought a car more than 1M. There are other costs like insurance, etc. Logically you would consider FC on compact and sub-compact cars..........or it is just bragging rights that you have a nice car but deep inside being problematic on fuel cost, living over your budget.
    • boss joey 11 months ago
      im sorry but i have to go different from you but many buy cars more than 1M, still consider FC. look at santa fe for instance...people i know turn to this car coz it offer better FC than the other...
  • aldy888cbu 11 months ago
    If only it's diesel..sigh
  • HKB 11 months ago
    Lets the battle begin to the GRAY MARKET......hope will be available here in Mindanao....:)
  • jojo204200 11 months ago
    It's ok, different persons' perspective, except for high mileage cars, most pay more on yearly comprehensive insurance than the total cost of fuel in a year.
  • Fundiver198 11 months ago
    Whau thats an impressive price considering, that this vehicle is essentially based on a Land Cruiser platform.
  • ying 11 months ago
    design is too ...uuuuummm. what is this again?
  • TingMatic 11 months ago
    Toyota will flood our streets with FJ Cruiser. This pricing is within reach of the upper middle income families and they are quite a lot! Viva Toyota, ang galing mo talaga!
  • noisy_boy 11 months ago
    I just checked sulit and they are pricing the 2013 FJ Cruiser at a whooping 2.6 to 2.9 million. This is indeed great news!
  • outdoormaster 11 months ago
    priced way to cool vs the 2.8M current selling price
  • laurence0609 11 months ago
    Anyone here seen the complete specs of the variant they will release?
  • agent_ysann 11 months ago
    Now this is what i'm looking forward to... Pricing is what i am expecting..
  • AnjiJubei 11 months ago
    The price is right but the 4.0 V6 gasoline engine is something to watch out for, hope mr Tamayo can hyper mill this one and show some impressive results like he did with the Explorer
  • GTi 11 months ago
    Very good pricing indeed. Considering the number of grey market FJ Cruisers here, I'd say it will most likely be relatively successful. Hopefully, they'll also bring in the manual variant for the purists. As for the Rav-4, it'd probably be more prudent for Toyota to bring in the 3.5V6 instead, and then price it lower. 1.963M for a 2.4L CUV is plain daylight robbery!
    • Fundiver198 11 months ago
      As far as I know, there is no manual FJ Cruiser. And there is also no longer a V6 RAV-4, since that variant was discontinued with the introduction of the new RAV-4. And about the price of the RAV-4, the problem is the import duty, which the car is burdened with, because its made in Japan and has less than 3 liter engine displacement. Exempting only vehicles with the largest displacement engines from import duties doesn´t make much sence from either a social or an environmental point of view. So one can only hope, that with time the Philippine-Japanese trade agreement will be expanded to allow also more sensible japanese produced cars to be imported to the Philippines without import duties.
  • PippinTook 11 months ago
    is there no diesel FJ?
    • Fundiver198 11 months ago
      No its the 4,0 liter petrol engine only. The FJ Cruiser is build on the Landcruiser Prado platform, and considering that a Prado with the same engine or a Jeep Rubicon with a 2,8 liter diesel both costs about 1 million peso more, the 1,8 million asking price really is the bargain of the century. So you will just have to put aside some of the money, you saved when buying the car, and use them to pay for fuel.
  • hunterjob50 11 months ago
    Great price from a great brand. Panalo na agad sa maintenance and resale value. Talo naman sa gas. :(
  • agutz1010 11 months ago
    Yes, price seems just right. I think they priced it this way to give customers alternative to the Fortuner.
  • Carlover0604 11 months ago
    Where will the Philippine units be sourced from.
  • Nobushino 11 months ago
    Nice price and a nice looking car and I love to have one but fuel economy is just poor. I live in the city by the way
  • aventador 11 months ago
    Thanks to JPEPA
  • GodziRRa! 3 months ago
    We're supposed to get this one since it looks good on paper... but... its not 7 seater, its rear seat is hard to access, and some blind spots here and there. So the other SUVs like Sta Fe or Forester is a better option to us.
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