This is how the second-generation Hyundai i10 looks like


Hyundai i10

The Hyundai i10mini hatchback was first unveiled to the world in October 2007. Almost six years later, the Korean carmaker has taken the wraps off the second-generation model. The all-new i10, which is being presented by Hyundai first in Europe, is 80mm longer, 65mm wider and 50mm lower than the outgoing model. The cargo space at the back is said to have been increased by more than 10% to a total of 252L--with all seats up in place.

The new i10 is the product of Hyundai's European design team led by chief designerThomas Burkle. The car was designed and developed at the Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center inRusselsheim, Germany.

According to Hyundai, production will commence in September this year atthe carmaker's factory in Izmit, Turkey.

We wonder if Hyundai Asia Resourceswill bring this car to the Philippines.

Hyundai i10

Hyundai i10


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  • Kyoichi Sudo 11 months ago
    I like it. The design is now a bit safe, d nakakasawa pero very safe. Simple, should I say? Perfect for ordinary people. Hoping its features aren't too safe too...
  • BJ 11 months ago
    Very European. Nice and clean.
  • vgpena 11 months ago
    I thought the i10 was to be phased out in our market due to the Eon's introduction (a car that is both smaller and cheaper than the i10)?

    In any case this looks better than the current i10 which isn't saying much at all. Haha :/
    • codemonkey23 11 months ago
      yung eon po eh sub compact hatch, ang i10 po is compact hatch
      • vgpena 11 months ago
        The Hyundai Accent is the subcompact so it's hatchback version is the subcompact hatch.
        • codemonkey23 11 months ago
          eh panu ung eon? super sub compact hatch? lolz hahah sorry na
          • vgpena 11 months ago
            I believe they (the Eon and i10) are called superminis, just like the Mirage, the Chevy Spark and the Kia Picanto.
            • codemonkey23 11 months ago
              i see.. hahah daya dalawa ang entry ng hyundai hehe
    • Fundiver198 11 months ago
      I think there is room for both models, since they are sufficiently separated in both size and price. And even more so when the i10 grows a bit in size. And agree this looks much better than the current i10. A bit like its sister the Kia Picanto. There can never be to much competition, so I hope Hyundai bring it to the Philippines to compete with Mitsubushi Mirage and the coming Toyota Agya.
  • dragun 11 months ago
  • bosstl 11 months ago
    i like it way better than the old one. magkano kaya ang price point nya for this model?
  • Josh Miranda 11 months ago
    still a korean car..
  • dragun 11 months ago
    If they bring in the version with the 75hp 1.1 CRDI diesel, I'm totally sold
  • pehdehceh 11 months ago
    Doble-Kara esque. The front has a frowning face, while the rear has a smiling, er, butt. The tail lights has a quite resemblance to the BMW 1 series. Can't wait to see the interior.
  • dhoeze 11 months ago
    Nice rear disc brakes for a econo car..
  • dhoeze 11 months ago
    Nice.. rear disc brakes for a econo car...
  • foolishofficer 11 months ago
    Nice one. It shows A-segment cars can also be exciting. I wish they can price it below 500K for the entry i10.
  • vinci24 11 months ago
    The back reminds me of Geely LC (Panda) especially the taillights :)
  • codemonkey23 11 months ago
    bring in the diesel
  • codenamejanrei 11 months ago
    I never really liked Hyundai's "too much busy" fluidic design in their cars, but this one is simple and cute, with not too much curves liek the Eon.. and I like that DRL... :)
    • codemonkey23 11 months ago
      the Fluidic design adds to economy.. with lower drag coeficient, increases fuel effeciency..
  • nicologarcia 11 months ago
    lose the DRLs, please. They scream "cheap aftermarket!!!!"
    • codemonkey23 11 months ago
      DRLs are not cheap aftermarket, it is part of the EUDM theme
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