Drag race: Mitsubishi Strada vs. Nissan Navara

By Vernon B. Sarne

TopGear.com.ph Philippine Car News - Strada vs NavaraAs you already know, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines presented the new variable-geometry turbo Montero Sport to the motoring press last week. The carmaker also let us drive the thing around a makeshift dirt track and in an acceleration-and-braking exercise. When the dust settled, Mitsubishi took the similarly powered VGT Strada out on the paved track and handed its keys to...Top Gear Philippines' very own Botchi Santos.

And just for fun, Mitsubishi's marketing strategist, Arlan Reyes, challenged C! magazine's James Deakin to line up his own Nissan Navara on the grid alongside the new VGT Strada. Yes, Mitsubishi threw down the gauntlet: Strada versus Navara in a no-frills drag race. It seemed like a fair fight: Both units were 4x4; both had five-speed automatic transmissions; and both had 2.5-liter CRDi turbodiesel engines.

Of course, there's a bit of a difference now. Previously, the Navara had been the most powerful in its class with 174ps of output and 403Nm of torque. Not anymore. With the Strada now equipped with a variable-geometry turbocharger, it has upped its output to 178ps and its torque to 350Nm. The Navara still has more torque, but the Strada now has a slight edge in the horsepower department.

Still, the two pickups seemed like a perfect match for each other overall. And so James accepted the challenge and positioned his Navara at the starting line. The rule was simple: First to reach the end of the main straight of Clark International Speedway wins. Again, it would be Botchi piloting the Strada, with James manning his own Navara.

The winner?

First, a small footnote: James's Navara had a roof rack. We don't really know whether a roof rack had any significant effect on a short sprint through a straight that must not have been more than 500 meters (our technical editor Ferman Lao says Clark International Speedway's main straight measures some 900 meters, but the distance used for drag racing is just 400 meters). But assuming it did, we'd like to point out now that the Strada also had a weight handicap since Botchi is heavier than James. A fair enough way to balance things out, right?

Alright then. And the winner was...

The Mitsubishi Strada 4x4! "By three car lengths," said a gloating Botchi. (Spectators--us included--had a hard time judging from the starting line.) "Just by two-and-a-half car lengths," countered James.

Well, do you think this "drag race" was truly indicative of the two pickups' performance potential?

Photos by the author, video by Ferman Lao

Did the Mitsubishi Strada beat the Nissan Navara fair and square?


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  • Kriscarlo09 Feb 23 2011 @ 08:05am
    Galing talaga ng strada!
  • doberdawg Feb 23 2011 @ 09:04am
    how about Sta. Fe vs the Monty vs the Fort
  • DnC Feb 23 2011 @ 09:52am
    Nice to know that there's no bad blood between the competing automotive publications. Although I would've loved for Botchi to rub his victory in if he has not done so on that particular day.:)
  • red.santiago Feb 23 2011 @ 09:56am
    The Mitsu won the race fair and square. The HP figures won't lie. The Strada had a good couple of HPs higher than the Navara. It would have been nice though if Botchi and James swapped trucks to compare results. (No offense meant to sir James)

    If there's anything unfair though is that they raced the newest 3rd Gen CRDi from Mitsu which makes (from Wikipedia):

    Intercooled Turbo (3rd Generation DI-D with variable geometry turbo)
    Power - 130 kW (175 hp) @ 4000 rpm
    Torque - 400 N·m (295 ft·lb) @ 2000 rpm
    Engine type - Inline 4 cylinder
    Fuel system - 2nd Generation Common Rail Direct Injection (CRDi)
    Compression ratio - 16.5:1[18]
    2011-present Mitsubishi Triton/L200/Strada
    2010-present Mitsubishi Pajero Sport/Montero Sport/Challenger/Nativa

    Against the older YD25DDTi engine from Nissan that only manages (again, from Wikipedia)

    "YD25DDTi High Power was developed in 2005 for the Nissan Navara(D40) an the Nissan Pathfinder (R51). It initially produced 174 PS (128 kW) @ 4,000 rpm and 403 Nm of torque."

    If Nissan could bring in the updated YD25DDTi engine (which as wikipedia says again) that produces:
    "In 2010, Nissan updated the engine for the Navara and Pathfinder facelift to produce 190 PS (140 kW) and 450 Nm of torque.[4] In 2011 the Nissan Murano was fitted with the updated engine producing 190 PS (140 kW) and 450 Nm of torque."

    That would have been a honest-to-goodness fair race. That's Just me though. :D
  • jclogan Feb 23 2011 @ 10:01am
    I wonder what the result would be if Vernon Sarne drove the Strada. Gandang laban sana, Editor-in-Chief vs Editor-in-Chief! Both write well evenly, are their driving skills even too? :)
  • HD Feb 23 2011 @ 10:25am
    A drag race between pickup trucks is actually meaningless (i.e. why buy a pickup to race?) - the more meaningful comparison is probably a timetrial up a hill (like Antipolo) while fully loaded and perhaps towing something really heavy.
  • jclogan Feb 23 2011 @ 10:46am
    @ HD..You have a point. But I'm afraid the Strada will outclass the Navara even more if they test their 4X4 capabilities. Navara's low ground clearance, bad departure angle & wide turning radius will not help it beat the Strada. It's only in the drag race actually that the Navara can beat the Strada. I guess Botchi's just a very good drag racer. ;)
  • HKB Feb 23 2011 @ 11:04am
    why not sir Botchi no to drag race his Toyota Hilux, i know he have one....pls try it sir....
  • barry Feb 23 2011 @ 12:03pm
    will just wait for the 2012 ford ranger with a 3.2L, 200hp to hit our shores. so that we can put the three pick-ups into the test. hehe
  • GTi Feb 23 2011 @ 01:16pm
    Wow and considering also that the Strada is just brand new ah, when its full potential is not yet unleashed! And it won by such a large margin! I believe the transmission had a big role in this one.
  • vansxtrme23 Feb 23 2011 @ 04:02pm
    oh yeah, specs is quite different than the actual..It's really nice to see vgt suv Monty vs Sta Fe on actual drag race. Hope top gear will hear this.
  • troybentz Feb 23 2011 @ 07:16pm
    the strada vgt is great BUT i starting not to like mitsubishi why???? just look at what they did... they put vgt on the 2.5... then charged us 1.295m? like the 3.2.. why not put the vgt on the 3.2 then charge me 1.295m.... they charged an extra 200k just for putting new turbos. wat a nice joke.. if the 3.2 was equipped with vgt that navara would be 5 car lengths behind ahahaha.
  • maranello_5775 Feb 23 2011 @ 07:49pm
    nice one mitsubishi, i hope you will bring in the manual variant with 400nm of torque
  • JAZZ Feb 23 2011 @ 09:59pm
    sana mag release na ang toyota ng VGT din to balance the competion against the mitsu
  • dtkiko Feb 23 2011 @ 10:12pm
    jclogan: Chief during the international pickup truck competition in Ireland (concluded October 2010), it is was the 3-litre Isuzu DMax VGS Turbo (wala pa sa atin ito), and the 2.5-litre Mitsubishi L200 VGT (same now as our current Philippine-Strada with VGT) that got the highest points in off-road capabilities. All jusges were highly-impressed with the two pickups. The Nissan Navara, on the other hand, according to the review, failed big-time in deep offroad test. You may look this in the internet for more info.... However, the 2-litre Volkswagen Amarok that is equipped with a 2-stage bi-turbocharger won overall the pickup contest of the year....
  • dtkiko Feb 23 2011 @ 10:16pm
    barry: Chief Barry, any words yet when will the all-new 3.2-litre Ford Ranger 6-speed tranny be arriving in our shores? Also, any indications that a manual-transmission variant would also be issued along with the "usual" auto-tranny versions these days? Thanks heaps for any info!
  • dominic Feb 23 2011 @ 11:59pm
    SF vs MS!
  • dtkiko Feb 24 2011 @ 12:26am
    troybentz: You're right chief! That variable geometry turbocharger is actually just like the POWERVALVE on 2-stroke dirt bikes.... This powervalve mechanism positioned just before the exhaust port had been existent since 1977. Yamaha invented this and won the Motocross championship that same year due to that technology. This so-called VGT does the same and is also positioned right there beside the exhaust port that is aimed at adjusting the exhaust orifice based on the engine rpm. The aspect ratio/ hydralic radius of the opening (area over perimter per se) is what controls the exhaust that translates to power. Much like the POWERVALVE system on dirt bikes, at low rpms, the exhaust port opens up just a little to an extent such that it increases the compression ratio of the engine (an increased compression ratio translates to an increased in power and torque).... when at high rpms or at a desired rpm, this VGT opens up fully, in order not to choke up the engine specifically during peak performance.... it thus also brings down the compression ratio to some extent at the same time. The VGT on diesels by principle is NOT a "new nor it is an ingenious technology".... The powervalve system on motorbikes had been there since the late '70's having the same principle like the VGT.... Just my 2 centavos chief, and you're RIGHT, hindi naman dapat tayo mamahalan ng masiado sa bagong line-up ng mga manufacturers na ito ng dahil lang sa VGT....
  • vansxtrme23 Feb 24 2011 @ 01:03pm
    di nyo b nagagets?pinaliit lng ang dispalcement, but it was the same top of the line, mas powerful, mas torquey at mas fuel efficient, with a lot more bonus on the inside. dpat nga mas mhal pa yan e, buti nga preho lng ng price.:-)
  • dtkiko Feb 24 2011 @ 04:03pm
    vansxtreme23: Vaccine, di namin gets, mahina ulo namin eh.... Turuan mo nga kami pards....
  • vansxtrme23 Feb 24 2011 @ 06:13pm
    @dtkiko, adik hehe, kng displacement lng labanan edi sna 1.2M lng ung sta fe and tucson is 1M lng kc 2.2 lng un tka 2.0 lng engine nun..ang tali-talino ko noh hihihi..
    @tryobentz, khit na mas mliit engine ang ng new strada sa performance nmn ngbase ng price ang mitsu.kya ok lng khit b xa 2.0 lng e bsta ang point is na exceed nya ung dating performance ng strada..so price is still very reasonable.
  • dtkiko Feb 24 2011 @ 06:58pm
    vansxtrme23: vaccine, matalino ka talaga pards.... "matalinong-pagtiagaan" harhar! Kung 2.2-litre na eVGT ng Santa Fe lang pag-uusapan versus yang Strada Vaccine, 'di hamak naman na mas "talentadong-matalino" ang Santa Fe kaysa sa "matalinong-pagtiagaan" lang na pickup ng Strada. Tapos hindi pa "ma-sensationalised" ang Santa Fe kahit noon pa may eVGT na 'di tulad ng Mitsubishi Strada "malatinong-pagtiagaan" na animoy nagka-mechanical VGT lang, limpak-limpak na ang publicity sa buong mundo harhar! Ngunit, napakahina pa rin naman compared sa "talentadong-matalinong" Santa Fe (197 ps and 435 Nm versus "matalinong-pagtiagaan" Strada ni Vaccine na 178 ps and 350Nm lang ahihi).... tapos itong si "matalinong-pagtiagaan" na si Vansxtrme23 animoy nagsasaya na sa propaganda lang na sa totoo'y wala naman binatbat pa rin sa Santa Fe haha!
  • vansxtrme23 Feb 24 2011 @ 09:10pm
    Dtkiko, npakatalino mo kc mgsabi na babaan ang presyo, ang inasabi ko lng nmn khit 3.2 o 2.5 o kesyo 2.0 pa yan wla nmn kaso yan bsta mas mlakas ang hp and torque. so bkit babaan ang presyo porket lumiit ang makina?e mas lumakas nga. kung yang sobrang talino mong fact na dpat mas mbaba ang presyo dhil maliit ang makina edi sna ganun din ang sta fe, dhil 2.2 lng xa, dpat mbaba lng ang presyo nya.e ndi nmn ganon, kya xa mhal kc mgnda performance ng sta fe. sa sobrang talino mo ung simpleng fact na yan dmo alam!hihi umgos cgro sa tenga utak mo sa sobra talino mo.hohoho. e kng tutuusin tama lng ang pricing ng mitsu at sta fe dhil sa totoo mas mlakas ang sta fe kya mas mahal xa!hohoho cotton buds gs2 mo?my sobrang utak kpa ata pra msundot.hihihi
  • dtkiko Feb 24 2011 @ 10:07pm
    vansxtrme23: Vaccine, thanks a lot Mr. "Matalinong-pagtiagaan", you just proved my point ---- mas malakas pa rin at maganda ang "talentadong-matalinong" Hyundai Santa Fe kaysa sa "sensationalised" na nagka-mechanical VGT lang na Mitsubishi Strada mo.... haha! Sinabi mo din, kaya tama lang pare koy na mas mahal ang Santa Fe at ang "matalinong-pagtiagaan" mong Strada ay dapat babaan pa haha!
  • vansxtrme23 Feb 25 2011 @ 12:23am
    oo tama lng nmn tlga na mas mhal ang sta fe dhil mas mgnda performance nya, pro wla ako cnsbi mgnda wahaha..ang panget kya ng sta fe, internationally speaking ang panget nun, buti pa ung tucson mgnda tlga.hihi..hindi tama na babaan pa ang strada, lumakas na nga at mas ok performance tpos babaan pa?nsa basurahan n tlga utak mo noh?n cotton buds mo nb parekoi?hehehe..biritin mo n ng biritin sante fe mo, kc 5 yrs lng yn cra na sayang nmn performance kng ndi ma-maximize.hohoho
  • dtkiko Feb 25 2011 @ 12:04pm
    vansxtrme23: Basta madaming salamat Mr. "Matalinong-pagtiagaan" at inamin mo din na mas MAGANDA PERFORMANCE ng Santa Fe kaysa sa Strada mo na nagka-VGT lang ngayon NAGKUKUMAHOG KA NA sa SAYA, palibhasa di mo alam kung kailan pa mga yan na-inbento haha! ---- Napakatalino-mo ngang-pagtiagaan pare koy! Harhar!
  • vansxtrme23 Feb 25 2011 @ 02:32pm
    dtkiko nsan nb tlga utak mo e nung last forum ko pa cnsbi na mgnda tlga performance ng sta fe, pro panget xa, p*ng*t k*muka mo hahaha..the point here is the pricing of strada is just fair same as hyundai, mas mhal mas ok performance.and the real point is, sa sobrang talino at dme mong alam, ung basic things di mo alam.hohoho..thats what u called kitid-u..hihihi
  • dtkiko Feb 25 2011 @ 06:20pm
    vansxtrme23: Ngayon may natutunan ka na naman ah, Mr. "Mataling-pagtiagaan".... na hindi na bago yang VGT ah, matagal na yan ah.... kaya huwag ka na magkumahog sa saya.... luma na yan sa totoo lang.... kaya nga dapat yang Mitsubishi Strada mo ay mura lang.... Pingaloloko ka lang ng manufacturer sa mga publicity nito na "introducing the all-new Strada with VGT" naniwala ka na na dapat taasan ang presyo haha!.... Napakakitid talaga ng isip mo, kaya nga matalino-kang-pagtiagaan eh.... Kaya mamalagi ka lang dito sa topgear, at nang madami kang matutunan Mr. "Matalinong-pagtiagaan".... Hirap sa yo inutusan ka lang bumili ng tatay mo ng bagoong sa tindahan, napadpad ka lang sa internet shop, animo'y tumalino ka na haha!
  • Theognosis Feb 25 2011 @ 07:29pm
    Hahahaha...You Hyundai fanatics never fail to crack me up! Please stick to your "SUV" Kimchis for this is a pick-up contest--a TRUCK race for chrisakes! Seriously, I got my eyes on the new Ford Ranger. I'm buying one as soon as it comes out.
  • dtkiko Feb 25 2011 @ 07:43pm
    Theognosis: Actually chief, neither the two of us (or make that 3, including you), owns a Hyundai Santa Fe haha! Alongside a 2010 Mitsubishi Monterosport (father and mother-in-law), we also owned Isuzu's (DMax's and Crosswind) and a Kia Sorento hehe.... BUT like you, amongst my pickup choices, and certainly not the Strada nor Navara, i also have my eye on that 2012 model 5-cylinder 3.2-litre Ford Ranger said to have plus 200 hp and 470 Nm of torque spread widely!
  • pizzalancerevo Feb 25 2011 @ 07:44pm
    @Jazz, the 3.0 Hilux is powered by a Variable Nozzle Turbo, another name for Variable Geometry Turbo. Although when it comes to power output, obviously, the Strada and the Navara has an edge.

    I think the competition would be more fair if they took off the bicycle rack in the Navara, assuming, that it weighs heavier than Botchi. :)
  • pizzalancerevo Feb 25 2011 @ 07:45pm
    *bicycle rack ON the Navara
  • red.santiago Feb 25 2011 @ 07:59pm
    I think this has something to do with the Navara's "narrow powerband" that caused it to lose against the Strada in this drag race.
  • Theognosis Feb 25 2011 @ 08:04pm
    dtkiko, hahaha, now you're talking!
  • HKB Feb 25 2011 @ 08:33pm
    kung variable nozzle with hilux, variable geometry sa strada so pwedi ka lang mag upgrade ng power sa hilux to change the stock ECU, increase about 30% of actual power. pls visit at BERRIMA, the diesel service at 219 J.P. Rezal St. Barangay Mabini, 1550 Mandaluyong City Metro Manila, tel no. (02) 533-1415. attention to all HiLux owner, hwag tayong magpapatalo.....
  • dtkiko Feb 26 2011 @ 12:45am
    HKB: Yes bosing, very true ang sinsabi mo! Mga Australianong kasama ko dito ganon sabi sa akin na ginagawa nila sa 3-litre Hilux nila sa Australia. Maging ang 3-litre DMax VGS turbo nila naa-upgrade pa nila ng power with the torque reaching a whopping 550 Nm hehe.... Mas mainam na ang pickup na may malaking makina at upgrade ng manufacturer ito with VGT.... Bukod sa naturally ang 3-litre ay hindi gaanong hirap kahit walang VGT ito, o kahit standard turbocharger lang ito with intercooler, ang VGT ay nagsisilbing relatively "minor" mods nalang at hindi lamang dito nakasalaylay ng lubusan ang low-end torque ng makina; by nature, malakas ang low-end torque ng 3-litre diesel kahit wala pang VGT ito naka-position sa exhaust port. Kaya kung ako din lang ang pipili (sakali lang naman at suwertehin ahihi), pipiliin ko na ang 3-litre na may VGT kaysa sa 2.5-litre na may VGT na mistulang malaki ang dependence nito "naturally" sa VGT.
  • vansxtrme23 Feb 26 2011 @ 12:59pm
    dtkiko may cnbi b kong bgo ang VGT?sa strada bgo nga dhil ngyon lng nila inadopt, but it doesnt mean na dpat babaan ang price dhil sa pgkkadopt ng "lumang" technology n yn, gmgwa k ng srili mong version e hehe, kitid-u k tlga.dme mo alam kitid u k nmn.hohoho.bili k ng sta fe wla k p pla nun e.tas idrag race nten sa lancer ko.4 sure it will eat dust.hahaha
  • dtkiko Feb 26 2011 @ 01:57pm
    vansxtrme23: WOW, i'm so scared! Haha! Sige na nga bida ang lancer mo "pweh!" ---- in your wildest dream lang ah, kaya huwag kang magkumahog sa saya.... Do you feel better now na i told you bida ka na (kahit hindi totoo)? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!
  • vansxtrme23 Feb 26 2011 @ 02:39pm
    dtikiko myabang k kc pro diesel lng alam mo, e wla nmn ako jan sa pinas at ndi uso diesel d2 sa location ko.d2 wla kng sta fe mkikita kc nga ang panget nun, buti pa tucson & sportage mejo mdame d2.hehehe.lancer evo x gsr lng nmn ang pinepweh mo.sabi na mgrereact ka pg lancer lng at iicipin mo wlang kwenta lancer kc nga pure angas k.hihi..300 hp and 400 nm torque(in courtesy of voom tuning).khit pgsamasamahin mo pa lhat ng hyundai at kia mo iyak n lng mgagawa nila.hohoho
  • dtkiko Feb 26 2011 @ 02:49pm
    Vansxtrme23: Eh pareho pala tayong wala sa Pinas ungas haha! Kaya nga sabi ko kung sinabi ko na bida na ang Lancer mo "pweh!", will it make you feel better? Bibigay ko naman sa yo yan kung yan lang naman hangarin mong maging bida ka ungas (kahit pang-consuelo de bobo lang baga) haha!
  • vansxtrme23 Feb 26 2011 @ 03:09pm
    dtikiko dko kylangan mging bida, ikaw nga lging bida e, ikaw lgi mgaling, at sobrng dme mo alam.bilib nga ako syo e!(yuck!!!)hahaha.wari kpa wla k sa pinas e ahente k ng kia at hyundai!kya panay bida mo sa knila!hohoho, at ngkukunwaring isuzu boy lng.hihihi
  • dtkiko Feb 26 2011 @ 03:49pm
    vansxtreme23: Isipin mo na lahat ng gusto mong isipin Mr. "Matalinong-Pagtiagaan", di mo alam kung saan-saan bansa ako naa-assign at palaging umuuwi kada buwan para magbakasyon sa Pinas....Hindi ko na rin babanggitin sa yo kung ano ang business namin sa Pinas at kung ano-ano pa mga sasakyan.... Sa pananalita mo lang at sa presentasyon ng arguments mo pati na rin sa pag-type ng mga salita mo, wala ka naman talagang binatbat sa totoo lang tulad ng Lancer mo "pweh!" Haha!.... Pinagbibigyan na nga kita na-ibida mo Lancer mo kahit nag-iisa lang yang kotse mo eh haha!!!! Ng dahil sa pananalita mo kaya walang duda na nagka-VGT lang ang Strada animo'y nagkukumahog ka na sa saya haha!!!! Napahiya ka noh?!! Haha!!!! Sa akin mo nga lang natutunan na matagal na ang VGT haha! Gaya nga ng sinabi ko at paulit-ulit, kung nais mo lang na marinig ay bida ka na dahil sa iisang Lancer mo "pweh!", ibibigay ko sa yo buong-buo (kahit pang-consuelo de bobo lang na bagay sa yo) haha!!!!
  • vansxtrme23 Feb 26 2011 @ 03:59pm
    dtkiko, ayan lmalabas na ulit yang kyabangan mo hohoho..ako mpahiya, di cguro,,ikaw ang npahiya kc ang taas ng tingin mo sa sarili mo tas nasosopla kita, hehehe.di ko kylangan mging bida, ikaw lng ang bida d2 noh.bida sa kayabangan.ahehe ahehe ahehe...
  • dtkiko Feb 26 2011 @ 04:15pm
    vansxtrme23: Sige na bida ka na erap pati yang Lancer mo "pweh"! Di na nga kita kino-kontra dyan para mapasaya lang kita kahit pang consuelo de bobo lang....kahit yan lang pag-aari mo sa buong mundo haha!!!!

    Ingat ka diyan sa trabajo mo erap.... Cheers!
  • dtkiko Feb 26 2011 @ 04:54pm
    HKB: Chief quoting your previous post and posting it below, how much is the upgraded ECU (well, depending on the level of the ECU), say, for any 3-litre diesel pickups like ours, or equivalent SUV 3-litre like the Fortuner or 3.2-litre Monterosport? Apart from the ECU upgrade mod, do the diesel experts at Berrima do other modifications like the following:

    1. Alter/ modify or change the turbocharger;
    2. Modify the fuel pump;
    3. Increase the injector rail pressure;
    4. Improve the piston or also the squish of the cylinders thereby increasing compression;
    5. Etcetera

    Thanks for any tip chief!

    Kind regards.

    (From HKB: kung variable nozzle with hilux, variable geometry sa strada so pwedi ka lang mag upgrade ng power sa hilux to change the stock ECU, increase about 30% of actual power. pls visit at BERRIMA, the diesel service at 219 J.P. Rezal St. Barangay Mabini, 1550 Mandaluyong City Metro Manila, tel no. (02) 533-1415. attention to all HiLux owner, hwag tayong magpapatalo....)
  • HKB Feb 26 2011 @ 09:26pm
    @ dtkiko: yes po bosing, pls call visit or call at BERRIMA DIESEL services at (02) 533-1415 or log at http://www.diesel.asia or Email:[email protected]...thanks
  • vansxtrme23 Feb 26 2011 @ 11:01pm
    dtikiko ok parekoi, like i said yoko mging bida, syong syo lng yn pgiging bida, e sobrang dame b nmn ng wheels mo kw tlga bida sa mundo noh!hehehe..
    tc bro, yngat sa mga carnappers jan, ung tito ko ncarnap ung fort nya last mo, buti n lng my insurance.
  • dtkiko Feb 26 2011 @ 11:58pm
    vansxtrme23: Oki doki pare koy....Cheap lang tayo at ayaw natin ang Toyota Fortuner dahil noon pa man takaw na sa mata yan.... Basta keep up the good work sa abroad.... At gaya mo, nakakatulong din tayo (kahit kakaunti lang naman ahihi) sa pag-unlad ng bansa natin, Viva Las Islas Filipinas; huwag lang sabay punit ng cedula haha!
  • dtkiko Feb 27 2011 @ 12:12am
    HKB: Thanks a lot chief sa info! Kahit ECU lang daw (depende sa klase at may mga sobrang mahal pala ayayay!) papalo ng minimum 200 metric-hp to 250 metric-hp daw harhar. At lalo pang lalakas daw kapag pinakalkal mo pa mga ibang components gaya ng intake at makina. Intake puede pa para sa kin, huwag na ang piston at cylinder; stock lang nais kow hehe….
  • hopeless Feb 27 2011 @ 12:37am
    I offer my pen name to you guys.

    It is not yet late to change.
  • HKB Feb 27 2011 @ 07:53pm
    dtkiko; ok po sir, basta dito sa atin pwedi na tayo mag upgrade sa rides natin diba?
  • dtkiko Feb 28 2011 @ 12:22am
    HKB: Tama ka chief at oki-ka pa-sa-olrayt!.... Programmable DPChip EFI diesel-tuner na located "downstream" pala ng ECU hehe at a minimum na services nila.... Iba pa ang tuning ng iba at ng turbocharger.... May kamahalan haha!!!! Thanks a lot for the tip!
  • koneleaves Feb 28 2011 @ 12:32am
    Once again Botchi proves him self a fa(s)t Driver...
  • gundam Mar 01 2011 @ 08:29pm
    Botchi ano speed nyo at the end of the strip?
  • normz_24 Mar 03 2011 @ 10:44pm
    Pano naman mananalo ang Navara eh pina burnout yung gulong hahaha..Goodluck nalang :)
  • mags357 Jun 13 2011 @ 09:30pm
    botchi's weight is greater compared to the roof rack of navara kaya mas advantage pa nga ang navara eh. hahahaha
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