Finally, here's the complete list of prices for Morgan cars in PH

By Patrick Everett Tadeo Philippine Car News - Want to know how much Morgan Motor vehicles cost locally?

Last week, we reported that Morgan Motor Company's authorized Philippine distributor, White Knight Automobiles, is selling the four-seater Plus 4 at an introductory price of P3.995 million, a sizable discount from its original selling price of P4.7 million.

Well, we've finally gotten our hands on the price list of the entire Morgan lineup that White Knight Automobiles will officially sell locally after its launch in September:


Standard: P2.7 million

Superdry: P2.995 million

Gulf: P3.1 million

Morgan Classic

4/4: P3.795 million

Plus 4: P3.995 million

Plus 4 4-seater: P3.995 million

Roadster: P4.995 million

Roadster 4-seater: P5.495 million

Plus 8: P8.995 million


Aero Coupe: P9.995 million

Aero Super Sports: P12.995 million

Apparently, the "P2.6 to P2.9 million"average price quoted by White Knight Automobiles marketing officer Anne Garcia for a previous articlewas for the 3-Wheelers only.

Do note that the prices indicated above are just for the "basic" models. Since Morgan is known for the level of customization it can do to its cars, the options available for the vehicles can easily escalate the prices to stratospheric levels.

Just to be sure, we double-checked the options list provided by the distributor and the prices range from below P6,000 for a battery conditioner to a whopping P283,621.50 for a set of five 16-inch stainless polished wire wheels.

So, what do you think of Morgan's price of exclusivity?


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  • vgpena Jul 22 2013 @ 05:16pm
    It was previously a choice between a Mustang or a a Morgan. Now, apparently, it's a actually a choice between an Audi R8 V8 or the Aero Super Sports.

    I don't think chicks will dig the Aero Super Sports over the Audi R8 V8 Mr Tamayo :P
    • Niky Tamayo
      Niky Tamayo Jul 22 2013 @ 11:58pm
      No, of course not. Not the sixteen year olds who think Justin Bieber's Fisker is cute. :p

      The three-wheeler is the big draw. The 4/4 and the Roadster might sell in a few numbers to wealthy enthusiasts.

      The Aero? Hard sell. Challenging looks, even more challenging price tag. Besides, the attraction of the Morgan brand, like Royal Enfield, and, to a certain extent, Harley, is the nostalgia of it all. The Aero is too modern.
  • trilobyt Jul 22 2013 @ 08:16pm
    Why doesn't anybody bring in the hotrod kit cars instead? I'm sure these would look similar if not better than Morgan, and costumized all we want for the fraction of the price?
    • Niky Tamayo
      Niky Tamayo Jul 23 2013 @ 12:00am
      A matter of market. If you want replicas, we have local Willys Jeep builders and Cobra builders, and some of the 'glass Cobras are very good. But I don't know of anyone who builds pre-war style fiberglass car kits to the same level of fit and finish as Morgan. There are "official" replicas (three-wheeler only) being made in the USA, but they won't cost any less to import.
  • oh_noh Jul 22 2013 @ 10:47pm
    tailor fit for our age-ing / die-ing TONGgressmen and senaTONGS :P
  • bananatype Jul 23 2013 @ 10:18am
    I've always dreamed of tearing up a mountain road in a Morgan 3-wheeler, with the thunderous chorus of the big-twin punctuating every hairpin and straight, rowing through the cogs of the rifle-bolt precise MX3 gearbox ...ah, gearhead daydreams!

    I snap out of it when I realize I'll be paying P2.7M for a car (, bike? trike?) that can only be used on cool dry day in the that's exactly 3 days in a year (I exaggerate, of course).

    Does White Knight offer a weather-proof soft-top A/C option pack? is there such a thing for the 3-wheeler?...

    • Niky Tamayo
      Niky Tamayo Jul 23 2013 @ 11:18am
      The old ones had tops. From looking at the new ones, looks like there's no provision for one.
  • BMagee Jul 25 2013 @ 04:40pm
    It's the Aero Coupe for me if i were rich
  • Radenbach Jul 26 2013 @ 06:49pm
    bakit kasi may taxes pang binabayaran haist!
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