Isuzu launches 2011 Family Challenge Philippine Car News - Isuzu launches 2011 Family Challenge

Isuzu Philippines Corporation has combined two of its popular events to showcase the Japanese brand's leadership in fuel economy while simultaneously enabling Isuzu vehicle owners to have fun with their families.

The Isuzu Family Challenge is now a combination of the carmaker’s fuel-economy run and family day.

"What used to be known as the Isuzu Challenge has just been made more exciting since we are incorporating recreational activities into it," says Isuzu president Ryoji Yamazaki. "This will allow our valued customers to bond with their loved ones even as they also prove for themselves the unparalleled fuel-efficiency of their Isuzu vehicles."

The Isuzu Family Challenge will be held on Saturdays at each of Isuzu's 18 dealerships from March up to November. The first component will have all family members taking part in a fuel-economy run while the second part will see them joining a dance contest to the tune of the new Isuzu jingle at the showroom.

Other family-friendly activities may be spent at the game station (videoke corner, kiddie playground and video games), food station (ice cream, popcorn and cotton candy), and amusement station (face-painting, photo booth, clowns and balloon twisters) inside Isuzu showrooms.

Here's the schedule of the 2011 Isuzu Family Challenge:

March 26 – Isuzu Cabanatuan
April 2 – Isuzu Commonwealth and Isuzu Manila
April 9 – Isuzu Alabang and Isuzu Cavite
April 30 – Isuzu Edsa and Isuzu Quezon Avenue
May 7 – Isuzu Pasig and Isuzu Rizal
May 21 – Isuzu Iloilo
May 28 – Isuzu Batangas
June 11 – Isuzu Bulacan
June 18 – Isuzu Makati
July 23 – Isuzu Isabela
August 6 – Isuzu Pampanga
August 20 – Isuzu Pangasinan
September 3 – Isuzu San Pablo
September 9 – Isuzu Mandaue
September 17 – Isuzu Bacolod
November 5 – Isuzu Cagayan de Oro
November 19 – Isuzu Davao
November 26 – Isuzu General Santos


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  • gg Mar 05 2011 @ 09:01pm
    c harry potter..
  • Knowell Mar 06 2011 @ 07:51am
    Oh my! Has it really come to this for IPC? Is this the best that they could do? C'mon guys, innovate or stagnate...
  • vinci24 Mar 06 2011 @ 09:04am
    wehh. e kung magpalit na kaya sila ng model line up ng cars nila. sobrang outdated na ang outlander, dmax, sportivo, and alterra nyo.
  • dtkiko Mar 06 2011 @ 01:48pm
    Ahihi ahoho ayayay!
  • irickvon Mar 07 2011 @ 04:12pm
    ang dami nyong blabla isuzu sportivo is reliable matatag and that is proven!!
  • RS500 Mar 08 2011 @ 02:47pm
    Still waiting for the time news says "Isuzu launches 2011 Crosswind, Alterra, and D-Max models"
  • dtkiko Mar 08 2011 @ 04:19pm

    YUP chief, pagdating sa Isuzu madami talaga blah-blah, kahit na kami bilang masugid na Isuzu consumers (2001 model Crosswind, 2004 and 2008 DMax-siado, at mga 10-wheeler trucks).... Sa inaakala mo na "reliable at matatag" ang Sportivo, ayaw na ngang baguhin ng Isuzu eh haha!!!! Alam mo ba na despite of one paying PhP1.10 M for a Sportivo, the engine inside is an old-clunker 1997 design? Mahal pa nga 2.5-litre na Sportivo (na 1997 pa ang makina) kaysa sa 3-litre na DMax 4x2 LS Ddi-iTEQ (na 2004 engine at CRDi ang engine).... ahihi ahoho ayayay!

    ....At kung upakan lang, maawa ka kung paano ko barurutin ang Crosswind ni misis na sadyang napakahina kumpara mo sa "cheaper" at "better" na DMax-siado 4x2 manual-transmission harhar! In 2008, when i was buying the DMax-siado, i was surprised na PhP1.015 M lang ang DMax at ang Sportivo ay PhP1.070 M ahihi....

    Sa totoo lang chief, masiadong "overrated" ang Sportivo, at 'di naman kagandahan, at mausok pa kumpara mo sa mga CRDi na ngaun.... Dapat for a 1997 engine, mataas na sa kalahating-milyon pesos diyan harhar!
    Last modified Mar 08 2011 @ 04:30pm
  • RS500 Mar 08 2011 @ 04:48pm
    Since we are in the subject of Isuzu vehicles, naniniwala ako na pag dinala nila ung mga bagong engine dito at samahan na ng bagong designs, magiging mabenta na naman vehicles nila. Naaalala ko pa dati bago pa dumating ang IMV ng Toyota, sobrang dami ng naka Crosswind isama mo na mga may mga gusto sa Crosswind. Taas noo talaga mga tao nun, ang ganda kasi ng design, talagang talo na Adventure and Revo. Pero ngayon kahit ano bang bago nila sa headlights, hindi na talaga bebenta pa, nagiba na kasi design and fuel efficiency trend ngayon :
  • dtkiko Mar 08 2011 @ 04:56pm
    To Isuzu Philippines:

    Please upgrade your flagship carriers (Alterra, DMax) by bringing here the MU-7 and DMax iTEQ VGS that you've been selling for years in other countries.... Your DMax iTEQ VGS alone, that had been in existent since 2006, registered a 43% sales increase in Australia alone from 2009 to 2010. In Thailand too, that same DMax is the most prominent/ popular vehicle you'd see in the streets, overshadowing all kinds of vehicles (even cars) of different makes and brands.

    Kindly make no mistake about it that we are living now in a "GLOBAL SOCIETY" and statistics show that there are now over 11 million Filipinos working and living overseas.... This only means that Pinoys are much more than exposed now in the consumer world than they were before 10 or 20 years ago....

    We are all aware of what you Isuzu people can offer us, and we are wondering why up until now you have restricted us Pinoys from having your best products that are known in other parts of the world.

    C'mon Isuzu, you can do better than offering amusements and games to us.... As family we have way better ideas how to spend our time with our family members....
  • dtkiko Mar 10 2011 @ 08:35pm
    To Isuzu Philippines (again):

    Is it really that hard for you Isuzu Philippines to finally give us Filipinos this DMax model:
    1. The "standard" version of your 2009 Paris-Dakar Rally T1/T2 category 1st-place winner, the 3-litre Isuzu DMax iTEQ VGS Turbo;
    2. Europe's Best 4x4 Pickup for years 2008, 2009 and 2010; and
    3. Australia's Best 4x4 UTE for years 2009 and 2010?

    C'mon, bring that better DMax here please, bring-to-an-end our long-wait, and stop the moistening of our palms ever since we heard about them in 2007!!!!

    Look, they are just like our current Philippine-DMax Ddi-iTEQ, but with an improved and modern engine and a hood-scoop for the intercooler ---- typical France-, Italy- and Spain-issued DMax iTEQ VGS Turbo:
    Last modified Mar 10 2011 @ 08:44pm
  • irickvon Mar 22 2011 @ 04:19pm

    Well no question there on Dmax and Altiera with 3.0 engine thumbs up din ako dyan but with crosswind/sportivo 7-9 setting capacity on a close cabin, low maintenance cost though not top on speed, its has a high ground clearance can take semi-offroad if the need arises, still undisputed AUV of the year!
  • dtkiko Mar 24 2011 @ 06:56pm
    To Isuzu Philippines:

    My Thai friend just informed me that there is a new Isuzu DMax RT-50 for 2012. It was road tested in Chonburi, Thailand and the initial power figure is above 180'ish horsepower. Also, this 3-litre engine will be adopted to the 2012 MU-7 (the Alterra of Thailand).

    There will also be a new 2.5-litre DMax VGS-equipped that comes together with the 3-litre RT-50.

    If the legendary 3-litre DMax iTEQ VGS Turbo (current Euro-, Aussie- and Thai-version) won't still reach the Philippine shores this 2012, and Isuzu Phils. would have to continue with the old 2004 model Ddi-iTEQ engine as its standard offering, then we Filipinos who are still buying Isuzu's, by then we're already 2nd generations behind of the latest technology that Isuzu is offering in other countries....
    ....Geeze, ain't it just fantastic eh!!!!

    C'mon IPC wake up!!!! Haha!
    • isuzur18 Apr 02 2011 @ 10:41am
      Sir "dtkiko", ikaw po ba si "hinDmaxsiado" sa ****** car forum?''
  • isuzur18 Apr 03 2011 @ 09:56am
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