Isuzu Philippines unveils 2010 D-MAX

2010 Isuzu D-MAX Top Gear Philippines AUTO NEWS

Isuzu Philippines has given the D-MAX pickup truck a facelift to give its 2010 edition a fresher look.

The most striking change on the 2010 Isuzu D-MAX is its radiator grille and chrome hood ornament that hones the pickup truck's already muscular image. Isuzu has also replaced the D-MAX's fog lamp garnishes, added a new step tube, and plastered a 4x4 decal on the pickup truck's four-wheel drive version.

Inside the truck, the driver and passengers are greeted by the refined D-MAX cabin with new chrome aircon vent bezels, chrome shift gate bezel, and chrome speaker bezels.

"It doesn't matter if our vehicles, like the very popular D-MAX, are still selling well. We will continue to add new features so that our customers get the best value for their money. Of course, these new exterior and interior items are merely gravy on what is already an excellent vehicle, one that boasts a world-class diesel engine, unparalleled fuel economy, commendable environment-friendliness and dependable performance," said Isuzu Philippines president Keiji Takeda.

The 2010 Isuzu D-MAX comes with new body colors in Tundra Green, Infinite Gold and the two-tone Magma Red and Sterling Silver combination.

The D-MAX was introduced in the Philippines in 2003.

"Despite the arrival of newer competition, the D-MAX still owns 19 percent of the country's pickup market, based on official sales figures from January to August this year," Isuzu Philippines said.


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  • gerbo Nov 22 2009 @ 09:13am
    Why are we asking for increase in hp and torque ratings.....then keep on ranting on fuel consumption. You can hardly even get past 80kph is regular Philippine highways due to poor road conditions, obstructing traffic, slow moving padyaks and tricycles, etc..
  • dtkiko Nov 26 2010 @ 02:58pm
    @Nelson DC: Nelson, tama ka but aren't these upper class you're mentioning entitled to even express what they want? C'mon, been a while now since Isuzu has been offering us with their same platform of DMax, Alterra and Crosswind with cosmetic upgrades after cosmetic upgrades year-by-year while the other competitors kept improving theirs engine-, transmission- and safety-features wise. Be informed also that the Ddi-iTEQ engine plugged in our Philippine-issued DMax and Alterra is the obsolete 2004 model engine. There is a newer 2007 model engine iTEQ engine almost 4 years running now plugged into Euro-, Aussie, NZ-, Thai-version DMax. This one has a variable-geometry turbocharger and gives better horsepower and heaps amount of torque. Some Pinoy consumers on the know just want to get their money's worth that's why they are clamoring for that better DMax and Alterra, perhaps you will also like them once you've seen and moreso, driven them.... Did you also know that why they only issue the 2004 engine here, the Ddi-iTEQ per se???? DAHIL PO ANG SABI NAG-OVERPRODUCTION DAW NG DDi-iTEQ and Isuzu at PINAPAUBOS DAW PO LAHAT MUNA SA ATING MGA PINOY BAGO IBIGAY ANG MAS MAGAGANDANG MAKINA NILA, at yan ang pawang katotohanan kaya hindi top-of-the-class ang mga DMax at Alterra natin sa Pinas, di gaya sa binebenta sa ibang bansa
  • dmax888 Feb 28 2011 @ 05:22pm
    goddam faggots... you guys are probably newbies in driving, always commenting on increasing hp or whatever the hell it is. like you can exhaust all that power here in philippines. It's useless to have 500hp if the driver (YOU) is only 85hp...
  • dtkiko Mar 10 2011 @ 09:44pm
    dmax888: YUP, i'm so new that i've been driving for over 15 years now ---- in Philippines, in Europe, and in some former British commonwealth countries, both on-and-offroad.... Oh, by the way, i don't even know how to drive the "right-hand" steering that's why i mentioned there commonwealth nations haha!

    That 3-litre DMax iTEQ VGS in subject is just 164 pferdestarke (way below your 500 hp), and just a tad over our current Philippine-DMax Ddi-iTEQ's 146 pferdestarke.... An extra 15 hp for a 1-tonne pickup wouldn't hurt, would it? Besides, in diesels, we are more after the distribution of the peak torque and how wide it is and how low in the rpm range it is being delivered....

    Read first before you even start complaining feel-good self-righteous guy, and before you even start debating....

    Perhaps you're an expert in driving and you're making a career out of it haha.... teach us how to drive please sir....
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