Luxury brands sell well in January Philippine Car News - Luxury car sales

Even before the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines could officially release the sales figures for the opening month of the year, we already knew how well (or bad) the luxury brands fared in January. According to an industry source with very special connections, Mercedes-Benz (distributed by CATS Motors) was the best-performing upscale brand last month, moving 57 new units in our market.

In second place was BMW (distributed by Asian Carmakers Corporation) with 49 units, followed by Lexus with 27 units and Volvo (distributed by Viking Cars) with 20 units. Meanwhile, according to our source, the two brands handled by PGA Cars had a rather lukewarm first month, with Audi managing just 17 units and Porsche selling 11 units.

With new models set to arrive in the coming months for all the abovementioned brands, expect the luxury segment to be even more vibrant by the second half of the year. For a detailed list of what's in store from these posh brands, check out our 2011 Roll-Out Issue, due out in the second week of February.


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  • maranello_5775 Feb 05 2011 @ 11:59am
    more chedeng on the streets, manila roads starts to look like orchard road :)
  • camaro_joe Feb 07 2011 @ 05:03pm
    hurray for the 2011 roll-out issue!!! :)
  • jacastro Mar 14 2011 @ 06:11pm
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