MIAS 2012: HARI launches Hyundai Eon


Hyundai Eon

Hyundai Asia Resources (HARI), the official distributor of Hyundai vehicles in the Philippines, is launching two brand-new vehicles at the 2012 Manila International Auto Show, the first of which is the Eon subcompact hatchback you see here.

Manufactured in India, the Eon bears the same fluidic-design language as its stablemates, evident in the prominently flowing character lines, particularly the one that originates from the upper corner of the car's headlight and flows down and up across the doors before terminating at the upper corner of the taillights. Up front, the car's face is dominated by Hyundai's distinct hexagonal grille while the half-moon shaped tail lights and subtle rear spoiler highlight its rear.

Powering the five-door hatchback is a frugal 0.8-liter Epsilon multi-point injection engine that puts out 55hp and 75Nm of torque. Mated to a five-speed manual transmission, Hyundai claims that the Eon, "delivers best-in-class fuel-efficiency of 26.3 km/L during long drive based on a fuel economy test" conducted by the Korean carmaker.

The Eon's ride promises to be stable, thanks to its front MacPherson strut-type suspension mated to a newly-designed compact front sub-frame to help reduce weight and provide an improved caster angle for more precise handling and comfortable ride. Body roll is also significantly reduced by mounting the stabilizer directly on the strut. With a minimum turning radius of 4.55 meters, maneuvering around tight spaces is not an issue with the Eon.

Though the Eon serves as an entry-level car for Hyundai, it comes equipped with features like front power windows, keyless entry, a driver's side airbag, an impressive cockpit with welcoming lights on its center cluster display and an audio-entertainment system that has a USB slot or auxiliary input.

Despite its size, the Eon has plenty of cubbyholes and other compartments like the dashboard storage, an open storage tray at the center fascia, cupholders, floor console, door map pockets, and seat back pocket on the front passenger seat for handy items and other gadgets.

The Eon has a cargo capacity of up to 215 liters with its rear seats capable of being folded for irregularly shaped items or much larger items.

The Eon is available Maharajah Red, Electrix Red, Pristine Blue, Clean Blue, Yellow, Mushroom, Sleek Silver, Coral White, Ember Grayand Black Diamond.

Two variants of the Eon are available, with the entry-level model going for P438,000 while the range-topping one with the body-colored bumpers is at P498,000.


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  • Fernando Amorsolo Mar 29 2012 @ 07:45pm
    Saw that thing kanina. Sakto lang. another BUDGET car from Hyundai. When you say Budget from Hyundai, they mean BUDGET car. Sad thing though, magkakamukha na talaga silang lahat. :(
    • Adelbert Mar 29 2012 @ 08:07pm
      Tama ka, Same talaga yung front design ng Hyundai. Well at least may budget car for the masses.
    • Troytin Mar 29 2012 @ 11:12pm
      Agree. Accent, Elantra, Veloster, Eon, Tucson. Lahat yan magkakamukha. Masyadong playing safe. Mabilis maluluma pag ganyan.
  • jetski Mar 29 2012 @ 08:54pm
    a budget car that doesn't look & feels like it, that is what you call Character... it depends ont the one looking.. they look distinctive to me anyway,,, size, lines, bumper. taillights...
    & shape...
  • BOOGIECAT Mar 29 2012 @ 09:15pm
    Walang ABS yung tig 498K na variant..Kaunti nalang ay Celerio nayan!
  • Kim John Mar 29 2012 @ 09:28pm
    nakakahiya idrive!
    • Troytin Mar 29 2012 @ 11:13pm
    • jabroni Mar 30 2012 @ 12:57am
      Tama! Parang ipis ito, dadami na lng bigla. God save us from traffic!
      • hondajazz Mar 30 2012 @ 10:19pm
    • barry Mar 30 2012 @ 04:02pm
      di pwede sa mga matatangkad na kagaya ko...huhu
      • jetski Apr 01 2012 @ 10:06am
        it can fit 6 footer in the driver seat..
        • Fernando Amorsolo Apr 02 2012 @ 12:46am
          have you tried? sorry, but that sounds IMpossible.
        • barry Apr 02 2012 @ 03:43pm
          i tried during the last day. kaso, may problema sa transmission pag nilagay mo sa 3rd gear. parang ayaw pumasok. tos nagcreeping pa...hay naku.
    • edrian1011 May 21 2012 @ 10:56am
  • Feeter Silverster Mar 29 2012 @ 10:07pm
    You're so clever Top Gear of updating the photos here...Thank you
  • Feeter Silverster Mar 29 2012 @ 10:08pm
    Hyundai Elantra ang car of the year! Yeah go go go Hyundai.
  • dhryfusc Mar 29 2012 @ 10:26pm
    Deserving to win. . . . . . @hyundaibest -BE HUMBLE NAMAN. personally. I like hyundai products.
  • aeronTGco Mar 29 2012 @ 10:29pm
    A car below the i10? To compete against the Tata Nano?
  • adgarcia Mar 29 2012 @ 11:19pm
    Front power windows lng?! Nakakahiyang idrive ang PANGET-SKI!!! Ngagandahan cguro to ni HyunDIEBest.
    • hondajazz Mar 29 2012 @ 11:24pm
      • adgarcia Mar 30 2012 @ 10:26am
        May nkita ako khapon nkabili ng Iyon na yan. Binenta ka agad! Tpos ung bumili, tnapon nlng nya sa dumpsite! BWAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • hondajazz Mar 29 2012 @ 11:21pm
    This post was deleted due to its inappropriate content. Please click this link to read our posting guidelines. – Webmaster
  • hondajazz Mar 29 2012 @ 11:26pm
    This post was deleted due to its inappropriate content. Please click this link to read our posting guidelines. – Webmaster
  • janoski8 Mar 29 2012 @ 11:48pm
    hondajazz Bitter luck next time dude..nanalo lang yung hyundai..naging bitter kana.
    • adgarcia Apr 03 2012 @ 08:55pm
      Asa ka pa..... V0V0!!!!!
  • credit_derivative Mar 30 2012 @ 12:31am
    where is this made again?
    • tgstig Mar 30 2012 @ 12:51am
      What's the problem if it's made in India? Mas grabe pa nga ang mga daan doon. Kung kaya mag survive ng India yan, walang problema yan dito. Look at the Celerio.
  • jabroni Mar 30 2012 @ 12:54am
    Pampasikip lng sa kalsada ito! Dadami lng lalo kotse at bibgat ang trapik dahil sa budget car na ito. sigurado din mabaho ang loob neto dahil galing India.
    • kyrejohn Mar 30 2012 @ 09:31am
      hahaha! malamang mabaho nga yan!
      • BOOGIECAT Mar 30 2012 @ 06:03pm
        Di naman mabaho ha..

        Kung gusto nyo ng mas malakas ang aircon at mas matibay ang suspension ay mag Alto K10 or Celerio kayo..Kung gusto nyo na mura at maganda ang exterior at interior pero mahina ang engine eh mag Hyundai Eon kayo!
    • hondajazz Mar 30 2012 @ 10:11pm
  • bayen Mar 30 2012 @ 04:53pm
    wow and mura. :)
  • credit_derivative Mar 30 2012 @ 09:51pm
    @ tsstig "What's the problem if it's made in India? Mas grabe pa nga ang mga daan doon. Kung kaya mag survive ng India yan, walang problema yan dito. Look at the Celerio."

    No, what is your problem my friend? You are quick to jump to conclusions when I am only affirming an information.

  • dragun Apr 01 2012 @ 02:32am
    That's nice. Eto na kapalit ng Getz sa price range, pero parang mas maganda yung packaging ng Getz dati, parang di sulit in comparison.
  • jetski Apr 01 2012 @ 10:10am
    such a bitter coz they can't compete with the phase Hyundai is getting them... pity on you! even the premium cars are amaze @ how Hyundai succeeds ask MB, BMW & VW heads... just be happy at achievement of others.. if you can't compete then just stay humble maybe you will get better to by watching & listening..
    • dsobreo Apr 02 2012 @ 10:48pm
      wag mo na patulan sir jet, wala breeding mga yan
  • adgarcia Apr 07 2012 @ 03:13pm
    Hexagonal grille na din siya.
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