MMDA: Conduction stickers are covered by number-coding scheme Philippine Car News - Conduction sticker is also covered by number-coding scheme

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authorityis reminding new-vehicle owners that their vehicles are also covered by the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP)--or the number-coding scheme, as it is more popularly known. This means that while these owners are still waiting for their license plate from the Land Transportation Office, the last digit on their vehicles' conduction sticker will determine what day their vehicle is covered by the scheme.

"In view of the temporary unavailability of license plates from the LTO and for the purpose of the implementation of the UVVRP, the last numerical digit of the conduction stickers shall determine the day the vehicle is covered by the number-coding," said MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino.

The guidelines in the implementation of the number-coding for new vehicles without license plates are contained in Memorandum Circular Number 06 Series of 2013, which was signed by Tolentino last April 5.

Other guidelines noted in the memorandum are that new-vehicle owners are prohibited from detaching the conduction sticker prior to the issuance of their vehicles' license plates, and that, for "an efficient and effective implementation" of the scheme, the conduction sticker shall be prominently placed "on the spaces allotted for regular license plates in front and at the rear of the vehicle."

"This improvisation is only for the purpose of UVVRP implementation," Tolentino added. "The regulation shall not supplant any law, rules and regulations concerning vehicle registration. Upon the installation of LTO-issued license plates, the vehicle shall be covered by the UVVRP using the last numerical digit of the license plate as basis."

Violators of these guidelines will be fined P300.

Don't you think the fine is too small, which is why motorists don't take our traffic regulations seriously?


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  • JoHunter Apr 08 2013 @ 05:43pm
    Wow, Tolentino now has the power to improvise traffic laws as he sees fit.

    Does anyone know our number-coding law has been cited as one of the st*p*dest laws in the world?
    • ChairmanPineapple Apr 10 2013 @ 03:17pm
      yes, it is the most useless law MMDA has ever made since the time it was created by Maganto days.... Useless talaga... kapag may number coding daw walang trapik? maniwala ka???? pero in fairness naman kay Blinking eye Tolentino, may mas powerful pa sa kanya, the Makati Republic hehehehehe, Tolentino lifts the number coding sa Makati balewala yan hehehehe!
  • 17Sphynx17 Apr 08 2013 @ 05:57pm
    Well, the number coding has always been a laughable attempt of so-called "Volume reduction". But those that "appear" newly purchased tend to skate by by holding off putting on their plates to be free from the number coding "shackles".

    This style of using the conduction in light of the absence of a license plate is only done in Makati before. He basically just covered the whole of Metro Manila now.

    Personally, I don't think the number coding really helps, but as long as we have the law in implementation, then for the time being, this is the way to go about it (Via conduction sticker for those with no plates)
  • trail Apr 08 2013 @ 06:23pm
    I think the MMDA should instead charge the vehicle owner's fine to LTO for having this problem in the first place. Why are they punishing the public for a mistake/oversight of another government office?
  • neutral Apr 08 2013 @ 06:25pm
    Will I be apprehended if I don't have my conduction sticker no. on the alloted space for plate no? When is the implementation?
  • mon7410 Apr 08 2013 @ 06:36pm
    mga sirs, correct me if im wrong. but im a little confused. they prohibit the owners from detaching the conduction sticker prior to the issuance of their vehicles' license plates,but they want the conduction stickers placed on the spaces allotted for regular license plates in front and at the rear of the vehicle??
    pano yun edi ba nasa front and rear window yung stickers???
    • maklo02 Apr 08 2013 @ 09:59pm
      What that means is, yung mga dealership plate like kunyari "toyota cubao" plates, babaligtarin tapos isusulat mo yung conduction number para maging temporary plate and maging mas kita siya.
  • bruce Apr 08 2013 @ 07:04pm
    number coding scheme is anti poor.. they should think of other ways to improve the flow of traffic.
    • black07 Apr 08 2013 @ 09:05pm
      number coding is pro poor..its anti middle class..
  • robin_micmac Apr 08 2013 @ 07:47pm
    clone Metro Manila. its too crowded
    • 17Sphynx17 Apr 08 2013 @ 07:56pm
      When it comes to traffic, we really need martial law if I am being honest.
      Strict adherance to no loading/unloading signs, following stop lights and no blocking of intersections.

      And towing of cars using road widening as parking area. The road was not widened for them to make it a parking lot.
      • carwiki Apr 08 2013 @ 09:20pm
        Agree. The million-worth project is very useless if the road widening is just a parking lot for some.
      • JoHunter Apr 08 2013 @ 09:42pm
        sus asa pa kayo sa mga mukhang perang traffic enforcers natin and ung mga pulitikong walang lakas ng loob bumangga sa registered voters (PUV drivers). it's been said a million times before that we have more than enough laws in place. the huge problem is enforcement. even tolentino himself is looking the other way when it comes to corrupt enforcers.

        it's like what i always say, we don't need politicians, we need public servants.
  • d.lake Apr 08 2013 @ 09:18pm
    ang labo. pano pang bumili ka ng pang coding car tapos nasaktong same digit with your existing car? edi hindi rin magamit
    • bruce Apr 08 2013 @ 09:33pm
      usually, you can request for a preferred ending plate number.. of course, me bayad yun.. so useless talaga and number coding, especially to those who can afford another car..
      • d.lake Apr 08 2013 @ 11:38pm
        For plate. But not for conduction sticker
        • bruce Apr 09 2013 @ 03:39am
          conduction sticker is only temporary, until the plate becomes available. so if it happen na kaparehas ng ending ng plate mo, tiis lang ng konti.. :)
          • d.lake Apr 09 2013 @ 08:40am
            yeah. tiis. worst case scenario tiis ng 1 year. haha. hay LTO....
    • capt.tanker Apr 09 2013 @ 12:55pm
      It's already happened to me, old and new (w/o plate yet) both coding on the same day. Just pay the ticket if caught na lang.
      • warak1422 Apr 09 2013 @ 07:54pm
        uu nga nmn Php300.00 lang,,,sisiw...hehe
  • maklo02 Apr 08 2013 @ 10:01pm
    I know some people na kapag coding sila, they replace their plates with the dealership plate para excused sa coding. Tsktsktsk kaya di umuunlad Pilipinas kasi simple rule dadayain pa.
  • GTi Apr 08 2013 @ 10:07pm
    Eh yung mga grey market brand new cars? Wala silang conduction sticker.
    • dragun Apr 08 2013 @ 10:16pm
      It is illegal to take grey market cars out of the customs-free port zones.
      • GTi Apr 09 2013 @ 11:18pm
        I meant the brand new grey market cars, usually through Manila port entry, but not imported by official dealers like the brand new KDM Starex or sports cars and luxury cars that have no official dealer locally.
  • Alejandro Apr 08 2013 @ 11:10pm
    Wait wait wait! I was caught with my new car at the time, penalized and had to pay for the reacquisition of my license in 2010 because I broke a law 3 years ago that was only passed 3 days ago? I want my 800 pesos back MMDA!
    • 17Sphynx17 Apr 09 2013 @ 07:25am
      was this in Makati? If it is, then MAkati had their own traffic rules then that did this.
      • ChairmanPineapple Apr 10 2013 @ 03:13pm
        may sariling republika ang makati, the MAKATI republic! pati sa lifting ng number coding sila di exempted, mas powerful sila sa jurisdiction ni Chairman MMDA
  • mon7410 Apr 08 2013 @ 11:15pm
    So may karapatan ng gumamit ng euro plate na conduction sticker number ang nakalagay? Since hindi specified what should the conduction sticker number should be placed on? Haha
  • jojo204200 Apr 09 2013 @ 07:17am
    Mr. Tolentino again adds another problem to the existing huge problems. Implementation is the only key, he cannot do it, why not change him.
    This is a clear case of government agencies not helping each other. Kanya-kanyang pabango.
  • JTV360 Apr 09 2013 @ 09:15pm
    Kelan ba sila mag start mangotong.. este mag apprehend? Sobrang tagal kasi mag issue ng plaka, 'yung Civic ko Feb. 22 ko pa nakuha pero wala pa din!
    • JTV360 Apr 12 2013 @ 01:13pm
      Just called Honda, may dumating na na license plates pero for last year buyers pa lang daw 'yun lol! Pumayag na nga ako sa "0" (not my preferred ending) pero it looks like ganun din pala waiting time ko.
  • ChairmanPineapple Apr 10 2013 @ 03:12pm
    Number coding is useless, even if we implement this till Sunday there is still traffic! We should abolish this number coding since people buy two cars instead and does this reduce vehicle??? NO!!!!!! Maganto days of odd and even is pathetic, from the conception of this foolish scheme i am already against it na! Number coding is another money making scheme of officers. Walang katuturan na batas ito at lalong dumami ang kotse sa lansangan, ang kumita yun mga car manufacturers
  • dlare9 Apr 11 2013 @ 02:25pm
    so kung tama ang pag basa ko, kakailanganin nila ngaun ng malaking conduction sticker para mailagay sa plate holder.

    masyadong maliit (imho) kasi tignan ang conduction sticker kung ilalagay nga ito sa plate holder
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