MMDA's bus-segregation scheme for EDSA starts today Philippine Car News - MMDA's EDSA bus segregation scheme starts today

In September, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority revealed that it was planning to introduce a new bus-stop scheme along EDSA to alleviate the traffic condition on the metro's main thoroughfare.

Well, that time has come as the agency is implementing its bus-segregation program starting today, December 18, which, according to the MMDA, will cover all 3,100 buses plying EDSA.

"We have given bus operators sufficient time to have their bus units tagged, so buses that have not been tagged, or those that have no stickers, will not be allowed on EDSA," said MMDA chairmanFrancis Tolentino.

The bus-segregation scheme will reportedly be enforced along the stretch of EDSAfrom the Magallanes Interchange to the East Avenue intersection(and vice versa). To help commuters understand the new scheme, signs (like the ones above) have been put up indicating what kind of bus stops at each, um, bus stop.

Under the program, buses that ply EDSA have been tagged as Bus A, B or C "to minimize traffic congestion along the thoroughfare, particularly in loading and unloading areas."

A and B busescan only use their designated A and B bus stops, respectively, while C buses will be allowed to use all bus stops.

Bus A will stop at the following loading/unloading bays:

  • Northbound -Magallanes, Buendia, Guadalupe, Shaw Boulevard, SM Megamall, Boni Serrano, Cubao Farmers, and Ermin Garcia.
  • Southbound- Ermin Garcia, Arayat Cubao, VV Soliven, Connecticut, Shaw Starmall, Guadalupe, Buendia Avenue, and Mantrade.

(Bus A stops are painted red.)

Bus Bwill stop at the following loading/unloading bays:

  • Northbound- Ayala Avenue, Estrella, Pioneer/Boni, SM Megamall, Ortigas Avenue, Main Avenue, and Baliwag/5 Star.
  • Southbound- Kamuning, Monte de Piedad, Main Avenue, POEA Ortigas, Pioneer/Boni, Estrella, and Ayala Avenue.

(Bus B stops are painted blue.)

Tolentino added that southbound busesmarked "A" are allowed to take the Kamuning-Timog, Santolan and Ortigas flyovers. Northbound busesmarked "B"are allowed on the Santolan flyover, while those marked "A" can use the Ortigas and Timog-Kamuning flyovers.

"We are optimistic that this enhanced bus-segregation system will decongest EDSA significantly," Tolentino said.

The MMDA chief added that his agency's dispatchers have already been instructed not to allow bus units without stickers to leave the four Organized Bus Route terminals.

Just a thought: Before they conceptualized this bus-segregation scheme, hadn't it occurred to them that it might probably be the fact that there are 3,100 buses using EDSA, that could be the root of the problem in the first place?


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  • Ryanne Dec 18 2012 @ 03:50am
    I think they should push through with the modified bus stops in order to promote loading and unloading in designated bus stops only. One of the causes of congestion is the fact that they stop anywhere on EDSA.

    Just my 2 cents.
  • AKEVA62 Dec 18 2012 @ 03:59am
    just build an overpass along edsa strictly for cars and private vehicles...all the rest, buses, jeepneys, taxis, trucks, etc., strictly use the lower level only....
    • LACOSTER Dec 18 2012 @ 02:34pm
      Wow! what a totally inexpensive and easy solution!

    • carwiki Dec 19 2012 @ 10:24am
      Not necessarily.
  • foolishofficer Dec 18 2012 @ 08:53am
    Give the buses 2 exclusive lanes and fenced them off. Let them fixed their own traffic problems. Traffic will definitely improve otherwise bus operators will suffer from their own disciplinary problems.

    As for other options, I think segregation will work. However, such optimism makes me fill like #amalayer hahaha!
  • markdejesus76 Dec 18 2012 @ 09:27am
    This should be good :)
  • wart_les Dec 18 2012 @ 09:51am
    3,100 buses using EDSA and segregated to A bus = 1,550 ,,,B bus = 1,550...This is but HUGE figure and NO AMOUNT of scheme would make alleviate this traffic woes...Just imagine if Bus length is 6 meters this 3,100 buses in a row is already 18.6 kilometers long...This distance is already from East Avenue to Ayala Avenue or 9.3 kilometers for either Bus A or Bus B...Obviously, still NOT a solution.
    • foolishofficer Dec 18 2012 @ 02:48pm
      the motorist knows. mmda does not :)
  • Ferman Lao
    Ferman Lao Dec 18 2012 @ 09:54am
    How come only until East Ave.? What goes on from that point to Monumento I wonder?
  • JoHunter Dec 18 2012 @ 09:58am
    "Just a thought: Before they conceptualized this bus-segregation scheme, hadn't it occurred to them that it might probably be the fact that there are 3,100 buses using EDSA, that could be the root of the problem in the first place?"

    I'm sure there are way more than that. But just for the sake of argument, I'm also sure the MMDA knows this, they're just looking the other way because... well... ninuninuninuninuuuu...
  • DePendot Dec 18 2012 @ 04:00pm
    Lets see..3,100 x 60 plus..yan ang number of private vehicles na nasave ng mga bus na ito (assuming everyone will be forced to buy their own cars of course, haler).

    back to topic.makakatulong ito sa tingin ko. medyo lakad nga lang ng konti para sa pasahero pero sanayan lang siguro. problem is ang tigas ng ulo ng mga pasahero at pati na rin mga driver. kanina lang naglakad ako ng malayo papuntang shaw kasi bawal na nga raw sa may libertad. tapos pag daan nung bus sa libertad may mga sumakay.hay!! this policy disiplina = laking tulong.

    syempre isa lang ito sa solutions, marami pa eg MRT/LRT, alternate lanes etc etc.
    • JoHunter Dec 18 2012 @ 04:17pm
      "Lets see..3,100 x 60 plus..yan ang number of private vehicles na nasave ng mga bus na ito"

      Yeah. But almost all of these private vehicles are not on the road round the clock, usually during mornings and afternoons only. The buses are. Whether full (which rarely happens nowadays) or not, they're clogging the lanes and piling up on known pedestrian hot spots (I'm not even saying legit bus stops). As a result, instead of having only a certain stretch of time when traffic is expected to be heavy (due to volume of motorists), traffic is ALWAYS heavy.
      • DePendot Dec 19 2012 @ 06:15pm
        yes sir during off hours.but buses still have a couple of passengers during those times. not 60. but not 1. :)
  • 17Sphynx17 Dec 18 2012 @ 04:42pm
    I am all for this designated stops only but they should STRICTLY IMPLEMENT this. Meaning, they should station enforcers at non designated stops, especially at the part where the road splits to an underpass or flyover (where some of these buses just don't care and pick-up and drop off passengers).

    During the time that this is strictly being implemented, the MMDA, DPWH and LGU should really look into finding a means to provide for a niched/recessed pickup/drop off station point instead of just along the bus lane. Since it appears that stops for A and B alternate then you alleviate the flow by recessing the stopping buses into a niche where they do not block the other buses.

    Third, they should implement the "stop button" on buses. Because if no one is going down the stop nor is someone going to be riding them on that stop, they can at least continue forward on their path, especially if they are already full.
  • dsobreo Dec 19 2012 @ 01:11am
    Ang daming reklamo ng mga tao, try nyo pumunta sa HK, napaka disiplinado mga tao doon... Hindi ka ibababa sa hindi talaga bus stop.. At yung buses doon ay owned by the Govt so walang nagmamadali para humabol sa kikitain.. My Octopus card pa na pwede mo i-tapat sa e-reader para yun na pamasahe mo, pwede din gamitin sa train, selected stores(7/11) and even sa Ocean Park, ang kulang lang satin mga Pinoy eh discipline. Give the scheme a chance, and sana mabawasan na din mga colorums para naman hindi na dumagdag sa traffic.
    • carwiki Dec 21 2012 @ 09:39am
      Tsaka sa Singapore. Kailangan mo talaga pumila sa taxi lane. Tsaka hindi ka kung saan saan ibababa. Dapat nga lang pumunta si P-Noy or si MMDA Chair. Tolentino sa HK or SG para makita din nila kung gaanong kadisiplinado ang traffic. Walang nagkakarambola at kaskasero.
      • dsobreo Dec 23 2012 @ 03:35am
        actually nagpunta sila sa SoKor para makita yung traffic doon at yung bus stations, kasi diba may plan ang MMDA na ilipat sa FTI Taguig yung mga provincial buses from South.. And Bulacan naman from North(Not sure)
  • zn71988 Dec 19 2012 @ 02:22am
    Here's my most likely impossible solution. WALL OFF EDSA. Yep a wall..why?

    Based on my driving experiences and observations in other countries I've noticed that main highways (like EDSA) are suppose to be used strictly for traveling great distances from city to city WITHOUT obstruction. People drive on highways getting city to city because the only time any car has to slow down is getting of on an exit to a city.

    The problem in main roads like EDSA, C5, etc is that people are allowed to build establishments like MALLS, small stores, even houses that is DIRECTLY ACCESSIBLE on EDSA. Seriously why the f can't lawmakers prevent such bad construction habits. What happens is people will ALWAYS HAVE A REASON to stop on a main road to buy something quick in that convenience store or a build up of traffic occurs coz parking is full in a mall that's directly in front of EDSA or coz busses are emptying passengers to that said mall...because places they have to go to is accessible directly in the main road.

    So my solution is to:
    1) WALL OF EDSA - focus on letting people get city to city without obstruction (since there is a wall there is no point in dropping people off or stoping in anywhere in EDSA); and please don't go with a lame fencing effort, we all know people are just gonna tear some holes in them.
    2) Build EXITS - Build exits/off ramps which allows cars to get of main highways like EDSA or C5, and also allows people to UTURN in poorly constructed road narrowing uturn slots of the present. Make sure these exits can accommodate a HIGH FLOW of traffic or else face a build up of traffic into the highways.
    3) FORBID construction of ANYTHING that leaks out on main roads... Case in point for those who have driven along c5 extension blue ridge area, ever since bannaple/McDonald's/restaurants opened up there CARS stick like cholesterol to the side of the road effectively narrowing the road and raising the blood pressure literally and figuratively of people/traffic.
    4) Promote improvement of INTRACITY Traffic. Each city should be made responsible in improving local traffic, this quite tricky but I can imagine a start would be building roads that follow my third suggestion and with the exception of BUS STATIONS Which can be the point where public transportation passengers who came from INTERCITY BUSSES can transfer to means of commuting locally (jeep, trikes, etc).

    Anyway that's just what I thought of to solve intercity traffic. Just needed to get it out.
    • carwiki Dec 21 2012 @ 09:42am
      Tsaka eliminate some vendors in the roadside.
  • bruce Dec 19 2012 @ 11:26am
    this should help plus doors should always be closed! DO NOT ALLOW BUSES TO OPERATE IF THEIR DOORS ARE NOT WORKING! Apprehend buses that have doors open especially in stops that they are not allowed!
  • bvnzn Dec 19 2012 @ 12:32pm
    Exactly. There are too many buses in this cramped city of Metro Manila. It's a total waste of space. I dare anyone to look at the buses when they are stuch in EDSA traffic. Observe them and see that only 2 or 3 out of 10 are full of passengers. The rest are either empty or have 3 or 5 passengers only. 3,100 buses is way to much in our streets.

    I'm also doubting that this new system will work. For one thing, buses stop anywhere they want so why bother putting up this system. When they stop, the conjest. When one stops all the other buses stop or try to take over. This is one reason why buses are a root cause of traffic in the metro and majority accidents in the city.

    The one sitting behind the desk at the head office just ain't seeing the real problem - over populated buses.
  • someonespecialisme Dec 19 2012 @ 07:02pm
    good scheme...another solution is to treat provincial buses as "private vehicles"...dont allow them to enter the yellow lanes so teh yellow lanes would be less clogged....strictly enforce the terminal to terminal drop off and pickup of avoid the clogging of the yellow lanes which in effect makes a bottle neck at each entry point of a fly over and underpasses and which in effect causes traffic to private motorists..

    about this scheme, its just right so people will actually have some discipline...AND SOME EXERCISE :)
    • 17Sphynx17 Dec 19 2012 @ 08:00pm
      Nakita ko sa isang new segment yung pasahero nagrereklamo na malayo na siya sa dapat niyang babaan dapat daw ibaba siya ng bus sa undesignated stop agad.

      Sa akin lang, simple lang naman ang sagot dun. Bago lang kasi ang scheme na ito parang nung "implementation ng color coding" sanayan lang yan. Ganun din sa mga driver. Dapat nga lang sa buwan ng December, warning lang hanggang third time. Pag three strikes, actual ticket na. Kasi first time pa lang gawin ito na hindi "normal" sa pasaherong pilipino at manong tsuper.

      Yun lang naman kasi baka sabihin ng mga bus companies ginagatasan lang sila sa multa ng bus scheme na ito dahil hindi ito "normal" dati.

      Yun lang naman ang nakikita kong gagawing reklamo ng bus company since walang grace period para masanay yung driver at bus company. Masasanay din ang pasahero na yan kapag sumunod na mga bus natin.
  • ChairmanPineapple Dec 20 2012 @ 01:21am
    Chairman Pineapple! Excellent hehehehehe! target the buss and hopefully up next is the jeep and those annoying tricycles!
  • leo222 Dec 21 2012 @ 01:13am
    the mrt should have been placed underground while there should have been a multi-lane skyway-like highway above EDSA. oh well, too late for that now.
    • KERSMcPherson Dec 22 2012 @ 02:53pm
      hindi kaya ng govt ang ganung engineering works (mega structures). Ang modern dito sa Pilipinas, scratch or basura lang sa ibang bansa. Kung sa inang bansa, kahit simpleng levated pedestrian walkway, dinadaan pa sa design competions. And shortlisted ang mga designers/ENPs/architects ang kasali, di tinatanggap ang mga "small time". Dito ang mga overpass natin- napakasagwa tignan. Form, function, aesthetics = nothing. Ang mga overpass na nagpapasalamat kay Arroyo, puno ng anomalya. May kalalabas nga na court order regarding these against the former MMDA chair.

      Just take a look at the LRT extension, hindi naman continuous ang mga tren. Then here comes a proposal of elevated hi-way. Poor planning/engineering.

      back to buses, tuloy din yata ang plano ng MMDA sa mga elevated bus stops. The doors of buses will be ripped off at ipapantay sa "floor" ng mga buses.
  • KERSMcPherson Dec 22 2012 @ 02:43pm
    Best thing to do by a capable govt is simply "Stop-Start". Stop giving new franchise and allowing these bus companies to acquire new units. Start phase-out of old, dirty, smoke belching buses. MMDA should have its own bus lines. Kung kaya ng private individual na magka-negosyo thru buses, ang govt pa kaya na sandamakmak ang pera.. And tickets from buses can also be used a MRT/LRT pass- like other modern countries have been doing for a loooong time.
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