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Toll change

If you regularly use an expressway that charges a toll fee, this should be pretty interesting. A reader named Luigi Gabaldon sent us the above photo with the following story:

I just want to inform you of the modus operandi at SLEX and Skyway tollgates, which tollbooth personnel have been doing for quite some time. For those who use the Skyway or SLEX daily, I'm sure you are aware of this. This has happened to me countless times, and I'm sure that many others have fallen victim to this.

The cashiers are fooling many motorists by shortchanging them. When I pay the toll on the Skyway, for example, with a P500 bill from Alabang entry point (it's P164 for Class 1 vehicles one-way), I usually get P335 or P334 back when it should be P336. Always count your change. The cashiers at the tollgates always give your change back with the coins tucked within the bills. I always unfold the bills just to make sure that they've given me the correct change, but most of the time the change is P1 or P2 short. I know it's a small amount, but imagine the total amount that the cashier will get to keep if he/she does this to the thousands of motorists who use the Skyway every day.

The fact that the toll prices on the Skyway are already so high and iso-shortchange ka pa, grabe...literally, highway robbery! Also, they usually do this when it is rush hour--although I have also experienced this when traffic is light--since medyo nagmamadali ang mga tao to go to work or school, and naiinip din ang mga drivers because of the long lines, so you usually just get your change and drive off immediately. Please spread this to make Skyway/SLEX users more vigilant. Thank you!

Like we said, this claim is interesting to say the least. But to be fair to honest expressway employees who man tollbooths with integrity, we are not prepared to believe this outright. Have you had a similar experience? Do tollbooth personnel intentionally shortchange motorists with the intent to pocket the loose change? Or is the story above merely a case of coincidence? What do you think? Take our poll below.

Do tollbooth personnel deliberately shortchange expressway motorists and pocket the loose coins?
Yes, I believe they do because I have experienced this myself
It's possible, but I want to give them the benefit of the doubt
No, they don't. The story above involves a series of coincidences

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