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MMDA traffic-improvement schemes

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority wants to increase its budget to P2.65 billion for 2014, an increase of P1.2 billion over this year's P1.48-billion sum, according to a press statement sent by the office of Senate President pro tempore Ralph Recto.

In a meeting with Recto, MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino identified key result areas that would serve as his agency's performance indicators.

Besides solid waste disposal and flood control and sewerage management services, the MMDA is also looking at traffic management as part of the projects it will use its 2014 budget on.

First on the agency's list is to bring up the average speed on the 197km of road it manages to 29kph. Recto claims that this figure can be used as a baseline data "as we hope that vehicle velocity will gradually increase in the years to come."

Another area that the MMDA hopes to improve upon is a maximum response time of 15 minutes to 90% of traffic obstruction cases, and to repair 98% of traffic-light outages within two hours.

Another target is to limit fatalities in vehicular accidents "to one-third of 1% of total cases."

The agency is also planning to hire 400 more traffic enforcers so that major intersections and thoroughfares are manned until late at night. In addition, hazard pay will be given to the agency's enforcers since they are exposed to hazardous elements like the exhaust fumes of vehicles.

"I fully support the MMDA budget request for 2014 as I endorse action on some immediately actionable measures that will close the gaps in personnel need and boost the welfare of the existing MMDA workforce," added Recto. "Chairman Tolentino's job is hard. He deserves all our support."

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