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Kanjo Run Manila


We got a tip from Patrick Malibiran about this mysterious Facebook page called Kanjo Run Manila, which apparently promotes "street racing." As you can see on the above post, the page is inviting its members to its "first Kanjo Run Meet and Race on February 22." The page then says: "We'll further explain what Kanjo racing is--and also the requirements."

The page also posted a cover photo that shows its "rules":

(1) Secrecy;

(2) Show us what you got; and

(3) Create a team (6 members)

In another post, the page declares: "See you, guys. Nobody can stop us. That's one thing for sure." It was accompanied by an event poster that indicated the time and place of the meeting: February 22, 4pm, at Turf BGC.

The page's other posts read:

Street terrorist.

Street racing is not a crime.

For more inquiries: 0916 688-8798. See you there.

"I hope you can stop them before accidents happen," Malibiran wrote us. "Some dumb people think that this will be fun and cool. I hope you can make a post about this to stop this nonsense. Concerned car enthusiast here. Thanks!"

We tried to search for the page but couldn't find it. Either the group is closed and by invitation only, or it has been taken down already. We asked the source of the tip to send us the link, but he hasn't replied until now.

Does anyone know anything about this secret group of street racers? Is it just a hoax pulled off by some trolls? Or even some marketing gimmick? Whatever the case may be, let us just remind everyone this: STREET RACING IS ILLEGAL AND DANGEROUS.

Contact us if you have any knowledge of this group, its members or their activities.


Kanjo Run Manila

Kanjo Run Manila

Kanjo Run Manila

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