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TPLEX could be open by August

By Patrick Everett Tadeo Philippine Car News - TPLEX could be open by August 2013

If everything goes according to plan, the Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway could be open by August, or at least the stretch from where the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway ends in the north at the Santa Rosa-Tarlac Road going to the Gerona, Tarlac, interchange.

This was revealed by Toll Regulatory Board spokesperson Julius Corpuz at the latest "Usapan AAP" forum hosted by Automobile Association Philippines. Corpuz warned, however, that this is a best-case scenario provided that the Department of Public Works and Highways is still on schedule to open at least the Victoria and Gerona interchanges two months from now. The TPLEX has seven interchanges after Victoria and Gerona: Paniqui, Moncada, San Manuel, Rosales, Urdaneta, Pozzorubio and Rosario.

Corpuz added that from the DPWH's initial plan to make the TPLEX just a two-lane highway, it has now become a four-lane highway thanks to the efforts of the TRB, AAP and various road safety organizations.

"We told them that it needs to be a four-lane highway for it to be safe to travel on," said Corpuz.

According to the DPWH, the first section of TPLEX, which runs from Tarlac City to Rosales, Pangasinan, is now 88% complete, while the right-of-way acquisition for section two to Urdaneta City, Pangasinan, is still ongoing. Construction of the Agno viaduct has reportedly started.

As for the third and final section to Rosario, La Union, the agency is reportedly waiting for its financial analysis following former congressman Mark Cojuangco's request to realign it. Supposedly, Cojuangco wants the Rosario interchange to follow the Manila North Road, also known as the MacArthur Highway, which would provide easier access to San Fernando, La Union, and other coastal towns of Ilocos.

Are you excited for TPLEX to open soon?

Photo from DPWH


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  • kevs25 10 months ago
    mbilisan na ang byahe
  • carlo999 10 months ago
    ayos! ano kaya speedlimit dito?
  • mgr366 10 months ago
    grabe... ang tagal. April, May and now August...
    • mgr366 11 months ago
      more or less 5 years to build, add another 5 years more or less to plan and bid. anyways, let us be thankful at matatapos na rin sa wakas.
  • rdrogel 10 months ago
    Mas madali pa mag overtake kasi 4 lane na ang TPLEX.
  • rev0215 10 months ago
    I'm excited indeed. Travel time from nueva Ecija to Baguio might be cut to 2 hours only. Another sign of booming economy. Hopefully infrastructure like this will be sustained and implemented to other parts of the country as well
  • Ads 10 months ago
    It's about time...
  • Carfanatic 11 months ago
    Faster Travel time going to Baguio!
  • bruce 11 months ago
    Nice! Pero bawas na ulit ang rice fields..
    • Radenbach 10 months ago
      sadly yes... magkakaroon n ng justification para mag smuggle i mean "import" rice. wawa namn mga neighbors ko na farmers
  • Darkmatter 11 months ago
    Ford gt test run before inauguration ! :P
  • ChairmanPineapple 11 months ago
    AYUS!! More roads more highways! Yun speeding lang naman ang BS dito... Masyadong OA ang mga yan about safety, if you are in the right comfortable driving condition then you should be able to avoid accidents, eh kung uncomfortable driving ang pinipilit sayo, mas prone ka dahil sa condition mo
  • delphi 10 months ago

    TPLEX "could be open" by August --paging the editor. peace!! :)
  • tugata24 11 months ago
    How much would be the additional toll fee to Urdaneta City? Abot kaya ng 500 ang total pag galing pa ng Balintawak? Hehe.
    • BMagee 10 months ago
      well, you have to pay to play that's just how it is. but this is well worth it
  • 886 10 months ago
    For further convenience, I hope they develop an integrated e-pass system for NLEX-SCTEX-TPLEX.
  • jigsaw 8 months ago
    September na. Bukas na ba?
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