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Top Gear Philippines Philippine Car News - Video: Why you don’t make rash overtaking decisions behind truc

We understand that it gets frustrating when you're stuck behind a truck on the road and you can't overtake it because its size prevents you from looking ahead to see if the coast is clear.

Well, the video below shows you what exactly happens when you make such a haphazard decision to overtake a truck without knowing what’s around it.

The accident happened on the E40 expressway in Belgium, according to, with driver Jasmien Claeys in a Ford Focus attempting to cut across all four lanes of the E40's eastbound stretch near the Aalter exit. As Claeys successfully crossed over from the innermost lane to the third one in a single swerving move, her attempt to continue onto the fourth and outermost lane while driving right behind a trailer truck caused her to strike another trailer truck that was part of a long convoy of vehicles falling in line for the exit. Although Claeys's valiant but late decision to go back to the third lane may have saved her life, another truck that was traveling right behind her on the third lane struck the entire right side of her car, which was probably what put her in a coma.

Despite the severity of the accident, however, Claeys has recovered from it "and is now recovering fully" with only a shattered hand, two broken vertebrae, and a YouTube video reminding her (and us) to never try to pull off reckless maneuvers on the highway.

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