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Top Gear Philippines Philippine Car News - Video: Watch a Toyota Corolla Altis counterflow on the Skyway

The Philippines is fast becoming a source of material for American automotive website In August alone, the site picked up our story about the very first Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in the country (and why the owner bought one), as well as's story on the proliferation of fake Rota wheels.

Well, another story from the Philippines has reached the US website. This time, it's about a car that drove in the opposite direction on the northbound side of the Skyway. The video first went viral on Facebook and was posted by Joselino Luna on August 24.

According to Luna, the accident happened the day before, on August 23. As seen in the video, he was going toward Makati on the northbound Skyway when the errant car came barreling at him from the opposite direction in the same passing lane.

Who knew what the driver of the car was thinking at the time? Didn't he wonder why everyone else was going the other way? Or was he thinking that he was actually in the correct lane and that he was on the "shoulder"?

Anyway, the video ends just before the moment of impact (or so Luna claims), which is understandable since the camera was reportedly destroyed in the ensuing crash.

During the investigation after the crash, Luna noted that the driver of the car, whose name he did not mention, was "wasted," and that the car wasn't covered by a comprehensive insurance. Fortunately for Luna, though, he's still alive to tell and share the tale, thanks to the dashboard camera he bought online two years ago.

A dash cam is indeed a good investment, particularly for insurance purposes. You can even buy one from CD-R King from P1,580 to P1,880.


If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.

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