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Nissan GT-R and Toyota Hilux accident in Tagaytay

Last Monday, December 16, we posted on our Facebook page the above photo sent to us by a guy named Mark Christian Brown. The photo had been sent to us the previous day with the following caption:

Somewhere about 8:00 this Sunday morning near Magallanes Drive at Tagaytay. It was hit by a Toyota Hilux. The driver of the Hilux ran away. Too bad I didn't get a picture of the Hilux. Traffic was too heavy. But its driveshaft had split into two. Didn't have a chance to know more details. The foreigner wearing a green shirt is the owner of the Godzilla. He was so upset while I asked questions.

Naturally, followers of our Facebook page were just as upset. Many of them are fans of the GT-R, after all. About 95% of those who posted a comment were angry at the unidentified Hilux driver.

And then we noticed a couple of people who posted messages that were contrary to what Brown had written to us. One is Jan Allen Gomez, who posted:

I saw this accident last Sunday, and the Toyota Hilux was badly damaged from behind with the rear axle twisted, so I don't think it ran away from the (GT-R) owner. I think the police just moved it because it was in the middle of the road. And based on the original scene that I saw, I think the GT-R had bumped the Hilux, not the other way around.

And then these several posts from Hilario Grace Agapito:

(Tagging and talking to Marian Hilario Quirante) Yang sports car na yan ang bumangga. Bangag ata yung driver dahil tayo ang nasa likod ng Hilux at malamang tayo ang sinuro nyan kung nagkataon. Ano masasabi nyo? Pag mayaman talaga, pwede mabaligtad ang lahat.

(Addressing everyone else on the thread) FYI lang sa lahat, yang pinupuri nyo ang may kasalanan. Sya ang bumangga sa Hilux. Kung hindi namin pinagbigyan yung mga kakaliwang mga sasakyan, kami ang tatamaan ng peste na yan na kinain yung way namin. At may tinamaan na tao yang GT-R na yan; nakahandusay dyan sa tabi nya.

Finally, we got two revealing photos of the Hilux from Vhoy Palmaria. He said:

GT-R driver ran away, and left the car to his bodyguards. And there was a casualty. A guy on the sidewalk was hit by the Hilux after the spin.

So, based on the photos below, it's clear that the Hilux driver couldn't have possibly run away. Perhaps Brown merely relayed to us what the GT-R owner had told him. As to which car hit the roadside bystander is still up in the air. One witness says it was the GT-R, while another says it was the Hilux.


We just hope this accident has been resolved and that the real culprit will be made to face justice.


Nissan GT-R and Toyota Hilux accident in Tagaytay

Nissan GT-R and Toyota Hilux accident in Tagaytay

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