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Unsafe truck

We have no words for these photos sent to us by a couple of concerned motorists. Here are just two examples of extremely unsafe trucks traveling countless kilometers--unrestricted--out there. These are the trucks that share the road with you, your family, your friends. And if you think these images are incredible, it's even more unbelievable that the authorities are doing nothing to banish these rustbuckets to the junkyard.

And then we wonder how come we see so many cargo trucks tipping over on the highway? How much are the owners of these trucks paying the LTO and the cops? Whatever the amount is, surely it can't be higher than the potential loss of life and property that could result from the continued use of these unroadworthy vehicles.

Go may shake your head now.

Photos from Luis Mallari and Bongski Arboleda


Unsafe truck

Vernon B. Sarne
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