Mr. Bean crashes his McLaren F1...again Philippine Car News - Mr. Bean crashes his McLaren F1...again

British comedian Rowan Atkinson, more popularly known as Mr. Bean, reportedly crashed his McLaren F1 again. The damage this time, however, is much more extensive.

British tabloid The Daily Mirror said Atkinson was driving the McLaren F1 when he apparently lost control of the vehicle, which then spun several times before it crashed into a tree and a lamppost. It stopped by the side of the road and caught fire.

Atkinson was reportedly able to extricate himself from his wrecked supercar and was looked after by another motorist until paramedics arrived. The actor was taken to a hospital while firefighters doused the flames on his car.

This isn't the first time that Atkinson damaged his McLaren F1. In October 1999, Atkinson rear-ended a Rover Metro. In true "Mr. Bean" fashion, the collision reportedly caused the Metro's rear wheels to rest on the McLaren F1's low carbon-fiber bonnet.


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  • 997 GT2RS Aug 05 2011 @ 01:30pm
    I commented about it on this forum two weeks ago.. good on him at least he drives it everywhere(44,000 miles ). Some collectors would rather keep their cars in their garages or museum.
  • redcat Aug 05 2011 @ 01:33pm
    stick to mini cooper mr bean. : )
  • dragun Aug 05 2011 @ 02:16pm
    I'm surprised no Reliant Robins are damaged thus far into his McF1's lifetime...
  • krzcuevas Aug 05 2011 @ 04:45pm
    Pangcomedy lang talaga si Mr. Bean.hehehe. Palagay ko di pwedeng joke jokin ang pagdadrive ng McLaren.
  • the 8th Aug 05 2011 @ 07:44pm
    Mr Bean actually guested in one of the more recent episodes of Top Gear UK. It was mentioned that he is truly a car buff... in fact he used to be a car journo too. He had so much influence in the car world that when he approached BMW for a car for his upcoming movie, they gave him a RR Phantom with a V16 engine--an engine that was meant to be in the Phantom until BMW decided otherwise just before production started.
  • HAHAman Aug 05 2011 @ 08:13pm
    I'm pretty sure he could buy another one. Or maybe a truckload full of McLarens
  • John Agustin Aug 05 2011 @ 09:39pm
    Mr. Rowan Atkinson, I adore you to death but crashing this immaculate and iconic car into, for all places, a tree, I think, is a great injustice to Mclaren fan boys everywhere. We would rather have you crash it into an endangered animal like a Siberian tiger or a White Rhinoceros to give it some well earned dignity before death. People I'm sure are setting aflame Toyota "Priuses or Prii"a a sign of mourning around the world.
  • hajabah Aug 05 2011 @ 10:10pm
  • gyrosphre Aug 05 2011 @ 10:44pm
    Common guys, Mr. Rowan Atkinson deserve a standing ovation for wrecking a SUPERCAR.
    I would expect nothing less from Johnny English himself.
  • GBfive Aug 06 2011 @ 06:19am
    what about Teddy? is he with Mr.Bean when the accident happened?
  • jmpet626 Aug 06 2011 @ 02:46pm
    Magaling kayang driver yan si Mr. Bean. Yung episode sa Top Gear UK mataas yung rank niya sa Top Gear test Track
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