New Chevrolet dealership to start operation in Bulacan


Chevrolet Baliuag

Chevrolet Philippines--aka The Covenant Car Company Inc.--is opening a new dealership in Baliuag, Bulacan. To be operated by Rev-Up Automobile Corporation, Chevrolet Baliuag is expected to be fully operational by the second quarter of the year. It sits on a 180sqm property and will feature a six-car showroom and a service area with eight work stations.

"We see so much of ourselves in Rev-Up," said TCCCI president and managing director Atty. Albert Arcilla in a press statement. "We are both young companies that aspire to make a difference in the automotive industry. Just like Rev-Up, TCCCI started small. With just 12 dealerships and a limited product lineup, we slowly but surely inched our way to make a significant contribution to the industry. In just three years, we were able to expand our network to 19 operational dealerships nationwide and sign on six additional dealers.

"We have had several attempts to become a dealer for other automotive brands, but they never materialized," shared Chevrolet Baliuag president Josel Violago. "Things just didn’t fall into place. It was only with Chevrolet that everything went smoothly and we took it as a sign. This is destiny for us. We know that with TCCCI leading the way, we are in good hands."

In photo below are Josel Violago, Rev-Up CEO Evie Violago, Atty. Albert Arcilla, and Chevrolet Philippines executive director Selene Yu.

Chevrolet Baliuag


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  • maranello_5775 Feb 01 2013 @ 03:48pm
    I think there's a slight error for the property size. It should be 1800 sqm because 180sqm is too small for a showroom and service center
    • warak1422 Feb 01 2013 @ 06:49pm
      i agree 180% hehe
    • warak1422 Feb 01 2013 @ 06:53pm
      180 sqm??? parang 1st floor area lang ng bahay namin???haha
  • dtkiko Feb 01 2013 @ 04:45pm
    Lady in left (2nd-from left) is quite a looker.

    Back on topic: Both Ford Motors and GM are up for it in establishing their immense presence in Asia, bullish might i say.

    More power to these American companies!
    • warak1422 Feb 01 2013 @ 06:55pm
      mahilig ka talaga idol hehe,,,d2 sa Tagbilaran malapit na rin Ford w/n this month and hoping Chevrolet will follow ASAP
    • dtkiko Feb 01 2013 @ 07:41pm
      Mas idol kita boss Warak haha!!!! Nagagandahan ka din ba, haha!?
      Musta diha sa Tagbilaran bay.... Ayo-ayo. Cheers!
  • dtkiko Feb 01 2013 @ 07:49pm
    Hehe.... Eagle-eyes si chief Maranello.

    May analytical mind pa as well hehe, gifted-child NAKS!

  • Mr. McMahon Feb 01 2013 @ 09:19pm
    Thumbs Up Chevy Bulacan!!!
  • gg Feb 02 2013 @ 05:56pm
    does any body know how to become a Chevrolet dealer?
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