Next-generation Ford Ranger shows off pulling power Philippine Car News - Next-generation Ford Ranger shows off pulling power

If you can't wait to get your hands on the next-generation Ford Ranger, here's more reason to get excited: Ford recently demostrated the power of the pickup truck by letting it pull a 160-ton steam locomotive out of its shed.

Assigned to do this massive task was a standard, fully-laden next-generation Ford Ranger Double Cab equipped with a 3.2-liter inline-five common rail Duratorq TDCi diesel engine that's paired to a six-speed automatic transmission.

With an engine output of 197hp and 470Nm of torque, the Ford Ranger's low-range, four-wheel-drive mode was engaged, allowing it to simply tug the train and get it rolling without any fuss and hesitation, proving its towing capacity of over 3,000kg.

To put the next-generation Ranger's pulling prowess in context, Ford Australia vehicle integration supervisor Roger Lewis pointed out that the train is usually switched from one track to another by a T-class diesel-electric locomotive that weighs 70 tons and churns out nearly 900hp and "heaps and heaps of torque."

"So if you don't have a T-class, you can always use the all-new Ranger," Lewis quipped.

Because the photos simply don’t do it justice, here’s a video of the Ranger in action pulling the 160-ton locomotive.

Photo from Ford Asia Pacific and Africa
Click here for more photos of the next-generation Ford Ranger


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  • retsudo Jan 06 2011 @ 10:22am
    Dear Santa Ford, no need to come to the chimney and just pass by the main door. Please leave the key of the new Ranger to me and i promise to pull lighter loads than this locomotive.
  • gvm0116 Jan 06 2011 @ 10:29am
    wow.... that is pretty impressive. although rangers are known to be tough and reliable, ford cars are also known to be very expensive to maintain. that is the obvious reason why buyers continue to buy something else.
  • joab565 Jan 06 2011 @ 10:55am
    Very Impressive! When this is already available in our makket, the navarra will have a proper competitor in terms of power. Time for a big test!
  • troybentz Jan 06 2011 @ 11:17am
    we want the new ranger now! ahaha hoping this will be available in the market before june.
  • Andrew Guerrero
    Andrew Guerrero Jan 06 2011 @ 01:03pm
    @gvm0116, its just the wrong perception of people because American Ford models have expensive parts, they think all Fords are like this. ASEAN made Fords (Ranger, Everest, Escape, Focus. Fiesta) are not as expensive to maintain, they are either the same or just a tad more expensive than its ASEAN made Japanese competitors. The cost of the new Fiesta's PMS is even lower than that of Toyota and Honda. Things are changing and improving at Ford.
  • dominic Jan 06 2011 @ 02:25pm
    very impressive! hope gumawa ang hyundai ng pickup!
  • Andrew Guerrero
    Andrew Guerrero Jan 06 2011 @ 04:37pm
    @dominic, why wait for Hyundai to make a pickup when Ford has the awesome new Ranger. :D
  • GTi Jan 06 2011 @ 05:36pm
    Hmm... Does this mean that the Santa Fe and Veracruz can do the same trick? o.O
  • BOOGIECAT Jan 06 2011 @ 07:27pm
    @GTi:Mas malakas ang 4X4 system,transmissionm,differential at engine ng Ranger kaysa sa Santa Fe at Veracruz...Gosh the new Ranger is so darn good!!
  • gvm0116 Jan 06 2011 @ 07:33pm
    @AM3 - it is not a wrong perception, it is a reality. it is a fact. the lynx before had expensive spare parts and even the focus petrol today. i have a friend who had a number of cars (focus, civic and alterra) and he says fords are expensive to maintain especially if it needs spare parts replacement. the fuel and air filters' prices almost double to its japanese and korean rivals.
  • Andrew Guerrero
    Andrew Guerrero Jan 06 2011 @ 08:06pm
    @gvm0116, we have a Ford Focus. :) Parts are a bit expensive if its from the casa, go to the Ford shops in Banawe, your friend should have joined Ford Club Philippines.

    What many people don't know is modern Japanese cars have expensive parts too, definitely not like the old Corolla XL's and GLI's.
  • Riskbreaker Jan 06 2011 @ 08:45pm
    First of all, the bespoken Ranger just pulled-out the train from its shed. If you use the Ranger to pull trains that heavy all the time, I bet it will self-destruct. There is a reason why they made that T-class diesel-electric locomotive.

    GTi's question was valid. The new Santa Fe produces almost the same power and torque but from a 2.2L In-line four cylinder diesel engine.
  • gvm0116 Jan 06 2011 @ 09:17pm
    @AM3 - erm... can't go to banawe as we live in cebu. my friend tried his luck in sourcing a part from one of the local stores here, and it was nowhere to be found. so he had to go to the dealership which was very costly. the civic (2007 model) on the other hand didn't cost him as much as the ford. oh well, that's his testimony, and i'm sure you have yours.
  • Andrew Guerrero
    Andrew Guerrero Jan 06 2011 @ 11:32pm
    @gvm0116, I see, that may be the case in Cebu.
    I'm from Metro Manila, so its not a problem here.
  • dtkiko Jan 09 2011 @ 07:08pm
    @Riskbreaker and GTi: Mga idol ko.... you have to remember that for diesel engines there are two-ways to "jack-up" power. One option is to have a relatively bigger engine like a (3-litre vs. a 2.2-litre) and then "you DON'T have to equip it as much mods" like those VGT's or dual-stage bi-turbochargers (the latter is what VW is adopting in its diesels). The other option is just to plug a smaller engine, like that the case of a 2-litre VW Amarok or any 2.2-litre in comparison with the discussion AND then "beef up the power" with mods like that of sophisticated VGT's and/or bi-turbochargers. Ford, on the other hand, opted to optimise both options by putting in a bigger diesel engine and then just equipping it with a VGT.... which is actually just a matter of preference from manufacturers, but both options will work.... Now, my take, I'd rather have a bigger engine with a mechanical VGT, like that of the Ford Ranger's 5-inline 3.2-litre size. A bigger engine with "compensatory" technological upgrades like the VGT equals lesser engine strain under severe load and heaps of "very broad torque range" instead of a "peaky and short" torque range that normally one would get from a "highly-strung" smaller engine.... Just my 2 centavos mga idol.
  • dtkiko Jan 09 2011 @ 07:20pm
    ....PLUS the transmission of a "pickup truck" intended to haul and tow and perform as a "utility" is more powerful and durable than those SUV's like the Hyundai Santa Fe and Veracruz. The effective transfer of power into the ground for optimum traction and pulling (torque) is what normally these 4x4 pickups are intended for....
  • Nutcha Jan 12 2011 @ 11:15am
    not really, you see in 2.5-litre engine with Navara, it has 174HP, 403Nm of torque, compare to Ranger and other Pick-ups in that category. And Navara has the ST-X model which has an improved engine, 2.5-litre, 190HP, 450Nm of Torque. And the 2011 Navara ST-X 550, 3.0-litre, V6 diesel engine, 231HP, 550Nm of torque. The new Ford Ranger has 3.2-litre engine but only has 197HP, 470Nm of torque. So does the Ranger can compete with Navara in terms of power?
  • Nutcha Jan 12 2011 @ 12:00pm
    by the way, the new Nissan Navara ST-X 550 has a 7-speed automatic transmission..
  • KinGChris Jan 13 2011 @ 02:18am
    But the real Question is..when would this vehicle hit The Philippine Market? what would be the cost? surely it would be expensive here.
  • pol3 Jan 14 2011 @ 09:43am
    I was torn between the strada and the hilux, now I know what I'll get...the new Ford T6 Ranger yey! I love everything about it. Are they accepting reservations already?
    Please feature it as soon as you can in your excellent mag guys. My dream issue of TG would have a test drive by sir Beeboy and sir Botchi. The latter for speed the other for offroading (of course we all know that!) No comparos please ...I'm one of those weird guys who loves a vehicle not because of its features but mainly because of how it brings splendid emotions be it while driving or just standing still. One fuel efficiency/lifestyle article from sir Dinzo as he brings it to a mountain resort and of course one long insightful article from the Chief as I suggest he use it for a week or so as his daily driver. Tapos cover pic by sir Ocs. There...that would do it. haay. One TG issue that will be the star of my TG collection and centerpiece of our living room right beside pictures of my wife and kids.
  • dtkiko Jan 15 2011 @ 10:39pm
    @Nutcha: Have you honestly driven all the Philippine-issue 403 Nm (peak torque at 2000 rpm and then it drops off considerably past 2000 rpm and anemic torque below 2000 rpm) 2.5-litre Nissan Navara against the 370 Nm (peak torque at 1800 rpm to 2500 rpm) 3.0-litre Ford Ranger against the 343 Nm (peak torque from 1400 rpm to 3000 rpm) 3.0-litre Toyota Hilux against the 294 Nm (peak torque from 1400 rpm to 3400 rpm) 3.0-litre Isuzu DMax loaded and in uphills? If you haven't, then chances are you haven't appreciated what they mean by "low rpm" responsive torque. The 2.5-litre Nissan Navara, "with all its peak torque glory on the paper", could not even get uphills at sub-2000 rpm unless you downshift it.... It's even the most fuel-hungry of them all when the going gets tough ---- Why I know? Because i work in the minerals exploration and mining industry and have plus 14 years to back up my experience on pickups in offroads and paved roads and in open pit mine roads and underground ramps and declines. I have even driven European version 3.0-litre Isuzu DMax's (360 Nm peak torque from 1800 rpm to 3000 rpm) that are definitely the best mid-size diesel haulers in the world GUARANTEED!
  • dtkiko Jan 15 2011 @ 10:47pm
    @Riskbreaker: It won't pull 160-tonne locomotive all-the-time, of course, in all honesty.

    Kindly make no mistake about it that the display of power and torque that was shown here is RATHER a graphical presentation of how much horsepower and peak flat torque there is TO SPARE to cover the normal heavy loads one would throw onto his pickup, which in reality, is certainly far from pulling a loco or a freight-train IMHO
    Last modified Mar 04 2011 @ 08:24pm
  • eyeinthesky Jan 16 2011 @ 04:57pm
    I have just one comment on the new Ford Ranger......KICKASS!!!

    I was planning on getting a 4x4 Mitsubishi Strada this year but now it's the Ranger for me. I hope I won't have to wait too long.Does anyone know when it will come out in the Philippines?
  • Nutcha Jan 24 2011 @ 11:23am
    @dtkiko being in a mineral exploration is nothing and will not Guarantee with on how these trucks perform. In the UK, they have been comparing all this pick-up trucks, and you can see the results, all that you have mentioned failed to their expectations.
  • dtkiko Jan 24 2011 @ 09:50pm
    @Nutcha: Yup in the UK so you brag.... Just this October 2010, the only highlights they saw about your Nissan Navara is the roomy interior and it "FAILED" bigtime in "deep" offroad test ---- Read about International Pickup Truck event held in Ireland.... So there goes your UK.... The VW Amarok won the top honours, Isuzu DMax is hailed as a true hardcore offroad pickup, the Ford Ranger for its responsive power, the Mitsubishi L200 (Triton in Australia, a lower version Strada in the Philippines) hailed also for its driving comfort and producing the most brake-hp in the class which is 174 bhp.... C'mon bring about your debates UK boy haha! You want a copy of that and the Australia's 2009 and 2011 pickup shootout where your Navara doesn't even matter haha!
  • dtkiko Jan 24 2011 @ 09:57pm
    I have more respect on this plus 3-litre Ford truck than any "anemic"- powered at sub-2000 rpm Philippine-issue Nissan Navara. Responsive and usable torque takes precedence over high-falluting paper specs like the Nissan Navara na hirap naman sa kargahan at akyatan haha! Lakas pa lumamon sa hatawan haha! The Philippine-issue 3-litre Isuzu DMax Ddi-iTEQ and the 3-litre Toyota Hilux D4-D, inspite of their seemingly low numbers in papers, would even trump this high-falluting 2.5-litre VGT-equipped Nissan Navara in ascents and in "kargahan" GUARANTEED!
  • koneleaves Feb 20 2011 @ 01:13am
    Im looking forward to the next 2012 o earlier pa sa part 2 ng Big test at battle royale way back in 2009 issue.. ang ford at mitsu nag palabas ng manok .... siguro matinding bakbakan in next months or year...
  • dtkiko Mar 04 2011 @ 09:02pm
    WOW, there goes the 3-litre Nissan Navara STX-550 retail price ---- in Australia alone the "standard" 4x4 model already retails at Au$61,000!!!! And an Au$ these days is almost a US$ now due to the strengthening of the Aussie dollar.

    Thanks to the French company Renault that tandemed with Nissan in developing this class-leading powerful V6 diesel engine for a "utility-class" vehicle; it surely came with a price that is categorised as "beyond the threshold" that qualifies it as "a luxury car" haha!!!!

    While most 2.5-litre and 3-litre diesel pickup, primarily designed as utilities (Toyota Hilux D4-D, Mitsubishi Triton "Challenger", Isuzu DMax VGS Turbo, Ford Ranger Wildtrak, Mazda BT-50, Holden Colorado) go only from Au$23,000 to Au$35,000 with their "standard" models to their top-of-the-line variants, just imagine how much mods one can avail out of the savings he can derive from just buying any of these UTE's instead of the steeply-priced Navara STX-550.

    Priceless! Haha!
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