Nissan Motor Philippines launches Sentra 200

By Patrick Everett Tadeo Philippines Car News - Nissan Sentra 200

Nissan Motor Philippines, Inc. has finally upped its game with the introduction of the all-new Nissan Sentra in the local market.

The Nissan Sentra 200, an all-new model built on the Japanese carmaker's global C-sedan platform, is being pitched as a versatile car that is expected to "change how today's customers see sedans." Its styling is very reminiscent of its more upscale stablemates, specifically that of the 11th-generation Nissan Skyline V35.

"The Sentra exemplifies how a sedan can be as versatile as other types of vehicles," Nissan Motor Philippines president Allen Chen said. "The driving experience, amenities, and safety that this new vehicle offers will surely surprise our customers as they drive the Sentra to work and play."

The '200' in the new Nissan Sentra's name denotes its all-new MR20 2-liter engine that produces 140hp and 199Nm of torque. With its aluminum construction, the MR20 engine's lighter weight not only makes it less prone to vibration, it also helps make the Nissan Sentra 200 a very fuel-efficient sedan. Translating this power to the front wheels are a six-speed manual transmission for the entry-level model and an Xtronic CVT for the range-topping variant.

Though it looks small on the outside, the Nissan Sentra 200 has loads of space on the inside. Its boot is quite cavernous and if you fold down the split 60/40 rear seat, a mountain bike can easily be accommodated inside. The boot also has a "divide-and-hide" feature that's perfect for storing valuables like laptops and other gadgets while a cargo net helps keep things in place.

The Nissan Sentra 200 takes pride in the five-star rating given by the United States' National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for front-impact crash safety.

"Today's motorists look for more in the vehicles that they purchase. They look for fuel economy, durability, safety, reliability and versatility. We are proud of how the Sentra is able to meet all of these demands" said Steven Hu, assistant vice president for marketing and sales of Nissan Motor Philippines. "Given the Sentra's unmatched versatility our customers have the comfort and elegance of a sedan, which is the usual requirement at work and the functionality of a vehicle for their leisure needs. That's great value for money."

The Nissan Sentra 200 will be available at Nissan dealers in June 2010 starting at P1.050 million.


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  • bluedevil_ZZ Apr 23 2010 @ 06:55am
    Its good, but it seems to be too late for them to shine... Also all other cars in its class are bigger and seems to be Nissan is not doing the same thing. But 2.0L engine with 6 speed manual transmission... hmmm.. that's something that we need to think twice..
  • maranello_5775 Apr 23 2010 @ 07:24am
    better be late than never...this new gen sentra looks like a 2nd gen prius in some angles,good car but it's way behind the segment leader-the lancer ex
  • Lee17 Apr 23 2010 @ 08:51am
    gotta love that interior!
  • rdjl_13 Apr 23 2010 @ 10:57am
    it's not overpriced. all top-of-the-line variants of compact sedans are priced at 1M+. correct me if i'm wrong, i've read that this has bigger interior than the altis and civic. even the Lancer EX GT-A is not overpriced at 1.295M because it has 7 airbags, Rockford Fosgate audio, 18' mags. The Sentra has also 6 speed automatic transmission. not bad at all. :D
  • keithdb Apr 23 2010 @ 11:29am
    Feature-wise, how does this compare to other sedans of the same price range? kasi kung comparable ito sa lets say top of the line civic then justifiable yung price nya, otherwise overpriced nga ito.
  • BOOGIECAT Apr 23 2010 @ 12:08pm
    hagedorn obobs mas mahal ang overpriced Civic!Mura na nga yang bagong Sentra at di hamak na malakas ang engine at matipid sa gas yang 2.0 Liter MR engine nyang new Sentra,Tucson?Eh SUV na malakas naman sa gas yan eh at saka BARE ang GL Tucson.Obobs na JMM lakas sa gas naman yang Lancer EX mo at saka locally made na nga overpriced parin hanggang ngayon(1.3M Pesos parin ang GT-A??Ano to lokokahan!!)Ang new Sentra eh CBU galing Mexico kaya ganyan ang presyo pero may locally assembled na new Sentra later this year na darating na mas mura!Mas mahal pa nga yang Kia Forte Sedan na worth 1.3 Million Pesos na sobrang hina nang engine!Hay panalo talaga ang NMPI!
  • BOOGIECAT Apr 23 2010 @ 12:25pm
    2.0 Liter MR na ang engine nang new gen Sentra.Maganda yung 6 Speed M/T variant nya at 6 Speed CVT Xtronic variant na may Paddle Shifters(mas maganda ang paddle shifters nito kaysa dun sa Civic na CHEAPO!).Once na magsimula ang local assembly ng new Sentra later this year eh makakakita pa tayo ng new variants!SE-R Sentra BABY!!
  • BOOGIECAT Apr 23 2010 @ 12:40pm
    anonymous hindi steel rims ang new gen Sentra.Alloy yan..Nagkamali yang bobos na biased sa Honda at Ford na site nayan.Gusto mo nang car na may steel rims na over 1 Million Pesos then look at HiAce GL Grandia,HiAce Super Grandia na fabric seats ang trim,BMW 116i at Audi A3!MAS INSANE YANG MGA YAN!
  • BOOGIECAT Apr 23 2010 @ 02:16pm
    KRAM di mahal at luma yang magandang new Sentra nayan.Cruze?Eh ang lakas sa gas nyan kaya nga mura lang at saka di pa maganda ang performance ng Chevrolet dito(avoid Juno Cars-owned dealerships!).Mamang Tsuper di naman taxi yan,Corolla Altis ang tunay taxi!hagedorn sagasaan din naman kita nang Land Cruiser ko!Mas maganda ang engine at transmission package ng Sentra kaysa sa Civic na bulok.Alam kong may paddle shifers ang Civic pero PLASTICKY at SOBRANG LIIT.Yung sa new gen Sentra eh kasing ganda nung sa Lancer EX at mas maganda at mas matibay ang CVT ng Nissan over sa Mitsubishi.
  • BOOGIECAT Apr 23 2010 @ 02:49pm
    MIVEC may plans sila at may mga test units na sa NMPI plant sa Sta Rosa for local production ng new gen Sentra pero mura nayang CBU unit na galing Mexico.Bobby wala na ang Honda Civic ngayon na naging overpriced at luma at gas guzzler ang 2 liter variant nya.2010 updated version ng Sentra ang dinala rito at hindi 2007 MY variant!
  • BOOGIECAT Apr 23 2010 @ 02:59pm
    hagedorn OBOBS ang Genesis Coupe eh SPORTS CAR at anong kaunti eh nasa 1.4 Million Pesos tapos paghihintayin ka pa nang 3 months para lang makuha!Nasa 1.150M Pesos ang Sentra CVT Xtronic na mas mura!
  • BOOGIECAT Apr 23 2010 @ 03:36pm
    hagedorn yang lolo mo patay na USELESS,panay ka Honda kaya utak mo kasing limited ng Honda lineup na LIMA LANG,yan yata ang IQ mo eh 5 LANG!!.juan di naman 1.3 Million Pesos ang Sentra kaya di sya overpriced like other brands there like the Lancer EX GT-A at Kia Forte,Hyundai Coupe?WALA NA NYAN!.KRAM di naman 5 years old ang Sentra at medyo bago pa yan.Pasalamat kayo at nilabas pa yan ng Nissan.Takot yata kayo dahil mas maganda ang 6 SPEED M/T variant nitong New Sentra!
  • BOOGIECAT Apr 23 2010 @ 04:20pm
    Nirvana nakita mo na ba ang Kia Forte na overpriced?Mas nakakapikon ang presyo nyan over sa Sentra.Yung Steel rims eh alloy rims yan talaga ang lalabas dito at saka may foglamps at ABS ang new Sentra,ikaw ang di nagbabasa!OBOBS AT SAKA DEMO UNIT LANG ANG NAKITA MO!!KRAM ang Mazda din late nilang nilabas ang Mazda CX-7 at CX-9 at saka di naman basura yang Sentra di katulad nang ginawa noon ng HCPI na binenta dito yung pangit na Honda Pilot na BASURA galing U.S na di naman bumenta!
  • BOOGIECAT Apr 23 2010 @ 04:27pm
    JMM matipid sa gas ang 2 liter MR engine ng Sentra unlike sa Civic 2 liter at Cruze 1.8 na mataas ang HP rating pero malakas naman sa gas.Kilala ang MR engines sa high torque rating kaya malakas din ang hatak.6 Speed M/T ang magandang variant nyan!
  • BOOGIECAT Apr 23 2010 @ 04:50pm
    Banana mas overpriced ang Kia Forte Sedan,Hyundai Elantra at Hyundai i30(nakita mo na ba yan?)!KRAM 2 years late ang CX-9 while 3 freaking years late naman ang BULOK NA CX-7 tulad ng new Sentra!Hay takot kayo sa Sentra dahil ilalampaso nyan ang Honda Civic na nilalangaw na!!LOL!!
  • BOOGIECAT Apr 23 2010 @ 05:44pm
    Banana di rin okay ang presyo ng Forte at i30.At saka hindi hubcaps ang final product na CBU na Sentra ang dadalhin dito,may ALLOY RIMS!.MIVEC 990K ang Lancer EX na locally assembled(pinagako noon na ibaba ang presyo pero di naman natuloy).May locally assembled na new Sentras na ilalabas later this year na mas mura!hagedorn di ako taga NMPI at di rin ako salesman nila.Intindihin mo nalang ang BULOK MONG CRV!Di mo alam na niloloko ng HCPI ang mga Honda fanbots dito!
  • BOOGIECAT Apr 23 2010 @ 05:49pm
    Upet Francis Del Rosario MAS MAKITID ang utak mo.Di mo alam na mas overpriced din ang locally assembled na Focus TDCI Sedan na Ghia DAW pero bulok na rims nang Sport ang nilagay at luma nayan(3 years nang late ang FGP!KAHIYA!!)!.At saka mas pipilin ko pa ang new Sentra kaysa sa Kia Forte at BULOK na Mazda3
  • feeter Apr 23 2010 @ 07:42pm
    Haaay finally may new model na ang Sentra. Ok din naman ang style, pwede na. 1M ba talaga ito? hmmmm.... baka naman 1.8 liter engine na, or 2.0 pa. Maganda yung extra space sa likod ng passenger seat, para safe ang mga gadgets inside the car.
  • Rem Apr 23 2010 @ 09:48pm
    Siguro kaya mahal yan kasi 5 star yung rating (front impact nga lang). Pero starting price P1 million? sana binabaan muna nila ng konti. Tapos kapag pumatok dun na lang sila magtaas. Hindi pa nga sure na bebenta to eh. Para sakin yung looks pa lang di kayang tapatan yung Lancer EX at Civic.
  • Ringo Valdez Apr 24 2010 @ 07:09am
    mahal!!! might as well but the hyundai accent crdi...practical pa.
  • aeronTGco Apr 24 2010 @ 09:13am
    I think the interior is somehow similar to the CR-V.
  • BOOGIECAT Apr 24 2010 @ 12:01pm
    Maraming Honda,Hyundai,Mitsu at Toyota FANBOTS na INSECURE kaya sila ganyan sa Nissan..Tignan muna nila ang lineup nang mga favorite brands nila na SABLAY especially ang HONDA,sablay na pagdating sa motorcycles eh sablay parin sa cars!.romeldinho CBU GALING MEXICO YAN KAYA GANYAN ANG PRESYO.May locally assembled na new Sentras na mas mura later this year,temporary lang yang sales ng CBU units hangga't di nagsisimula ang local assembly ng new Sentra.Tiida?Eh pangit naman nyan at NMPI chose to wait for the new March Sedan na lalabas sa 2011 na galing Thailand!Juan Miguel Mendoza panay ka Mitsu eh PALUGI naman yan at saka ikumpara ba naman ang Sentra sa Strada eh ang OBOBS mo talaga!Lancer EX na locally made eh SOBRANG MAHAL PARIN(ayaw daw magbaba nang presyo ng MMPC dahil LUGI NA SILA).Hay pasalamat kayo at nilabas pa yan ng NMPI yang USDM Sentra!Maxima at Altima??LABO NYAN..Eh di umabot sa 2.3-2.5M Pesos ang presyo nyan tapos magrereklamo nanaman kayo!OBOBS TALAGA!!
  • BOOGIECAT Apr 24 2010 @ 01:00pm
    Mga Nissan haters dyan TUMAHIMIK NALANG KAYO!!NMPI is back!!!
  • BOOGIECAT Apr 24 2010 @ 02:38pm
    stongchef akala ko ba nasa Europe ka?Baka na-deport ka na!LOL!!
  • BOOGIECAT Apr 24 2010 @ 03:44pm
    hopeless may bibili likely nyang CBU from Mexico na 6 speed CVT na new Sentra pero kaunti lang..The locally assembled ones will be available later this year with more variants to come.Nirvana inggit ka lang sa Nissan dahil ang Honda mo GAHAMAN at ayaw ilabas ang Honda Freed dito dahil daw gawang Indonesia at wala daw kwenta ayon sa source ko.
  • BOOGIECAT Apr 24 2010 @ 11:25pm
    Nirvana ikaw ang walang pera at LOSER..Hanggang panaginip ka nalang magkakaroon ng kotse.LOL!!!Walang bibili nyang 6 Speed M/T variant at magiging mabenta dyan yung 6 Speed CVT na new Sentra.
  • aNthraxx Apr 25 2010 @ 08:11am
    looks usual what do you expect from NMPI.
  • chepips Apr 25 2010 @ 11:53am
    matagal na tong model na to... sana ipasok din nila ang sylphy
  • BOOGIECAT Apr 25 2010 @ 05:02pm
    Yaw Dawg abangan mo dahil ilalabas nang NMPI dito ang marami pang variants ng new Sentra once na magsimula ang local assembly rito later this year.Yung SE-R daw na CBU eh aabot sa 1.4M Pesos ayon sa source ko kaya di na dinala rito.chepips mas matanda at boring ang Sylphy kaya di na dinala rito at mas sporty at mas maganda ang USDM Sentra.
  • BOOGIECAT Apr 25 2010 @ 06:20pm
    Mamang Tsuper may lumang Sentra GX pa at yun ang pang-taxi nila..Ang USDM Sentra eh iba ang kalaban nito..Malaki sya IMHO!
  • Lee17 Apr 26 2010 @ 10:28am
    normal lang na ayaw ng ibang tao sa isang particualr brand at gusto nila sa ibang brand. Basta ako Nissan. :-) bring on the SE-R!
  • Deyn Man Apr 26 2010 @ 11:11am
    checked out the website and manual tranny doesn't even get ABS i think. at P1m price range, this is should no longer be an option and MUST come standard. likewise, no climate control and 15 steel rims! not my cup of tea!
    nissan vehicles outside the philippines (especially in western countries) are regarded as really really good! but here, IMO they are shitty!
  • BOOGIECAT Apr 26 2010 @ 12:05pm
    Hmm MAS MALAKI ANG USDM SENTRA kaysa Vios.Tignan mo pa yung specs nya..Parang Mazda CX-7 at CX-9 yan,mukhang maliit sa pictures pero pag nakita mo na sa personal eh malaki na sya..Yung CBU units na galing Mexico na USDM Sentra eh temporary lang yan(most of the sales would likely come sa CVT variant).May locally assembled units na ilalabas later this year na mas maganda ang specs at mas mura sya.May SE-R Sentra malamang na locally assembled kung makakuha sila nang parts at engines na mura lang sa source nila.Pasalamat tayo at tayo lang sa Asian market ang may USDM Sentra!Bagong Nissan X-Trail ang lalabas nila next sa June yata.
  • rdjl_13 Apr 26 2010 @ 05:54pm
    @hagedorn, hindi ako SA ng Nissan. 16 years old lang ako. baka si boogicat SA ng Nissan. haha. LOL. peace. :D
  • arville Apr 26 2010 @ 09:40pm
    Looks like a Kia Rio to me..
  • BOOGIECAT Apr 29 2010 @ 08:48pm
    romeldinho okay talaga ang new Nissan Sentra!May SE-R like daw na lalabas!
  • daimengrui Jun 10 2010 @ 04:45pm
    overpriced piece of crap
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