NLEX-Mindanao Ave. road now open to motorists

By Patrick Everett Tadeo Philippines Car News - NLEX-Mindanao Ave. link now open to motorists

Traffic is expected to ease for vehicles headed north of Metro Manila with the opening of the Mindanao Avenue link to the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX).

The NLEX-Mindanao Ave. Link, or Segment 8.1, is estimated to serve up to 30,000 vehicles on its first year of operation.

The P2.1-billion road is 2.7 kilometers long.

With a full cloverleaf interchange three times larger in area than that of the Balintawak Cloverleaf, motorists can enter and exit the tollway from whatever direction without making a full stop.

The NLEX-Mindanao Ave. Link is environment-friendly as the Manila North Tollways Corp., the builder and concessionaire of the NLEX, has fitted it with "green" devices like solar-powered emergency call boxes for motorists, photocell switches that turn outdoor lights on and off based on the ambient lighting level, energy-saving median roadway lighting that automatically reduces power consumption during non-peak traffic hours, and tunnel lights with asymmetrical reflectors.

Toll fees will be collected upon entering the NLEX-Mindanao Ave. Link, with Class One vehicles at P36, Class Two at P91, and Class 3 at P109.


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  • mariyoka Jun 08 2010 @ 02:44pm
    GOOD... =)
  • feeter Jun 08 2010 @ 08:56pm
    Hindi ako masyadong sanay sa area na ito, sana makadaan din ako dito sooner or later.
  • maranello_5775 Jun 09 2010 @ 12:02am
    @hhhhmmmm... , almost-fully operational na yang new mindanao ave. exit and yes it is intersecting quirino highway
  • maranello_5775 Jun 09 2010 @ 08:40am
    landmark yung quirino highway underpass na malapit na kayo sa tollgate
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