Philippine car sales figures for March 2013


And so, the first quarter of the year is over, and already we're seeing which car brands will do well this year (and which ones will disappoint). Here are the sales results from March, as well as the year-to-date figures, based on reports from the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines and the Association of Vehicle Importers and Distributors.

Some notes:

* The top three (Toyota, Mitsubishi and Hyundai) seem to be firmly secure in their respective spots, and it looks like they'll cruise through the calendar year in those positions unthreatened.

* If you're wondering why Toyota's numbers here are slightly different from the official CAMPI report, that's because we're deducting Lexus sales and posting these separately.

* Suzuki's tally is off by four units. After February, the company's reported year-to-date number was 645. If you add its declared March figure of 398, the current year-to-date tally should be 1,043 and not 1,047 (as indicated by the CAMPI report).

* UMC has overtaken Kia after selling 576 units in March, more than a couple of hundred units better than the Korean brand's performance.

* Subaru has likewise leapfrogged NMPI after a strong 236-unit month.

* Mazda is slowly but surely regaining ground in our market, selling a much-improved 182 units last month.

* In the luxury segment, Mercedes-Benz reported an incredible 76 units for March, in the process pulling ahead of both BMW and Lexus.

* We continue to give PGA Cars an asterisk because we have no idea how to break down its total into the various brands that it carries (Audi, Lamborghini and Porsche). The 33 units the company reported for March probably included units sold in February. The multibrand distributor didn't submit a report the last time around.


Top Gear Philippines car sales report (March 2013)


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  • TingMatic 13 months ago
    As expected Toyota is lording it over the rest. I don't see any semblance of similarity between Samsung and Sony where Hyundai is Samsung and Toyota is Sony. Toyota is entirely different from Sony for the reason being that Toyota is earning massively and widely embracing change from bumper to bumper. Toyota is not resisting change and its new Chairman Toyoda is actually encouraging its designers and Engineers to modernize their design philosophy. And as testament to that, the much advertised all new Corolla is an early embodiment of that design philosophy. Mitsubishi is just like Isuzu and Suzuki in the USA, where its presence is practically zilch. And if you are a car manufacturer and not competing in the USA, your future is doomed.
    • car_mac 13 months ago
      I agree. The Automotive market should not be compared to the Mobile market since the mobile industry is fast changing. Like Nokia, back then they were the best but they lack innovation to their products despite PureMotion and PureView Technologies, and thats the time where Apple took Nokia's spot because people want something new. They got tired with the phonepad or qwerty that they switched to Apple's Touchscreen Panel. Samsung allegedly copied Apple's design but they managed to lead the market because of monstrous specs for a smartphone. The Galaxy S4 for me is a flop, I didn't get excited when I saw it. Spec wise but not that innovative as they say. Samsung will soon meet its downfall and would likely be replaced by Huawei. Probably
      • carwiki 13 months ago
        Samsung copied Apple's design... in reverse. Hehehe...
        • car_mac 13 months ago
          Nope. Samsung literally copied apple's design of only a touchscreen panel and one physical button on the front. Sammy tried to hide the back and multitasking buttons by using capacitive buttons.
          • car_mac 13 months ago
            I'm not an Apple or Samsung fanboy by the way. Sammy's design language changed when Apple unveiled the iPhone. But I like Samsung more despite of that
          • Rem 11 months ago
            Agree, not to mention Samsung's TouchWiz UI on the Galaxy S looks very similar to iOS. :/ Same with the charging port for the first Galaxy Tab, mukhang 30 pin cable. ayy OT na =))
      • carwiki 13 months ago
        Apparently, Apple copied Nokia's design language. Try to look at the seventh generation of iPod nano, it copied the design of Lumia 800, I guess.
    • myk384 13 months ago
      You don't need to compete in the USA to have a goof future. Suzuki is doing great sa India and Europe, Isuzu worldwide sa mga trucks, Mitsubishi sa Asia and konti sa Europe. On the other hand, Honda (baka lang) isn't that salable (pero not to alarming levels) sa Africa.
    • GotToRead 13 months ago
      USA is not the center of the universe, Suzuki is doing fine even if they pulled out in the US same as Isuzu and Mitsubishi. There are even talks of GM buying back Isuzu but as of now there is no further development.
    • carwiki 13 months ago
      Mitsubishi's presence is practically zilch? Really? How about if they have an opportunity to rise up like here in the Phils. like selling like hotcakes? By the way, if Mitsubishi vanished or dissolved in the States, it'll be OK for MMC. Why? Because here in Asia, we really know that Mitsubishi really sell well. Even in Australia perhaps.
      • Kyoichi Sudo 13 months ago
        The Strada/Triton is Australia's favorite...
    • myk384 13 months ago
      Oh, hindi na ang US ang center of all car sales, China is now overtaking them and mind you, they can be the biggest economy in the world
    • warak1422 13 months ago
      haha no like(s)
      • carwiki 13 months ago
        Have pity on TingMatic. But it's a joke. Hehehe...
      • Kyoichi Sudo 13 months ago
        C'mon Sir Waak have pity...

        PS: Pls don't take this too seriously coz I'm really not serious about this :PPP
    • jesslink 13 months ago
    • gogogo 13 months ago
      hmm future is doomed? eh bakit yung Isuzu kahit mahina sa USA eh malaki pa rin kinikita? same with Suzuki. tigilan na natin ang pagiging hardcore fanboy. nag mumukha ka lang t*ng*. hahaha!
    • codenamejanrei 11 months ago
      Ford and Chevy obviously came from US and they are doing great there, but in other continents, they are not. So just because a car company is not strong in the US doesn't mean they are doomed. Mitsu and Mazda are doing great in other countries, and like what others said also....
    • vgpena 11 months ago
      "Toyota is not resisting change and its new Chairman Toyoda is actually encouraging its designers and Engineers to modernize their design philosophy. And as testament to that, the much advertised all new Corolla is an early embodiment of that design philosophy."

      You sound like a Toyota PH spokesman. =))
      • gvm0116 11 months ago
        More like sip-sip na salesman hehehe
      • gvm0116 11 months ago
        Di Yan Pwede ke Enrile! Nyahahaha
    • isaac3654 11 months ago
      If a car manufacturer is not competing well or not competing at all in the US, it's already doomed? Well, I don't see Peugeot having a problem with that, and they don't sell cars in the US, and Peugeot is the 2nd largest car manufacturer in Europe. Suzuki, which is practically doing excellently in India, and Mitsubishi is doing well in many parts of Asia, Australia and some countries in Europe. :P HAHAHA! #douche
  • camebeyond 13 months ago
    If only the ford cater all the long list of order of their client, the figure might be different... the ford really is a doing better now a days....
    • warak1422 13 months ago
      • gogogo 11 months ago
        galit talaga siya sayo. "agree" lang yung comment mo nadislike pa. hahahaha
    • vgpena 11 months ago
      the same could be said about Kia
  • neutral 13 months ago
    The top 4 brands might be in the same position 'til the end of 2013 while Isuzu might be overtaken by Ford with only 49 difference. Isuzu must make its move now specially that Ford unleashed another variants of the Ranger.
    • Rem 13 months ago
      True, they should also price the new RT-50 near or even lower than the Colorado twin. :/
  • carwiki 13 months ago
    It's unbelievable that Toyota has 6K sales in the entire March. :D
    • codenamejanrei 13 months ago
      I think it's because they just release the Rav4, and the continuous sales growth of the 86, the "paguubos ng stocks ng Vios", and of course, the Fortuner/Innova/Hilux sales :D
    • warak1422 13 months ago
      mas unbelievable d2 sa Bohol tol,,,walang dealership ang Toyota d2 pru parang kabuti kung magsusulputan ang mga Vios, Hiace Commuter/Grandia, Hilux, Innova at Avanza...
      • carwiki 13 months ago
        I believe binili siguro yung mga Toyota diyan from Toyota Cebu.
      • Kyoichi Sudo 13 months ago
        We should now start wondering...
      • gvm0116 11 months ago
        Bai warak1422, if the licence plates bear the letter Y on the left most part, that should come from Cebu. if K, Cagayan de Oro. if M or L, Davao.
  • codenamejanrei 13 months ago
    With the releae of the Mazda6, Mazda will surely regain high position. For Hyundai, well I don't think they will continue to be on Top 3, since Mazda, Subaru, Ford, Kia, Chevy and Honda have more launches this year, just a prediction. :)
    And I think Toyota and Mitsu will still stay in their top positions this year. :)
    • myk384 13 months ago
      Hyundai will be on podium pero kakainin ang market share nya
    • gogogo 11 months ago
      i think kaya niya pa pumasok sa top 3 pero yun nga malaki ang possibility na significant ang decrease sa sales niya.
    • Feeter Silverster 13 months ago
      hindi rin, kokonti naman ang buyers ng category nila eh, and pricewise, hindi ganun kamura ang mazda 6 @ 1.7 M. pero good luck sa mazda, selling only 300 units, napag iwanan na.
  • warak1422 13 months ago
    For me the main reason Toyota is on top is because they cater to all buyers' needs...from vios to altis to camry..commuter to grandia tapos may fortuner, rav4 at LC at may pick-up truck pa and so on and so forth
  • car_mac 13 months ago
    Why are we all speaking in English :)
  • noy gelo 11 months ago
    WOW!...Isuzu despite offering only 3 types of vehicles sells more than Ford, Nissan, Kia, Mazda and Chevrolet? Are commercial vehicles/trucks included in this numbers?
    • myk384 11 months ago
      mukhang kasama na ang commercial vehicles and trucks
    • Tandang Sora 11 months ago
      Yes. They are included.
  • Evo Lance 13 months ago
    Considering the number of models they only have in their line up compared to others, still a solid number2 thats very very good. I really hope Mitsu continuously introduce new models every year like the Koreans but I think nobody can beat Toyota for the next decade at the moment. :)
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