Toyota hits 2-million mark in global hybrid sales

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Toyota Motor Corp. has breached the two-million mark in global hybrid vehicle sales as of end-August.

Toyota has sold 2.01 million hybrid vehicles since 1997, starting off with the Coaster Hybrid EV and the Toyota Prius, which is now on its third generation.

"TMC calculates that TMC hybrid vehicles, since 1997, have approximately 11 million fewer tons of carbon dioxide emissions--considered to be a cause of global warming--that would have been emitted by gasoline-powered vehicles of similar size and driving performance," Toyota Motor said in a statement.

As it aims to further promote the use of hybrid vehicles, Toyota said it targets to sell one million hybrid vehicles annually starting next year.

Toyota is also looking at introducing a hybrid version for its entire vehicle lineup by as early as the 2020s. It currently has 13 hybrid vehicle models sold in 50 countries. This year alone, Toyota launched the third-generation Prius, the Lexus RX450h and the Lexus HS250h.

"TMC is committed to augmenting this lineup even further and increasing the number of countries and regions in which it sells hybrid vehicles," Toyota said.

Toyota Motor Philippines started selling the third-generation Toyota Prius in the Philippines in June.

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