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Want us to update you via Facebook? Philippine Car News - Toyota Motor Philippines launches all-new Avanza

Toyota Motor Philippines is capping its tenth consecutive Triple Crown title by launching the all-new Avanza mini multipurpose vehicle (MPV).

The all-new Avanza's design gives it a more upscale, high-tech look than that of its plebian-looking predecessor.

Up front, the Avanza gets a bolder bumper, adventurously-designed headlights and a grille that echoes the double-tier design used by its stabemates. As you step around it, you'll notice the more pronounced fender flares which gives it a very distinct character line. As you reach the rear, you'll discover that the utilitarian-look of the previous-generation model has been replaced with a more sophisticated one thanks to the styling of the taillights that curves down to the rear quarter panels and the design of the rear window.

It's the interior, however, that has shown the most dramatic improvement as gone is the 1980s-like feel with the hard plastic and exposed sheet metal above the door panels. Now, the all-new Avanza's interior is arguably at par with most, if not all, of the subcompact offerings in the market, particularly with the high-end G variant with its silver-like trim on the steering wheel, aircon vents, door panel, transmission and integrated audio system. The all-new Avanza's second- and third-row passengers are also seated in comfort thanks to the inclusion of overhead aircon vents above the second row.

Though the same 1.3- and 1.5-liter engines of the previous-generation Avanza carries on in the all-new model, Toyota has tweaked it to further improve its fuel consumption to 16km/L for the 1.5-liter model. Also soldiering on are the same five-speed manual and four-speed automatic transmissions of its predecessor.

Toyota has also heeded the call of its fans and customers who didn't want the barebones 1.3-liter J variant but didn't want to pay the price being commanded by the range-topping 1.5-liter G variant by now offering the mid-range 1.3-liter E variant. From what we've seen, besides the smaller displacement engine, the only difference between the E and G variants are the 2-DIN head unit in place of the integrated audio system, the silver trim, the front foglamps and the color-keyed front grille instead of the chromed one.

The all-new Avanza is now available at your nearest Toyota dealerships at the following prices:

1.3-liter J (MT) at P620,000

1.3-liter E (MT) at P703,000

1.3-liter E (AT) at P743,000

1.5-liter G (MT) at P828,000

1.5-liter G (AT) at P868,000.

Looking at the prices, Top Gear Philippines technical editor Ferman Lao couldn't help but notice that, with its more upmarket look and features, the Avanza is looking to compete against the Honda Jazz. Do you agree with his observation? Let us know through the comment box.

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