Toyota Philippines lauds best dealers of 2009 Philippine Car News - Toyota Philippines lauds best dealers of the year image

Toyota Motor Philippines Corp. lauded the best of its dealer network during the carmaker's dealer conference last month.

Recognition was given based on individual and group achievement in sales, after sales, customer service satisfaction and overall operations.

President's Award for Excellence
Toyota Cagayan de Oro

President's Customer Service Cup of Excellence
Toyota Batangas City

Outstanding dealerships
Toyota Makati
Toyota Cubao
Toyota Otis
Toyota Manila Bay
Toyota Commonwealth
Toyota Cebu City
Toyota Davao City
Toyota Cagayan de Oro City
Toyota Cabanatuan City

Vehicle Sales Marketing Professional of the Year
Mary Ann Nerona (Toyota Cabanatuan)

Parts Sales Marketing Professional of the Year
Ria Rose Sanhi (Toyota Cabanatuan)

Warranty Administrator of the Year
Arnel Resplandor (Toyota Pasong Tamo)

General Job Technician of the Year
Lester Valdez (Toyota Baguio City)

General Job Service Advisor Champion
Romula de Peralta Jr. (Toyota Shaw)

Toyota Philippines as a team received the Silver Award for Customer Service Excellence, the Toyota Marketing Award for Excellence in Vehicle Sales and the Toyota Overall Marketing Award from Toyota Motor Corp.

"Truly, these awards are mere testament of Toyota's unrelenting efforts to grow and move forward," Toyota said in a statement.

Toyota is the leading carmaker in the Philippines with a market share of 35 percent in 2009. Philippine Car News - Toyota Philippines lauds best dealers of the year image


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  • arville Mar 10 2010 @ 08:37pm
    Uhh, torque88; Nasaan kba talaga? Are in P.I. or in Italy?? Ur statement confuses us. That is actually the reason why Toyota had a recall bec. of those incidents. Lucky for our country, hindi affected (so far) ng mga deffective units ng Toyota.
  • maranello_5775 Mar 10 2010 @ 08:41pm
    judgmental ka masyado torque88 pano mo naman nasabing no.1 killer car porket ba may incidents na may fatalities? at ano basis mo na sa pinas lang kumikita ang toyota?puro ka insight mali-mali naman
  • maranello_5775 Mar 10 2010 @ 09:16pm
    well Asia is not included in the accelerator pedal recall since Toyota has different supplier in Asia and Australia...before you knock others check first your insights I'm not an avid fan of toyota but I don't like the way most people comment here they seem uneducated
  • maranello_5775 Mar 11 2010 @ 08:00pm
    @mario, car manufacturers designed their vehicles to accommodate a specific market that is why even if you bought a land cruiser from Subic or Port-of-Irene that doesn't guarantee that if something fails the local dealer or auto supply can repair or replace the faulty part. Another factor is that even if the parts for Asia and US were designed exactly the same the source of materials and its variation in quality can affect the operation of the car that is why it is fortunate that Toyota learned from this and promise to be more stringent when it comes to the quality of their products.
  • arville Mar 11 2010 @ 11:51pm
    @joy: Im sorry but i dont think may masama akong sinabi sa first comment ko. Check it again. @cc: I 2nd d motion. @CL: yes ur ryt, sayang sa bandwith and space. Im not a fan of toyota but i dont have anything against them, our first car ages ago is Toyota (SR). Wishing them all the best, I know they can make it.
  • borikyo Mar 12 2010 @ 10:09pm
    @mojo-jojo, are you the magic899 guy?...@torque88, do you have a prius?try to push the pedal to the limit and see it for yourself!
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