The only BMW M dealership in the world (Part 2)

by Dinzo Tabamo | Nov 7, 2011
Here's part two of my trip to BMW Disneyland in Singapore. Like all BMW dealerships, the accessories area contains plenty of interesting stuff. Including BMW's for those who can barely walk. BMW can address your travel needs in fashionable ways. The bikers in our group were excited to see this. But not this. That was about P222,000 by the way. Now the M dealership is situated beside the Lamborghini dealership. And apparently, they share some service area space in a building behind their respective dealerships. The building has shops that service other supercars as well. We finally arrive at the BMW level. Damn another BMW M3 GTS. I thought these things were limited, but I've already seen three so far. These Singaporeans sure love their BMW Ms. The 1-Series M looks good in this metallic brown. Actually it would probably look good in almost any color. (I'd take it in any color.) Here's a special car. This is an E46 BMW M3 CSL. It's a lighter version of that generation's M3, only 1,400 were made, and none were released in North America. It has forged BBS wheels and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup semi-slick tires. If memory serves me right, those tires come with a warning about driving them in the wet, that's how track-optimized they are. The trunk had an integrated spoiler that wasn't available in the standard M3. The aftermarket loved copying this. The roof is black because it's made or carbon fiber. Currently being restored is an E30 M3, the spiritual ancestor of the current M darling, the 1-Series M. That's a white 1-Series M behind the E30 M3. Trying out some artsy angles. Yeah, I think I'll stick to writing. We go back to the showroom and I ogle a white M3. If you don't feel like jumping in and driving right now, you have to check if you still have a pulse. Thank you for reading!
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