Why do my brakes make a scraping noise when I step on the pedal?

Should I have this checked?
by Joey Bernardez | Apr 20, 2018

Hi, Top Gear Philippines!

I'm a new driver and I just recently got my first car (a brand-new Honda HR-V) a month and a half ago. I just have a question regarding my brakes: I noticed that whenever I drive downslope or approach a hump, I sometimes feel that metal rubs against the road when I step on the brake pedal. Is this something I should be concerned about? Should I bring my car to a casa to have it checked immediately?

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Also, sometimes I don’t see a hump or a pothole when I drive over them. Should I have my suspension checked for damage as well? Hope to hear your advice.

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Dear Kier,

Having mentioned that your car is almost brand-new, I can probably surmise that your brake pads are still thick and that they're hardly worn. The metallic sound you're hearing is probably a small pebble or stone that's lodged into one of your brake calipers, and it presses and scrapes onto your brake rotors whenever you use them. I suggest that you take your car to a shop with a lift and have your brakes inspected. This should be able to determine what’s wrong with your brakes.

Now, regarding your suspension, you didn't mention if you feel that something is wrong with your car. You only mentioned that there are times that you don't slow down for humps or potholes. That happens to me sometimes, too. So long as you know what you're doing and your car doesn't seem broken (the steering wheel isn't pulling to one side, no annoying clunking, or no squeaking sounds from your suspension), you're good. No need to have your car inspected.

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If you are going to have your car inspected for that scraping sound your brakes are making, try to bring a friend who's knowledgeable about cars. Sometimes, there are unscrupulous mechanics out there who will suggest work or replacement parts that aren't necessary just so they can bill you for it. Be smart out there.

Hope this helps!


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