Choosing the right spark plugs

by Ferman Lao | Oct 26, 2009

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Before anything else I would like to congratulate the Top Gear staff for a very nice, informative and attractive website and kudos to the people behind every article in the magazine.

My auto manual recommends to use BPR6ES, but since this spark plug is not available on auto supply stores within my vicinity I tried to look for a \"replacement\" with the \"same heat range.\" I found one--a BKR6E with the same heat range but with a socket wrench smaller than the size of the BP spec plug. BP uses 20mm wrench while BK uses a 16mm wrench.I\'d like to know if it is okay to put this in my car. The plugs have the same spec and reach; it\'s just that I have to use a smaller wrench. I don\'t know if the difference in their hex sizes will affect their performance.

Thanks and best regards!

Francis G.

Hi, Francis!

No, the wrench size used shouldn\'t have any effect on the function of the spark plug, as long as the fit and application are compatible.

The letters and numbers denote certain characteristics of the spark plug. B and BK in this instance for example are used to describe plugs with a 14mm thread size, but B is 20.8mm hexagon size (wrench size)  while BK is 16mm as you mentioned.

The R means both plugs are resistor type spark plugs designed to shield a vehicle\'s electrical system from the electrical noise generated by the ignition system.

Different manufacturers will use different combinations but all use it to distinguish one type from another so the nomenclature doesn\'t apply to all brands.

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Ferman Lao

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