Steering woes

What to do with a stubborn steering wheel.
by Ferman Lao | Sep 28, 2009

Hi Top Gear,

I have a very sick problem. I drive a 2005 Honda CR-V and my car steering ain\'t right. It\'s moving to the right side even when the road is even. This problem has been going on for almost a year now and I can\'t fix it because I don\'t know what  the problem is. I already did wheel balancing and alignment several times, I had the bushing changed, but the problem still persists. The shop I usually go to can\'t figure out the problem. Please help me and refer me to other mechanical shops.

Thanks for the help!


Hi, Happy!

The problem could possibly be the rack and pinion assembly. That Honda CR-V model as well as the 2001-2005 Civic\'s steering rack is slightly different in design compared to the standard steering rack you find in most cars. It uses much longer rack ends than more conventional steering racks. The design, while ingenious, seems to develop a bit of slack  over time, particularly when the vehicle often encounters rough road or pot holed roads.

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Only a rebuild or replacement of the parts in question will fix it if that is the cause your alignment woes.

Best regards,

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Ferman Lao

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