Hanging with the Cartistics Auto Club (Part 8 of 9)

by Paulo Rafael Subido | Nov 29, 2009
This multi-awarded Mercedes makes me drool. Why? I have diesel version just like it in my house in Baguio. More on that next time after the wagon is out of the shop! Anyway, this Mercedes-Benz 190 is a classic example of how a restoration is to be done. A little trivia: It shares the same underchassis components as the Mr. Slim, and it boasts of independent rear suspension--something that was considered state of the art and ahead of its time. Anyway, on to this fine example: cartistics-part-8-image-01 NAME: JOHN SAVET CAR: 1964 MERCEDES-BENZ (FIN TAIL) John didn't have a hard time restoring this car because he had Don (engine), Ching (colors and interior), and Jay (body repair) help him out. The boys sourced the parts and the only difficulty was saving the money for it. One look and you know that it was all worth it. cartistics-part-8-image-02 John has taken this car on road trips to as far as Pagsanjan and back, with his entire family and without encountering any problems. That's German engineering for you--and proper restoration! cartistics-part-8-image-03 cartistics-part-8-image-04 This Benz is more popularly known as the "Fin Tail," but local boys like to call it the "Batman" Benz. What I like about this model is that it hints of global influence from that time period. The German carmaker may have wanted to latch on to the fin trend made popular by Harley Earl's '50s Cadillacs, though the execution is definitely more subdued--and kind of late. That's just my opinion, of course. It is cool to see how Benz interpreted this design statement! The funny thing is, I have seen many examples of this Benz with the fins shaved off. What a shame! I have yet to understand why somebody would want to do that. cartistics-part-8-image-05 cartistics-part-8-image-06 That's real nice and shiny! And not to mention straight. Older Benz hood ornaments are also very thick and robust. If you drive a Benz, you know when to unhook this tempting hunk of metal--every time you park it somewhere that isn't within your field of vision. cartistics-part-8-image-07 Isn't that yummy? White sidewalls are, how can I say it, just so damn sexy. cartistics-part-8-image-08 It even smells like a European car, up to now. cartistics-part-8-image-09 This toolbox belonged to John's grandfather. He says that it is circa 1950s,and it holds plenty of sentimental value. And What old Euro car will be complete without a picnic basket? cartistics-part-8-image-10 Check out the tiny little carburetor. It's amazing how this motor can haul all of that steel. cartistics-part-8-image-11 These vintage road books add to the period-correctness of this Fin Tail. You've got to appreciate the attention to detail and dedication given to it by John. Man, I wish I was old enough to drive my dad's Benz when it was still running! Now I know who to go to if ever I plan to undertake the restoration job! Stay tuned! There is more to come! See you in the next post!
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