The Love Wagon at the second shop (Part 1)

by Paulo Rafael Subido | Jul 14, 2010

The folks at the second shop had a big challenge ahead of them. Things didn't quite work out in the first shop, so out of frustration, despair, and anger (I may be exaggerating a bit) I decided to have the wagon flat-bedded to the new location.

mitsubishi-galant-01 Ideally it is best to have everything done in one place, but as circumstances would have it, I was left with no choice. It was time to try my luck elsewhere, move to a new place, and hope for the best. Because he calls himself a "Mitsubishi Specialist" I was quick to trust Mr. S. But before starting we had to assess what needed to be done. The issues were obvious: mitsubishi-galant-02 The doors didn't fit properly because of the shoddy body repair work.

mitsubishi-galant-03 There are major trim pieces that didn't fit because of the excessive use of masilya. This is unforgivable. The painter at the old shop was an idiot for ruining the work that the latero did when aligning the trim. mitsubishi-galant-04 The roof had an odd shape because of, yet again, too much masilya. There are also rusty patches that developed inside because the car was sitting for too long. mitsubishi-galant-05 My hatch was in really bad shape. We decided to use my original hatch. mitsubishi-galant-06 The wagon is just a shell. All of the components were removed. The engine and transmission had to be put back in as soon as possible. mitsubishi-galant-07 We were in for a long haul. These photos are dated December 2009. We have to get the engine back in there and get the wagon running again.

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