The engine bay as art

by Paulo Rafael Subido | Sep 6, 2012

It is an expression of individuality, if you want it to be. Last month’s old-school feature was quite special. The 1991 Nissan Sunny pickup that belongs to Richard Opiana is one hell of a show car. In fact, I followed the build from start to finish.



Not only is Richard a stand-up fellow, he also knows a thing or two about doing very subtle modifications to an already fantastic restoration.



Richard has also racked up the trophies because of how presentable the engine bays of his cars are. And if the old-school community is shown a photo of one of his projects, they will know that it is Richard’s handiwork right away. His unique style is that evident.



We didn’t have enough space in the magazine to show the thought and care that went into his Sunny’s engine bay. Good thing I have this blog. Here’s a closer look at Richard\'s automotive canvas:




Richard chose what to chrome, and what not to. I’ve seen engine bays that are soaked in chrome, and sometimes that doesn’t look right. Richard found a fine balance here.



Here’s the brushed ignition coil. Check out how the wires of the capacitor are tucked away neatly behind it. And the notice how the brake lines do not have any stray bends whatsoever. Nice! The yellow high-tension wires add a nice contrast to the entire presentation, too.




This is some beautiful detailing with the fuel pump and the fuel filter. Again, there is just the right amount of chrome. The choice of clamps and hoses will only be noticed by the hardcore enthusiasts.



Yet another nice touch with the brake master cylinder covers.


It really is quite hypnotizing, don’t you think? The electrical wires run behind the fender—hidden away nicely.



I hope you all liked this look under the hood. I can only imagine the kind of work that went into detailing and planning this engine bay. Good job, Richard! Photography was done by Top Gear lensman Igor Maminta. More posts to come.

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