Honda CR-V vs Hyundai Santa Fe

... or maybe something else for an SUV buyer?
by Botchi Santos | Oct 14, 2009

Hi Botchi,

I am an OFW based in Brunei Darussalam and one of the avid readers of your column.

I am writing to seek your precious advice regarding the Hyundai Santa Fe and the Honda CR-V. I like both vehicles but I don't know which one to choose. Of course, both cars have some advantages and disadvantages over each other.

Hope you can give me an advice on this.

More power to Top Gear Philippines!



Hi Cris!

Thanks for dropping us a line all the way from Brunei Darussalam! Hope all is well with you there!

Regarding your query, comparing the Hyundai Santa Fe and the Honda CRV is not quite fair. If you're simply looking for an SUV that's comparable in size to the two, I personally recommend the Subaru Forester XT 2.5 Turbo (it's really fast and fun) to be your top choice. This is followed by the Mitsubishi Outlander 3.0 V6 on my list, but it was recently discontinued. The 2.4 MIVEC Mitsubishi Outlander is also a great choice but it's nowhere near the 3.0 V6 or the Forester XT 2.5 Turbo.


Diesel variants of the Hyundia Santa Fe are a great choice. Gasoline variants don't offer great value and effiency as much as the diesels do. Both types of variants, however, offer better ride quality, comfort and refinement thanks to the large body and well-sorted suspension. It also seats seven people while other SUVs can accommodate only five.

The Honda CRV is okay, very competent, able and reliable but it has zero appeal and is totally unexciting for me, at least.

Good luck. Send us a note again and tell us a bit more about where you intend to use your vehicle and we'll try to help you even more.

Best regards,

Botchi Santos

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