Powerful options: Honda Accord V6 and Subaru Legacy GT

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by Botchi Santos | Dec 16, 2009

Hi, Botchi!

I'd like to get your opinion. I know you've driven the new Subaru Legacy GT and the Honda Accord V6 based on what I've read in the magazine. And from the latest issue, I sense that you prefer the Legacy. But considering everything (performance, build quality, maintenance, fuel economy, features, etc.), which car would you rather own if you were buying and maintaining it yourself?

My heart definitely beats for the Subaru Legacy but my mind does a double take on the Honda Accord. Decisions, decisions!


Hi, Ramibel!

I'm glad you enjoy reading our magazine! We feel honored when readers take the time out to write back to us and give their comments, questions and suggestions.

Now, going straight to your question: would I rather buy a Honda Accord or a Subaru Legacy GT? I'd definitely go for a Legacy GT--and a station wagon at that!

Just as you mentioned, the Legacy appeals to our emotions. A car is the second biggest purchase most people will ever make in their lives. Hence, if I'm paying a lot of dosh, the car had better connect with me both in an intellectual and emotional level.


I'd put in fatter track-day spec tires (like Nitto's NTO5, Adva AD) or Bridgestone's RE-11s (but keep the stock wheels for now) plus big big brakes, an open exhaust to really hear that engine rumble, a Zero Sports induction kit, front-mount intercooler and aftermarket oil coolers for engine and transmission, an ECU reflash and I'll be scaring rice rockets all-day everyday!

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Tuning and modifying is an important part of owning a car for me so it has to be the Legacy GT 2.5 Turbo. As a bonus, Motor Image Pilipinas, the authorized distributor and importer of Subarus in ASEAN and in the Philippines, looks kindly on modified Subarus. Motor Image understands that tuning and modifying is inherent to a quirky, left-field car manufacturer such as Subaru. After-sales support and service is excellent. When you buy a Subaru, you will feel like you're part of an extended family.

The Honda Accord? It's decent, competent, safe, smooth, handles well and the V6 engine with variable cylinder management is cool. But it's got zero sex appeal to me. This is my opinion, since you asked.


Cheers and keep me posted on what car you do decide to get!  

Botchi Santos
Consumer editor


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