2010 roundup: 10 hottest comparos

Based on your comments-slash-arguments, of course
by Botchi Santos | Jan 13, 2011

It's another year that holds a lot of promise for the local automotive industry. Just wait for the Roll-out issue of Top Gear Philippines and you'll know what we're talking about. In the meantime, why don't we look back at the ones you considered buying--and maybe even actually bought--in 2010?

There were lots of queries about pickup trucks, entry-level sedans, and sport-utility vehicles. And there's the never-ending question--Which is the better SUV: the Mitsubishi Montero Sport or the Toyota Fortuner? The first comparo involving both SUVs was posted in 2009 so we didn't include it here. But just so you know, as of this posting, it already has more than 400 comments.

We reviewed each Wrong Car, Right Car entry posted in 2010 and found the top ten articles that elicited the most number of comments. The countdown starts at No. 9 due to a tie. Check out the list and you may even find your comment in one or two of the items.

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Torn between car options this 2011? Feel free to email your questions. It’s best if you can include your budget, as well as your requirements in factors like power and fuel efficiency in your letter. We are looking forward to help you find your next car!


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