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Review: 2022 Toyota Corolla Commercial

Toyota turns the Corolla wagon into a mini cargo hauler
New Toyota Corolla Commercial wagon

This is the Corolla Commercial. It's essentually a car-based van but Toyota did the research and realised that vans that look like vans attract thieves when parked outside their drivers' houses overnight. So they left the glass in place, but layered it with a black burst-proof film.

New Toyota Corolla Commercial wagon side view

So, what's different?

The back seats are gone, and their seat belt mounts. The back door inner handles are rendered inoperative. A steel partition separates the people from the cargo. There's a robust lining on the floor. It's a little vanette. But it drives like a pleasant car – the Corolla is pleasant if unsparkling.

New Toyota Corolla Commercial wagon cargo space

Who's it for?

Ideal for people who travel for work and have tools or equipment since the payload is a healthy 425kg with 1,326 liters of space.

Fleets of first-responders are showing an interest too: paramedics and police dog units, for instance, as well as local authorities for things like housing maintenance. While these users are pushing toward electric, there's a lot to be said for a pure hybrid that's never tethered by a charge cable and always ready to go.


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New Toyota Corolla Commercial wagon rear

Hybrid. Not exactly a driver's favourite?

Well no, it has the 1.8 version of the Corolla drivetrain. The Corolla Touring Sports, remember, has a 2.0 option, but that has a bigger battery which cuts boot space, and anyway flat-out performance isn't really a thing for a van.

This engine will do an easy 60mpg in mixed driving, and it's pretty refined on motorways or in town. The only time it does the noisy elastic-revving thing is when you're at full acceleration. Which, at 11.1 seconds to 100 km/h even with no load in the back, is fairly leisurely. So take a chill pill.

New Toyota Corolla Commercial wagon interior

Does it feel like a car?

Very much so. Like a Corolla. The only real difference is extra road noise from the echo-chamber rear. Otherwise it rides smoothly, steers accurately and can actually show some agility in a set of bends, albeit without much grip from the eco tires. (But then the back is probably full of your delicate work tools and equipment and you don't want to throw them about.)

Toyota is getting the hang of making hybrid brakes feel progressive too. There's car-like gear cockpit equipment too, useful on long work trips. Phone mirroring lets you navigate to the site. Adaptive cruise control and lane centring take the strain on highways. Collision mitigation shows your employer's duty of care.

But it's OK as a two-seat car with a big trunk?

Yup – take out your work gear and fill it with your tent, mountain bikes, snow gear, whatever, and head for the weekend.

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