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Top Gear Philippines

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This year’s theme at the Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) is all about performance. A vehicle’s performance is more than just the ability of a car to reach top speeds or taking on sharp turns. Today’s automakers exact optimal performance of their vehilces, promising an exhilarating experience. Hundreds of parts working together in harmony define a vehicle’s performance. The vehicles of today are more complex than ever, with all their components relying on each other to make sure they perform as they were designed to.

In today’s fast-paced world, performance has been a strong selling point for the automotive brands, but beyond performance, attributes like efficiency, safety, practicality and reliability must go with performance. Whether it’s a sports car, SUV, pickup, or sedan, automakers are now harmonizing these attributes to attract its buyers. Being the premier and largest annual motoring event in the country, MIAS showcases the best vehicles and aftermarket products and services all in one venue.

With today’s increasing gas prices, fuel efficiency is a key touch point. Even as stronger engines, better electronics, exhaust systems, fuel delivery, and drivetrain solutions make sure modern vehicles perform better, many are also frugal in fuel economy. The MIAS is a fairground for consumers who do not only want vehicles that look great, but are also fabulous to drive. They are motoring enthusiasts fueled with a passion for high performance and value-for-money vehicles.

Just like in previous shows, car enthusiasts can expect a lot of things to see and check out at the MIAS. From heart-stopping stunt performances by the world’s best precision driver, Russ Swift, to off-road test drives with simulated 4x4 obstacle courses, to world-class customized tuner cars and highly collectible vintage and classic cars. OEM and performance parts suppliers will also showcase their latest offerings in the aftermarket area located at the East Wing Annex building of the World Trade Center.

This article is sponsored by MIAS.

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