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Customizing cars is basically an act of transformation, turning the zeros to heroes--the stock into something that rocks. Probably the most customized part of any vehicle, a new set of alloy wheels can radically enhance a car’s appearance depending on the design and build.

To underscore that point, Sam Liuson, Managing Director of Wheel Gallery, presents three aftermarket rim designs that add a sleeker military look to his Subaru BRZ, a real-world sports car that is popular among tuners.

Concept One Clip in matte black (P29,750)

Upgrade to something sportier without breaking the bank. These wheels make it possible to put on wider, stickier tires that won't fit on the smaller, skinnier stock wheels.
* 18in x 8.5in, 5 holes, 100mm + 40mm offset

BBS SR in titanium (P76,500)

BBS is a German brand known for high-quality and high-performance wheels. For those that only want the best to touch their vehicle, look no further.
* 18in x 8in, 5 holes, 100mm + 48mm offset

TSW Valencia in silver (P35,700)

TSW is a USA-based company with roots in motorsports and an obsession with quality. These wheels add just the right amount of aggressiveness to your ride’s stance.
* 18in x 8in, 5 holes, 100mm + 32mm offset

(Concept One rims are wrapped with Saffiro SF 7000 tires)

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This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with Concept One.

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